Second Life @ the Design Museum for RIBA Architecture Week June 2007

Wow, so many exciting architecture-related events happening! Full speed ahead! =)

Next week, the Design Museum in London is projecting and hosting a series of Second Life events in both real and virtual reality during RIBA’s Architecture Week. Contact Fraser Fonda with questions, and check out the website at:

Here is the event descriptions:

Second Life @ the Design Museum for RIBA Architecture Week June 2007
3-5pm BST 7am – 9amPDT

Location The Office

7am PDT
Doesi Beck will talk about The 1st Annual Architecture and Design Competition in Second Life. The competition is part of this years Ars Electronica Festival in Linz (Sept. 5th – 11th). He will also discuss “Bastard Spaces” a text for the Ars Electonicas catalogue exploring the relationship between physical and media spaces.

Sunday 17th Location
7am PDT
Tour of significant Second Life Architecture by Alfredo Desideri who is re-building Palladio’s villas in Paradise Isles in Second Life Architectural Style

Monday 18th Location Architecture Island
7am PDT
Meeting of a Gulbenkian and AHRC funded research group on Architecture Island exploring ideas of multidimensional space through Jorge Luis Borges short story ‘The Library of Babel’.
Please bring some sentences from any book you would like to add to the library.

Tuesday 19th
Location Architecture Island
8am PDT
Visualising Design Concepts in a Virtual Environment
Moderated by Keystone Bouchard, Clear InkMembers of the Architects in SL group will demonstrate the methodology required to effectively replicate real life design concepts in Second Life. We will review the advantages and challenges of this process, and will provide tools; tips and tricks to help architects who are new to Second Life understand this process, in order to be able to recreate their own designs.

Wednesday 20th SL grid often down so no event planned

Thursday 21st
Location Architecture Island
8am PDT
Wikitecture Demonstration: Collaborative Design and Building
Moderated by Keystone Bouchard, Clear Ink and Theory ShawThe Architects in Second Life group will be joined by the Studio Wikitecture Group for a demonstration of the current state of collaborative design processes being developed. How might the practice of architecture benefit from collaborative design? The demonstration will be accompanied by an open and informal discussion.

Friday 22nd
Location: The Office
7am PDT
Lecturer at the School of Architecture; Royal Institute of ‘Kapitol Metropolitan will explore blurring real life and Second Life by livestreaming video into Second life from different WIFI connections in SWEDEN.

Saturday 23rd
Location Architecture Island
7am PDT
Designer Dingson – Will give a tour of his Mies van der Rohe Farnsworth House on built on Architecture Island. He will be joined by Chip Poutine who proposes that it is possible for visionary architects to establish a viable professional practice through the means of digital architecture.

Sunday 24th
Location Nitida
7am PDT
The Tracer, will give a tour of the Second Life School of Architecture, he will talk about some of the theory behind it, about Second Life and the architecture it has generated.