Encore! Machinima and Screenshots of the 48 hour Architectural Jazz Jam
January 15, 2011, 3:39 am
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All it takes is a catalyst.   For the past 48 hours, this empty parcel came to life with a group of designers, architects and artists from around the world, who imprinted this build with their creativity – riffing and building on what others had created, and adding their own voice.

To see the machinima and screenshots, visit the post on our main site here:

Now Opening: Architectural Jazz Public Jam Session
January 12, 2011, 9:19 pm
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SL collaborative building jam session

Dust off your prims folks, we’re kicking off a public building jam session on Architecture Island in Second Life, focused on the seed theme ‘Amalgamate’ (to mix or merge as to make a combination; blend; unite’ combine).

Head over to Architecture Island (here‘s the slurl), and rez some prims!  Be sure to join and activate the ‘Architecture in Virtual Worlds’ group, and set everything you build to share with full perms.  That way, others can ‘riff’ off of your builds, and you can do the same with anything else you see that inspires you.  We call it Architectural Jazz, and it’s a great way to expend some creative energies, have fun and meet other builders, designers and architects.

Kick off is today at 10:00 AM PDT, and the build will run through Friday, January 14th at 10:00 AM PDT.

We’re hosting this project in memory of Kurt Rehder, who passed away very suddenly on December 28, 2010.   Kurt helped organize the Ctrl Shift 07 competition in Second Life, which explored the potential for design collaboration in virtual environments.

11 Predictions for 2011 (and beyond)
January 3, 2011, 4:45 pm
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This is the first time I’ve made New Year’s predictions, but I so enjoy reading what others predict that I couldn’t resist jotting down a few of my own.  Find those predictions on my new, main blog site here – and for pete’s sake, update your feed with the new site’s address already!  =)  I stopped actively using this blog almost 2 years ago!  Update your feed’s folks… seriously!  Make it a New Year’s resolution.  Put it on your Google Calendar.  Better yet, just do it right now!  Whatever it takes.. just update your link to the new blog!!!

Thanks, and Happy New Year!