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January 25, 2007, 4:45 am
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I’ve been working on this piece of machinima for the past few days in an attempt to summarize my progress to-date with using Second Life as a professional tool. Given the steep learning curve for newcomers to this environment, and the fact that I believe there are quite a few architects out there who are teetering on the edge of diving into this world to model their designs, creating a portal into this world is a perfect means of introduction.

Creating machinima is also a fairly simple process. Fraps is even simpler. In the case of this piece, I used Windows Movie Maker to stitch it together and add the music.

One of the unintended, though very welcome consequences of creating this blog is the number of contacts I receive from ‘outsider’ architects who want more information about using Second Life in their practice. Pointing them to machinima like this is a quick way of building interest and getting them to take the first steps in-world. Once they’re in, I make sure they join the RL Architects Group and The Society for Virtual Architecture. In the past 2 weeks alone, I’ve personally invited at least 8 new architects and architecture students to the group. I sincerely hope they will stick with it and start building some real-life projects, or this blog might die from content starvation! (I’m not too worried…)

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Very interesting to see you documentig your builds like this. As an architect who is now also working in SL I am finding that my background and training leads me to build differently than most residents. I am not building in world versions or real world projects but taking commisions to build purely virtual projects. I think this gives me a very different design experience as the physical rules of the virtual world are obviously completely different.

I have noticed that one rarely meets other architects in world and that most builders are not trained as such. Even so the level of creativity is at times astonishing.

Comment by Matthaios Aquacade

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