Transcript from Tour of TowerVision

[13:54]  You: Howdy!
[13:54]  JeanRicard Broek: welcome Keystone
[13:54]  Vision Planer: hi keystone
[13:54]  You: Let me get out some reminders
[13:54]  JeanRicard Broek: Good to see ya
[13:54]  Vision Planer: fine
[13:54]  Vision Planer: hi susanne
[13:55]  Vision Planer: some advertising;-)
[13:55]  Hana Lundquist: Hello
[13:55]  Vision Planer gave you t-shirt planufaktur respect.
[13:55]  Vision Planer: hello
[13:55]  JeanRicard Broek: hello Hana
[13:56]  Vision Planer: hana is our leading sl and rl architect for this project
[13:56]  Hana Lundquist: Hello, nice to meet you
[13:57]  Vision Planer: i think a tour without voicechat is more comfortable;-)
[13:57]  Vision Planer: hi doctor
[13:57]  Doctor Asp: hi vision
[13:57]  Vision Planer: welcome in berlin
[13:57]  Doctor Asp: thx 😉
[13:57]  Hana Lundquist: Are you from Denmark?
[13:58]  Doctor Asp: yep
[13:58]  You: anyone have a slurl for this place handy?
[13:58]  JeanRicard Broek: Hello Doctor, Sorry missed you
[13:58]  Vision Planer: we build in rl in berlin with 3xNielsen, kopenhagen
[13:59]  Doctor Asp: hi JR – np
[13:59]  Hana Lundquist: Where are you from, JeanRicard?
[13:59]  Vision Planer: hi
[13:59]  Doctor Asp: cool – the danish architect compagny
[13:59]  Scope Cleaver: Greetings everyone 🙂
[13:59]  JeanRicard Broek: NY ~s~
[14:00]  Designer Dingson: hi all
[14:00]  Scope Cleaver: Hello Designer
[14:00]  Demeter Franizzi: hello all
[14:00]  Doctor Asp: hi Scope
[14:00]  Doctor Asp: hi Designer
[14:00]  Scope Cleaver: Hello
[14:00]  Doctor Asp: hi Dementer
[14:00]  JeanRicard Broek: Hello Scope Aimee Designer, Nice to see you again
[14:00]  Doctor Asp: lol – sorry – Demeter
[14:00]  You: Hi everyone!
[14:00]  Hana Lundquist: Hello, welcome at plush avenue south
[14:00]  Scope Cleaver: Nice to see you Jean
[14:01]  Demeter Franizzi: it ok 🙂
[14:01]  You: Did my group IM to Studio Wikitecture come through?
[14:01]  Scope Cleaver: Hi Key
[14:01]  Scope Cleaver: I got the notice but not the group IM
[14:01]  Vision Planer: hi welcome in berlin – i think we will wait some minutes before our explainition of our project
[14:01]  Doctor Asp: will this be a no-voice tour?
[14:02]  Vision Planer: i you like-please have a look on our homepage
[14:03]  Vision Planer: i think it is easier to chat;-) in a group
[14:03]  Doctor Asp: ok – I hope you are fast on your keyboard 😉
[14:03]  Vision Planer: i will try;-)
[14:05]  Vision Planer: 5 minutes to start?!
[14:05]  You: ok, that sounds good – I just spammed all my groups
[14:05]  Demeter Franizzi: lol… sounds fine
[14:06]  You: would anyone care to save a transcript for me, so I can post it on The Arch? I have to afk on and off during the tour =(
[14:06]  Scope Cleaver: A voice to text transcript Keystone?
[14:07]  You: i think it will be a chat presentation right?
