Virtual Architects Association
February 28, 2007, 8:50 pm
Filed under: architect, architecture, keoki marama, rl architecture

Lately it seems the content of this blog could remain fairly constant even if I were to only report the formation of new architecture-related groups in Second Life! The rapidly growing awareness of the potential for architects to use SL as a professional tool is very exciting, and I think we can expect to see some amazing development in the months ahead!

Last night, I received word from a colleague that there was a new group in Second Life called the ‘Virtual Architects Association’. Upon further investigation, I learned that it was founded by RL Architects group member Keoki Marama. In a presentation to a group of architects last night, he shared examples of how many architects who are aleady using Second Life as a professional tool, and shared the machinima we created for the Autodesk presentation.

I find the formation of this new group to be very inspiring, and yet another sign that the metaverse and architecture are indeed converging! In corresponding with Keoki this morning, he predicted we could see tens of thousands of RL Architects using SL in a few months. While I’m not sure the growth will be quite that fast, I do share Keoki’s optimism and commitment to building a resource base and a strong sense of community to help this convergence succeed as seamlessly as possible.

Welcome, Keoki! Let’s build this thing! =)