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April 8, 2008, 12:31 pm
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I never realized just how much I actually didn’t know about Second Life until I watched Torley Linden’s Second Life Tutorials. Not only are they crystal clear in direction, but Torley keeps them entertaining and upbeat as well.

If you’re totally new, start on Volume 1 – “What is a Prim?” Even if you’re an advanced user, I can guarantee you’ll learn things you didn’t know by scrolling through the list of tutorials here:

Here are just two samples…

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I wholeheartedly agree, and Torley’s recent batch of quick tips have really put my sense of keen observation to shame. I had no idea one could rez duplicates on faces, or any inclination of different grid styles, and yet it was staring me in the face!

Seems we really can never know all there is to know.

Comment by Vidal Tripsa

Yes I also, they are the best. I always read his “Tip of the Week”..have learned so many tricks from them.

So much to much fun learning it from Torley

Comment by KK Jewell

Oh my! So nice of you. Thank-you Keystone, Vidal, and KK for your kind words! I really appreciate it — very encouraging, it helps me keep going — and there are certainly more video tutorials to come… the learning, and fun for that matter, never ends! =^_^=

Comment by Torley

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