[14:07]  You: I think Vision is more comfortable in text chat
[14:07]  Vision Planer: yes i think it is easier than talking with 10 people
[14:07]  Vision Planer: yes my english is not very good;-)
[14:08]  Vision Planer: ok lets begin
[14:08]  Philosofia Mai: also my english is not very good…
[14:09]  Vision Planer: but i think english is the best communication;-)
[14:09]  Vision Planer: we are achitects an work with sl since april 2007
[14:10]  Hana Lundquist: this is our first project we have realised in SL
[14:10]  Vision Planer: you see the historic churchtower of the bethanienchurch in berlin
[14:10]  Hana Lundquist: the church was bombed during WW II
[14:10]  Hana Lundquist: only the tower remained
[14:11]  Hana Lundquist: it has never been used since 1945
[14:11]  Vision Planer: we work with anshe chung studios in sl
[14:11]  Vision Planer: the design archtect is milan pitlach, shanhai
[14:12]  Hana Lundquist: we have developed an architectural concept for renovatio n and re-use
[14:12]  Vision Planer: du diederichs is one of the leading projectmanagement companys in germany – i am member of the board, architect and developer
[14:13]  Hana Lundquist: photos of the original ruin as it exists in Berlin you can find inside on the wall and on our website
[14:13]  Vision Planer: if you have some questions – please ask
[14:13]  Doctor Asp: who owns the ruin?
[14:14]  Vision Planer: please come with use in the groundfloor left – you can see some rl fotos and historic drawings
[14:14]  Vision Planer: i am the owner of the ruin and the site
[14:15]  You: can someone paste the last thing that was said ?
[14:15]  You: i ran ahead and didn’t catch it, lol
[14:16]  Philosofia Mai: very interesting
[14:16]  Vision Planer: You: i am the owner of the ruin and the site [14:14] Doctor Asp: rl owner? [14:15] Philosofia Mai: this work is very interesting, because it brings in SL the concept of “re-use” [14:15] You: yes rl owner [14:15] Doctor Asp: cool [14:15] Keystone Bouchard: can someone paste the last thing that was said ? [14:15] Keystone Bouchard: i ran ahead and didn’t catch it, lol
[14:16]  Demeter Franizzi: keystone open the chat from communicate will be easier for u i guess
[14:16]  Vision Planer: here you can see a historic drawing, a photo and an animation
[14:17]  Vision Planer: here you please come in here
[14:19]  Vision Planer: here are some of our conventional animations
[14:19]  Vision Planer: here are the sketches
[14:20]  Hana Lundquist: the visualisations are created with 3DSMax
[14:20]  Vision Planer: the black part is the historic tower
[14:21]  Doctor Asp: when its under monumental protection I guess you can´t do much with the tower?
[14:21]  Vision Planer: the first sketches are from 2002 – i have done a lecture in the university in wuppertal project – developement
[14:22]  Hana Lundquist: we do not have to rebuild any damaged parts
[14:22]  Hana Lundquist: we have tpreserve the remained parts
[14:22]  Doctor Asp: but you can not move walls or make doors or windows?
[14:22]  Hana Lundquist: but we are allowed to break out the former windows that were filled with brick
[14:23]  Doctor Asp: ok
[14:23]  Hana Lundquist: we are allowed to add glass in the “holes” of the outer walls
[14:23]  Doctor Asp: glass is nicer than bricks…
[14:23]  Hana Lundquist: yes.. 😉
[14:23]  Doctor Asp: at least in windows
[14:23]  Vision Planer: 😉
[14:24]  Vision Planer: let`s go to the art exibition
[14:24]  Hana Lundquist: and we can add interior floors
[14:24]  Demeter Franizzi: did u had to make any structural modification?
[14:24]  Hana Lundquist: and walls
[14:25]  Demeter Franizzi: in terms of structural safety i mean….
[14:25]  Vision Planer: its under construction;-) in sl- we need some modifications for the galery use
[14:25]  Vision Planer: the rl tower is about 105 years old – 60 years without use
[14:25]  Hana Lundquist: only on the roof – the tiles are loose and will be replaced
[14:26]  Vision Planer: please come with me
[14:27]  Vision Planer: two weeks ago we have made and art exibition – i picture in rl – 10 in sl
[14:27]  Vision Planer: we had an event on the site of the tower in rl with 300 persons
[14:28]  Vision Planer: and a exibition in sl with 10 pictures
[14:28]  Hana Lundquist: this art exhibition was part of it and took place in rl and in sl
[14:29]  Vision Planer: 5 artist – 3 photogaphers, paintings and collages
[14:30]  Vision Planer: ??
