The Bartlett House

If I had to isolate the most commonly held concern real life architects have with building their projects in Second Life, it’s that the building tools are too limiting. They claim that realistic architecture is difficult, or even impossible to achieve using the in-world building tools.

While I normally reserve the content of this blog for topics related specifically to real life architecture, I see the Bartlett House as one of the finest examples of virtual architectural representation I’ve seen so far. This build goes a long way toward describing the level of detail and expressiveness this medium affords, and clearly raises the bar for architectural representation in a virtual world.

Charlotte Bartlett chose a brilliant mashup of rock star contemporary virtual architect Scope Cleaver with the champion of contemporary furniture, Maximilian Milosz. Visit the build on the Elysian sim, which is now open to the public.

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Damn that’s beautiful. I was down with the flu Monday morning. So regretting having missed hearing the designers insights on this one.

Comment by Chip Poutine

good blog

Comment by Olga

For the record, someone named Cleaver built the Bartlett house, not Charlotte

Comment by Shazza

That’s why the article says “Charlotte Bartlett chose a brilliant mashup of rock star contemporary virtual architect Scope Cleaver” Shazza/Shelly/Shellz.


Comment by Charlotte Bartlett

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