Archidemo – Architecture in Metaverse
February 2, 2008, 1:19 am
Filed under: archidemo, Hidenori Watanave, nikkeiBP, virtual architecture

I just received this link from Hidenori Watanave (CEO of Photon and Associate professor of Tokyo Metropolitan University) of the “ArchiDemo” project in the NikkeiBP island of Second Life. I will be following up with Hidenori to learn more, but couldn’t wait to share this!

This YouTube video contains some of the most visually compelling architecture (read ‘art’chitecture) machinima footage I have ever seen!  It is definitely worth watching all the way to the end.

“We have developed “Archidemo” Project in Second Life.
Please see website.

“Archidemo” is experimental demonstration and research for the
possibility of the architecture and environmental design in Metaverse.

In “Archidemo”, the field crossing collaboration was achieved. Trial
of Inworld (virtual space) photograph exhibition by photographer and
metaverse-architect’s collaborations, installation of media art,
scientific visualization, trial of Realization of world of S-F novel,
chatbot space, and so on.”