[14:30]  Philosofia Mai: All this your work is really exceptional…
[14:31]  Vision Planer: we try to do so;-)
[14:31]  Philosofia Mai: architecture, art, re-use, 3D,…restaure….
[14:31]  Philosofia Mai: good
[14:31]  Doctor Asp: gotta go 5 min. – troubles at home – brb
[14:31]  Vision Planer: thx
[14:31]  Vision Planer: have a look on the upper floor
[14:31]  JeanRicard Broek: Nice bells all the way up as well ~s~
[14:32]  Vision Planer: here you can see the historic upper level – and the new design
[14:32]  Designer Dingson: brb 5 mins
[14:33]  Vision Planer: the main living room – about 144 sqm
[14:35]  Doctor Asp: where did they go?
[14:35]  Tab Scott: Hey Scope!
[14:36]  Tab Scott: How are you doing?
[14:36]  Scope Cleaver: Nice to see you!
[14:36]  Tab Scott: just got here to look around.
[14:36]  You: Tab Scott is here!
[14:36]  Tab Scott: what do you think?
[14:36]  Scope Cleaver: I am great, what about you?
[14:36]  Tab Scott: lol
[14:36]  You: this looks great
[14:36]  Tab Scott: Hey Key!
[14:36]  Object: Touched.
[14:36]  Object: Touched.
[14:36]  You: where did the rest of the folks go?
[14:36]  Scope Cleaver: yes!
[14:36]  Scope Cleaver: Looking…
[14:37]  Scope Cleaver: We lost vision?
[14:37]  You: yeah, Vision must have crashed
[14:37]  Demeter Franizzi: this place is really stunning
[14:37]  Aimee Trescothick: loss of vision is a terrible thing
[14:37]  Knildrig Aabye: hi
[14:37]  You: I think this is really one of the most comprehensive recreations I’ve ever seen in SL
[14:37]  You: I mean, there are good replication projects out there –
[14:38]  You: but the blending of the old with the new, and using it to help people visualize and promote an architectural concept that doesn’t exist yet – that’s great
[14:38]  Tab Scott: wonderful
[14:38]  You: I’m very impressed with this
[14:38]  Vision Planer: i think sl is a very good tool to design in 3d
[14:38]  JeanRicard Broek: I agree Keystone
[14:39]  Doctor Asp: i like to hear about the purpose of this SL build
[14:39]  Hana Lundquist: and this is really helpful because the sketches are very confusing with all the arches and different heights etc.
[14:39]  You: Vision – if you could have modeled this in an external application and imported it, would you have gone that route, or would you have still built it from scratch in SL?
[14:39]  JeanRicard Broek: May I ask, How accurate is the space to the real space, SL scale is always problematic
[14:39]  Tab Scott: (loaded question)
[14:39]  You: yeah, next question would be scale
[14:39]  Tab Scott: : )
[14:39]  Hana Lundquist: it`s 1:1,5 I think
[14:39]  Vision Planer: i think none architect will understand the design – better in 3d than in floor sketches
[14:39]  Tab Scott: my favorite, as you know.
[14:40]  Demeter Franizzi: qood question JeanRicard
[14:40]  You: I love your shirt, Vision, lol
[14:40]  Vision Planer: plesase give a note – its adversising – everybody will get one
[14:41]  Tab Scott: cool
[14:41]  Tab Scott: Thank you, Vision.
[14:41]  Scope Cleaver: Thanks
[14:41]  Aimee Trescothick: =)
[14:41]  Lessa String: thanks 🙂
[14:41]  Demeter Franizzi: thank u!
[14:41]  Vision Planer gave you t-shirt planufaktur respect.
