Wikisonic at The Tech Virtual Museum Workshop
February 2, 2008, 11:45 pm
Filed under: the tech, wikisonic

Help me out here!  I submitted a project concept to The Tech Virtual Museum Workshop, based on the Wikisonic project I blogged about a while back.  The main idea of the project is to invite collaboration, virtual and otherwise, toward the design of museum exhibits for The Tech museum.   By submitting the concept, I have essentially open sourced the Wikisonic idea.   For whatever the concept is worth, it is now licensed under a Creative Commons license, and can be reused as long as the authors are given credit.

Please join the project by registering HERE, then visiting HERE, and collectively propel this thing into something feasible and buildable in the real life museum!

Here is a machinima piece I did a while ago while doing a demo for Bettina Tizzy of Not Possible in Real Life.

The installation is still on view in the Gallery of Reflexive Architecture.