Competition Details: ‘Design for an Eco-Friendly Community’

I’m sincerely honored to have been invited to jury this most exciting competition! I know firsthand how exhilarating it can be to work on a project like this in Second Life, especially given the collaborative nature they’re inviting. This is an absolutely perfect use of Second Life – combining everything we all love about it. It’s social, collaborative, cultural, technical, its 3D design and, perhaps most importantly, its green. This is a perfect storm for innovation and is sure to be an exciting project to watch. I hope everyone takes some time to submit an entry!

“ and, in collaboration with INBAR – International Network for Bamboo and Rattan, invite architects, designers and students to take part in an international competition at arcspace Island in the virtual community, Second Life.”

The International Jury
From Real Life:
Shyam Paudel, Director of Housing Program, INBAR
Cui PenFei, Professor Architecture, CAFA – Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
Wang Ru Song Professor,Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Edwin Chan, Partner, Gehry Partners, Los Angeles, USA
Jan Utzon, Architect, Denmark
Kent Martinussen, Director, DAC – Danish Architecture Centre
Kristen Richards, Founder/Editor-in-Chief,
Thomas Kearns, Assistant Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology
Nille Juul-Sorensen, Associate Director, ARUP

From the Virtual World (Second Life):
Persis Trilling, Director Princeton University Second Life Project
Scope Cleaver, Architect and Designer
Keystone Bouchard, founder of Crescendo Design and Studio Wikitecture”

More details on arcspace:

The competition is sponsored by KK of (KK Jewell in SL) and David Greenberg of (da5vd Latte in SL) in collaboration with INBAR – International Network for Bamboo and Rattan. Photo above and landscaping by Poid Mahovlich.

The photo above is by Poid Mahovlich, an Artist Builder and Land Terraformer in Second Life. She has turned arcspace Island into a bamboo forest for the competition.
Her group Our Green Virtual World Builders specifically promote green issues.

re: What’s wrong with virtual architecture?
December 22, 2007, 6:20 pm
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I was a little late on the draw, but there is an interesting post and comment thread over on GridBlog.  Lordfly posts some very insightful thoughts about virtual architecture, competitions, functionality in SL and more.  What are your thoughts?  

A New Architecture Island!

The new island, formerly known as ‘Lebenswelt’ was the prize I have had the honor of being awarded in the Cntrl-Shift-07 competition for their Bienial Pacific Students of Architecture Congress held in New Zealand.

My goal for the new island is to encourage the emergence of a new language of virtual architecture by maintaining Lebenswelt Island as a testing grounds and incubator for an ongoing, dynamic, and collaborative effort in tune with the stated objectives of the competition.

Everyone who entered the competition and wishes to continue their experiments with new ideas for virtual architecture will be given the opportunity to keep the parcels and the designs they created. A large central parcel will also be assigned as the Studio Wikitecture headquarters, dedicated to experimentation and ongoing development of the Wikitecture process.

There were some truly outstanding entries that pushed the limits of what is possible with virtual architecture. I plan to post the essays and screenshots of the short-listed entries during the next few days.

Thanks again to the competition organizers, especially Sebastion Antwerp, for making this possible!

Architecture and Design Competition in Second Life
March 3, 2007, 3:35 pm
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“Seeking the coolest, most spatially interesting and aesthetically independant pieces of architecture from the inhabitants of Second Life.”

The SL-Award  via Virtual Suburbia (good eyes!)