[14:42]  Doctor Asp: i like to hear about the purpose of this SL build
[14:42]  Vision Planer: onyon forgotten?
[14:42]  Vision Planer: anyone
[14:42]  Vision Planer: ok lets go upstairs to the chess club
[14:42]  Knildrig Aabye: ty vision 🙂
[14:43]  Demeter Franizzi: chess club? nice!
[14:43]  Space Needle: Locator beacon: Your vehicle is located at Allston(132,118) at an altitude of 26 meters.
[14:43]  Doctor Asp: darn – you are tall 😉
[14:43]  Doctor Asp: I´m 1,97
[14:43]  Aimee Trescothick: everyone’s tall 😀
[14:44]  Tab Scott: after you?
[14:44]  Doctor Asp: hehe
[14:44]  Tab Scott: apres vous?
[14:44]  Vision Planer: i paly chess since 25 years and i think it is cool to play with people in the usa – chatting and talking
[14:45]  Doctor Asp: not easy to create SL buildings when most avatars are more than 2,25 meters
[14:45]  Doctor Asp: (on scale)
[14:45]  Vision Planer: ok please have a look one the bells
[14:46]  Tab Scott: Harper!
[14:46]  Philosofia Mai declined your inventory offer.
[14:47]  Harper Beresford: Tab!
[14:47]  JeanRicard Broek: Harper ~LOL~
[14:47]  Vision Planer: please follow me
[14:47]  Scope Cleaver: Greetings Harper
[14:47]  Tab Scott: I know what you’re thinking, Harper.
[14:47]  Harper Beresford: hi Scope ~Smiles~
[14:47]  Harper Beresford: what am I thinking?
[14:48]  Tab Scott: well, if you bring out the box of chocolates……
[14:48]  Harper Beresford: hrm
[14:48]  You: where are the bells?
[14:49]  Hana Lundquist: down the gallery, then turn left and walk up the historic side wing
[14:49]  JeanRicard Broek: I think i will sdo some seat jum,ping
[14:50]  You: WOW
[14:50]  Philosofia Mai: wonderful…
[14:50]  Aimee Trescothick: niiice
[14:50]  Demeter Franizzi: this whole place is very well detailed
[14:51]  JeanRicard Broek: I am the clapper in this bell LOL
[14:51]  Philosofia Mai: it seems reale
[14:51]  Demeter Franizzi: still is quite light for my computer and connection
[14:51]  Aimee Trescothick: lol
[14:51]  Harper Beresford: suits you, JR
[14:51]  Knildrig Aabye: super cool 🙂
[14:51]  Vision Planer: the rl bell are ringing every sunday at 9.45 – no good building or longsleeping people
[14:51]  Lessa String: 🙂
[14:51]  Knildrig Aabye: fantastic
[14:52]  Philosofia Mai: Aimee… do you like the bell..hehehe
[14:52]  Vision Planer: comeon up to the second highest level the sky bar
[14:52]  Aimee Trescothick: fun ~~:D
[14:52]  Tab Scott: lol Aimee
[14:52]  Philosofia Mai: hehehe
[14:53]  JeanRicard Broek: were did harper run and hide?
[14:53]  Scope Cleaver: I think they’re all upstairs
[14:53]  Philosofia Mai: oh… my God…how many scale
[14:53]  Vision Planer: in rl it is a place with a good look – but to exmensive to build a room with heating – its an open space for a party
[14:54]  Scope Cleaver: I do need a drink now with all this workout
[14:54]  Knildrig Aabye: absolutely amazing 🙂
[14:54]  Demeter Franizzi: so as far as i understand is the fuction of the building going to be the same in RL as in SL?
