Architecture For Humanity Enters the 3D Web

“This is an introduction by Lauren Stokes to Architecture For Humanity’s own interactive digital globe that will host models from their Open Architecture Network. Using X3D Earth and Open Street Map, web3D students sponsored by GeoSherpa are helping Architecture For Humanity in their migration to the open interactive 3D web. To help support green sustainable design, visit

I’ve met some very passionate virtual world evangalists over the years, but I can’t think of any more enthusiastic and persistent than Damon Hernandez, Greg Howes, and the rest of the team that has been work hard at developing this unique feature for the Open Architecture Network.  I knew it wouldn’t be long before they pulled off something extraordinary.  The technology they demonstrate here is an innovative method for touring models that have been uploaded to the OAN network virtually.  Beyond just being able to tour the uploaded buildings, you can understand them in relation to their geographic context, as pinpointed through their integration with Open Street Map. Well done!

[update: While cruising through the rest of Damon’s YouTube uploads, I noticed this machinima showcasing some fo the augmented reality features they’re working on with X3D:

LiDAR Generated Sculpties

YouTube video.

Darb Dabney is a veritable whirlwind of energy when it comes to mirroring Berkeley, California in a virtual environment.  If avatars ever walk the streets of virtual Berkeley, there will be a gleeful Darb showing it off and giving tours!  I am increasingly confident that it won’t be long before he achieves this dream.  His most recent effort is a 40-region build in OpenSim using nothing but LiDAR surface sculpties, as shown in the video above, and described on his blog HERE.

“Wow it has been a lot of effort to get the 40 regions built out with their LiDAR surface sculpties….   My priority is to create good graphics for large-format display, but I’ve posted a rush of the first end-to end plod by the Ruth named “UC08 Visitor2″.”

Darb may very well be leading the way to a feasible method of achieving mirror world renditions of physical environments inside virtual space.  This would surely be a game changing opportunity, to say the least.