“Is there a 3D model import tool?” Daren Strange ‘Gets It’ and Transcends Limitations
March 6, 2007, 5:29 am
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Like every architect who visits Architecture Island, Daren Srange’s first question was ‘is there a way to import existing 3D models? Instead of dwelling on the setbacks of learning the in-world building tools, Daren immediately ‘got it’ and embraced the tools, making the best of what Second Life currently offers. While we all await a day when we can seamlessly integrate our 3D models into Second Life, I think designers like Daren deserve to be rewarded as early adopters and innovators in this field.

By looking at Daren’s build, it is immediately obvious that he knows how buildings work. His builds are as techtonic as prim-limits will allow in Second Life. In looking at his most recent build, it seems like he is mentally building the actual project piece by piece as if he were constructing it in real life. The windows have flashing, the rafters have bearing points, the drywall has a realistic thickness. But, he’s not afraid to take advantage of the virtual medium in the process…

” I think it is interesting that you can change the order of construction in second life. Hanging the windows was nice to do before the walls were up.”

Daren has a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Texas at Austin, and has worked professionally as an architectural intern. More of his work can be seen at East Tower Design. I tried my best to ‘help’ Daren in the earliest manifestions of his project, but he was so quick to learn that he always seemed to be two steps ahead of where I was directing him.

With skills like his, it won’t be long before Second Life developers start approaching him with employment opportunities. He has already admitted a temptation (read desire) to leave the real world behind and become a virtual architect. Given the growing (increasingly fierce) competition for in-world design/build talent, coupled with the explosion of virtual world content demand in general, I think Daren is wise to consider a virtual transition.

Who’s next? 😉