[14:54]  Philosofia Mai: hehehe
[14:54]  Aimee Trescothick: I don’t envy the person that gets to carry the crates up here 😀
[14:54]  Vision Planer: its about 32m over the groundfloor – you have a look over the roof of berlin and you can see the television tower on the alexanderplace in rl
[14:55]  Hana Lundquist: this architectural design can be one option to be realised, yes
[14:55]  Vision Planer: if you have about 5.000.000 € you can have a quite nice building in rl;-)
[14:56]  Vision Planer: ok lets go to the pool – the best way i to tleport to the entrance and fly to the roof terrace
[14:56]  Aimee Trescothick: oops
[14:56]  Aimee Trescothick: found the teleport lol
[14:56]  Vision Planer: please have a click
[14:56]  TP: Right click me and chose ‘Teleport’
[14:56]  Demeter Franizzi: cute bunny 🙂
[14:57]  Aimee Trescothick: 😀 thanks
[14:57]  TP: Right click me and chose ‘Teleport’
[14:58]  Austen Scanlan: Mind if I just listen in.
[14:59]  Philosofia Mai: thanks Vision
[14:59]  Aimee Trescothick: I have to run to bug triage, but this has been fascinating, thank you
[14:59]  Scope Cleaver: Great space
[14:59]  JeanRicard Broek: I thuink it is time to stop bringing SL into RL and do the reverse, i want RL teleports
[14:59]  Tab Scott: lol
[14:59]  Aimee Trescothick: lol yes
[14:59]  Harper Beresford: well, get crackin, JR
[15:00]  Aimee Trescothick waves
[15:00]  JeanRicard Broek: I will save the first test run for you beautiful ~s~
[15:00]  Demeter Franizzi: Vision cant remember if u mention it… but is this your 1st project in SL??
[15:00]  Harper Beresford acks
[15:00]  Vision Planer: yes
[15:01]  Vision Planer: but we manage about 1,400.000.000 € in berlin sinde 1995;-)
[15:01]  Vision Planer: thx
[15:01]  Demeter Franizzi: 🙂
[15:01]  JeanRicard Broek: Vision, HAve you been able to bring potential investors or others into SL that have not been here before? How has that gone?
[15:03]  Vision Planer: we try to do so – but it is not an architect tool to use sl in germany
[15:03]  You: it isn’t an architect tool anywhere in the world… except maybe a dozen projects
[15:03]  Vision Planer: i made some offers to the state library and to some finacial developers
[15:04]  Vision Planer: do you know the dresden gallery – it a great building in sl -an artmuseum
[15:04]  Harper Beresford: yes
[15:04]  Tab Scott: yes
[15:04]  You: so, what is your overall goal with the SL build then? if it isn’t to entice investors?
[15:04]  JeanRicard Broek: One problem has always been getting those not formiliar with SL to join us, even with this great project
[15:05]  Vision Planer: i think it is a question of time – in ten years every student will know sl as a building and marketing tool
[15:05]  You: I completely agree with that
[15:05]  Tab Scott: yes
[15:05]  You: i sure hope it’s SL
[15:05]  Knildrig Aabye: great point
[15:06]  Vision Planer: keysone i have seen your project – its a developement too?
[15:06]  Lessa String: yes I’m studen I know :))
[15:06]  You: no, none of the projects I’ve done are development – they’re either replications of physical buildings, or purely virtual architecture
[15:07]  You: the Studio Wikitecture project was a real-life design
[15:07]  You: i’m afk for a minute
[15:07]  Vision Planer: sl is the well known web 3D project – 60% of the germans know it – but only 2% have been oneline
[15:07]  Vision Planer: cool
[15:07]  Austen Scanlan: Hi How is that Maya for SL Group? Are they active?
[15:09]  Vision Planer: ??
[15:09]  Vision Planer: maya
[15:09]  Tab Scott: Where are you a student Lessa?
[15:09]  Harper Beresford smirks, “Nice pose, JR.”
[15:09]  Lessa String: yes :
[15:09]  Lessa String: 🙂
[15:09]  JeanRicard Broek: LOL
[15:10]  JeanRicard Broek: The ball wasn’t pink was it?
[15:10]  Tab Scott: lol
[15:11]  You: I’m more confident in SL now that I see what Google has done
[15:11]  Harper Beresford laughs
[15:11]  Knildrig Aabye: 🙂 lol
[15:11]  Tab Scott: you checked out “lively” Keystone?
[15:12]  Vision Planer: google has money – sl has heart;-)
[15:12]  Harper Beresford: i made a whole room in there
[15:12]  Harper Beresford: it was totally.. boting
[15:12]  You: I was biting my nails a bit on that one… wondering if maybe they might be able to pull something more comprehensive off…. but Lively is a different vector than SL entirely
[15:12]  You: I think Lively is an intelligent and powerful project…that will be huge, in its own way – but it is no SL
[15:12]  Doctor Asp: it´s just a 3D chatroom – so far
[15:12]  JeanRicard Broek: This is quite the gathering tonight, I am impressed with the turnout. and the fact we have all been here over one hour
[15:13]  You: I have no doubt it will extend into Google Earth, and elsewhere in the Google empire – but by the time it gets anywhere near as robust as SL in terms of building tools and community, SL will be that much farther ahead
[15:14]  Scope Cleaver: I hope thats true Key
[15:14]  You: I do too
[15:14]  Tab Scott: me three
[15:14]  You: To me, it all revolves around 3D asset interoperability
[15:14]  Vision Planer: i talks to goldie today – the former acs projectmanager – we think it is a childrends chatroom for advertising and datafishing;-/
[15:14]  Harper Beresford: but now IBM has started interconnectivity
[15:15]  JeanRicard Broek: We need to improve the Building tools here, someone must. They have not progressed.
[15:15]  Tab Scott: Absolutely
[15:15]  You: yes, taht excites me a LOT…. the interconnectivity – eventually evolving into 3D asset interoperability – that will be a big moment for architecture in virtual worlds
[15:15]  JeanRicard Broek: solve the import and scale problems soon
[15:15]  Vision Planer: i think the architect must accept sl as a good tool!!
[15:15]  Harper Beresford: didn’t philip talk about importing?
[15:15]  Harper Beresford: of course Mr. Kapor is all hip on new avatars
[15:15]  Harper Beresford: 😛
[15:16]  You: it seems to me a lot of the more liberal features we pine for will happen first in OpenSIM… Linden Lab just can’t be so quick to adopt – they’ll let OpenSIM enjoy features like 3D model import before they internalize that, I think
[15:16]  You: which is fine with me
[15:17]  You: I think the synergy between OpenSIM and Second Life is a match made in heaven – good things will come from that
[15:17]  Tab Scott: Are you working much in OpenSim Key?
[15:17]  You: i used to worry that it would fracture the community, but I no longer think that will be the case
[15:18]  You: I’m not developing there, but I’ve had lots of conversations with key people there, and am doing my best to keep my finger on the pulse of it all – its too early for me – too buggy – needs about a year
[15:18]  Austen Scanlan: Well, I spoke to Jim Yang of Linden and he maintains that they are actively looking develop an importer into SL>
[15:18]  Harper Beresford: importing from what?
[15:18]  Demeter Franizzi: i think SL will become a good tool for architects… The developers will push it that way… and one of the reasons will be the economics that r involved in SL
[15:18]  Austen Scanlan: MAYA for instance.
[15:19]  You: I actually think the economics in SL is what has prevented Linden Lab from becoming a good tool for architects
[15:19]  Austen Scanlan: Has anyone but me tried the MAYA importer SLTKPro?
[15:19]  Harper Beresford: the third world economy or their own financial resources?
[15:19]  JeanRicard Broek: We need to bring in and host complex 3d models at scale, exact and percise, the day that ghappens, SL will explode
[15:20]  Scope Cleaver: Haven’t heard of it Austen
[15:20]  Scope Cleaver: You have a URL?
[15:20]  You: its interesting though – I’ve found that when I work in OpenSIM and can import models from external apps – I have to spend almost as much time tweaking the model in 3D Studio as I would buildng it from scratch in SL…
[15:20]  Tab Scott: It seems that LL is very much interested in the Education applications in SL. I’ll try to leverage my Architecture/Education to help them move ahead…..I’ve been saying the same thing to them for 3 years, now.
[15:21]  Tab Scott: It’s good to hear that you all have the same opinion.
[15:21]  Austen Scanlan: Here’s the URL for SLTKPro…
[15:21]  Harper Beresford: from Maya? big deal…?
[15:21]  Harper Beresford: isn’t there already an import from Maya?
[15:22]  Harper Beresford: they are just improving it?
[15:22]  Scope Cleaver: For sculpties I think
[15:23]  You: I think there will be a huge collective learning curve for architects once 3D models can be imported… it isn’t going to be as great as we thin it is at first
[15:23]  JeanRicard Broek: The day Sl adds value to RL work, It will be adopted, It is fantastic technology. It is just to game like no. That will cahnge soon. The coders will do iut, we are not the only ones feeling the needs
[15:23]  Harper Beresford: i would prefer to see some sort of CAD come into SL, right?
[15:23]  Tab Scott: *coughs*
[15:23]  Harper Beresford: i mean, the problem here is a whole learning curve on top of the fact taht you are constrained by the limintations
[15:23]  You: if you take just any old 3D model and import it – you can hardly tell what it is
[15:23]  Harper Beresford: you are going to ask architects to relearn a whole interface? that’s all i wonder about
[15:24]  Austen Scanlan: Well, there are a pile of proprietary importers that a number of developers use for themselves. They seem to have no desire to make their solutions into a product.
[15:24]  Harper Beresford: so why isn’t LL choosing one and making it work
[15:24]  You: the in-world economy depends on an even playing field
[15:24]  You: that’s the beauty of it
[15:25]  Harper Beresford: the in world economy is a third world economy
[15:25]  Austen Scanlan: I would suggest that builders are using their own solutions to create a USP.
[15:26]  JeanRicard Broek: Just doing inports is not all there is to it. But creating new 3rd generation modeling tools to wrap around both SL technology and old CAD drawing tools and formats. Like windows did for all DOS applications
[15:26]  You: besides, there will be other issues with scale when interoperability happens…. unless you design very small buildings, it will require some extensive resources to import any reasonably sized architectural project…
[15:27]  Harper Beresford: or even moving SL towards a certain CAD model
[15:27]  Harper Beresford: agreed, Keystone
[15:27]  Harper Beresford: that was my other thought
[15:27]  Harper Beresford: not like these things are done elegantly
[15:27]  You: take this project we’re standing in for example…. if this were a 3D Studio model, fully textured to this extent – in a single model – it would be like 1.5 gigabytes…
[15:27]  Harper Beresford: they all serve multiple purposes
[15:28]  You: you just can’t import and export models of that size seamlessly – even if there were a go-go gadget import button
[15:28]  Austen Scanlan: So what do you think it would take? The pen ultimate optimizer?
[15:28]  Harper Beresford: but i have done cam throughs off solidworks before.. how would bringing it into SL be more impactive?
[15:28]  JeanRicard Broek: Damn We can do 40 dancing avatars with Prim Hair… Buildings should be a piece of cake LOL
[15:28]  Harper Beresford: lol
[15:29]  Vision Planer: we reask our design in sl – we had a half predesign and try to perfect our design like a papermodel twenty years ago
[15:29]  Harper Beresford: right
[15:29]  Harper Beresford: you are redrawing the entire thing around SL’s problems
[15:29]  Harper Beresford: and limitations
[15:29]  Harper Beresford: and then the question is, are you compromising your design to fit the SL master?
[15:29]  You: what I really want is an importer that breaks a model into prim-size pieces – so you can then work on it as if they were prims…. to do texturing and detail work
[15:30]  Vision Planer: we try to perect our ideas – and we try to make the design better for the sl use -like the gallery
[15:30]  Harper Beresford: the question is, what is this application doing to your work?
[15:30]  Vision Planer: fun;-)
[15:30]  You: I think the whole process of working with prims from *inside* a 3D model – detailing and developing it in realtime has some magic to it…. there is something about that process that CAD just doesn’t afford
[15:31]  You: so, I really want to be able to do both
[15:31]  Scope Cleaver: I see what you mean Key
[15:31]  Vision Planer: i am archict – i like my job and we have no rules in sl – less money or stupid people
[15:31]  Scope Cleaver: I hate working with 4 windows now
[15:31]  Harper Beresford: but Keystone, I am asking, what does the use of “prims” as a building block, do to your design?
[15:31]  You: it breaks it down into bite-size pieces – instead of just one monolithic 3D form
[15:32]  Harper Beresford: true
[15:32]  Harper Beresford: but the constraints of prims is the problem
[15:32]  You: yes
[15:32]  Harper Beresford: i guess sculpties would help that
[15:32]  You: i see that as temporary though
[15:32]  Harper Beresford: but then… they have constraints too
[15:32]  You: I think we’ll see prim-size constraints go away soon
[15:32]  Harper Beresford: in other words, they will make new shapes?
[15:32]  Harper Beresford: or what?
[15:33]  You: probably not new shapes, no
[15:33]  Harper Beresford: wouldn’t it be cool if the prims were actual manufacturable pieces?]
[15:33]  Tab Scott: There ya go
[15:33]  Austen Scanlan: I’m not an expert like you folks, but I always the note card limititations created the greatest problem.
[15:34]  Harper Beresford: brick XYZ from the ACme company?
[15:34]  Tab Scott: we need geometries that reflect construction for it to be real architecture.
[15:34]  You: yes – the ability to grab multiple prims and freeze them into a single, multi-faceted object would be cool
[15:34]  Harper Beresford: the piece of drywall from the Ace Drywall company?
[15:34]  You: afk for a bit
[15:35]  Tab Scott: well, some “products” some custom designed materials.
[15:35]  Harper Beresford: what can be machined or formed?
[15:35]  Lessa String: it Or maya and import in SL 🙂
[15:35]  Tab Scott: or created through mathmatical formulae
[15:35]  JeanRicard Broek: Thwe power of computers will someday allow very large and complex models to be used. in just a few years. Prims as building blocks are actually easir to understand then Polygons and lines and are really just a layer over those anyways. We juust need better tools i like 3d modeling with prims, I agree with Tab about geometry, splines and such
[15:35]  Harper Beresford: right Lessa, but pushing to having the actual manufacturable products
[15:36]  Austen Scanlan: Hey got to go. Thanks everyone.
[15:37]  JeanRicard Broek: Bye Austen.
[15:37]  You: like a Sweets Catalogue in 3D for SL
[15:38]  You: that’s kind of the way Google’s 3D Warehouse is starting to work
[15:38]  Harper Beresford: speaking of sweets, JR…
[15:38]  JeanRicard Broek: candy? what are you thinking?
[15:38]  Harper Beresford smiles
[15:38]  Tab Scott: oh oh
[15:39]  Vision Planer: 😉
[15:39]  You: this has been a great conversation – but i’ve got to run =/
[15:39]  You: does anyone mind if I publish this transcript on The Arch?
[15:39]  JeanRicard Broek: Thanks Key, we should all d this again soon
[15:39]  Knildrig Aabye: thank you keystone
[15:40]  Scope Cleaver: Thanks for the tour Vision
[15:40]  Vision Planer: ok thamks to all for comming – hope to see you again!!
[15:40]  Knildrig Aabye: thank you vision
[15:40]  You: absolutely – more soon!
[15:40]  Designer Dingson: see you all thanks very much 🙂
[15:40]  You: yes, and thanks so much for the tour!!!
[15:40]  Tab Scott: Thanks for the notice Key.
[15:40]  Scope Cleaver: Take care colleagues.. 🙂

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