Thank You Readers! A Week of Community-Submitted Resources! The Week in Review

We had an outstanding range of community-submitted resources this week!  Thanks so much for sharing the inside scoop on these projects, and keep it up!

It all started with Lotja Loon telling us about ‘Architecture and Design Classes: Bauhaus, Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Hundertwasser

Then we had a tour of the excellent TowerVision project, followed by my enthusiastic review, “Raising the Bar for Architectural Visualization in Second Life

Theory Shaw forwarded a jira issue related to 3D Model Interoperability, and the group responded!  There is still time to cast your vote!  See 3D Model Interoperability in Second Life”

Then Bennet Dynamo shared an invitation to the Lucien Herve exhibit opening held over the weekend.  It is a great exhibit, and worth checking out, see “Lucien Hervé Exhibit Opening July 12, 1pm PDT

Hidenori Watanave submitted information about Atelier Ten Architects and their new project in Second Life, read more here: “Atelier Ten Architects, “Real” Architects that are now “Virtual” Architects in Second Life

Finally, Martin Purnell informed me of an upcoming Grand Opening of the Future Green Chatham project in Chicago, Illionois which has been replicated in Second Life, Virtual Model of the Future Green Chatham Home, Grand Opening July 18-20, 2008

Virtual Model of the Future Green Chatham Home, Grand Opening July 18-20, 2008

Martin Purnell and Associates, a real life development firm located in Chicago, Illinois, opens virtual office on the Etopia sim in Second Life. The construction is nearly complete on the virtual model of the Future Green Chatham homes. They hope to begin building the home in real life sometime early next year (click any screenshot for a slideshow of images).

I talked with avatar Luchenpur Darwin, co-owner of Martin Purnell and Associates in real life, who tells me, “the Second Life model gives you a very real sense of how the home will feel.  Even traffic patterns.” This project, built by Prim Chemistry  on Etopia Island, owned by William Thewise Goodman, is definitely worth a visit!

They will be having a Gran Opening celebration this weekend.  Guided house tour starts at 4:30pm SLT on Friady, July 18th, with Live performance by Harper Messmer at 5pm SL-time, DJ Imajin Brentano from 6-8pm, and Fireworks at 8pm.

They will also have a tour on Saturday July 19th at 4:30pm, with live performance by Vienna James at 5pm, DJ Vivie Durant at 6-8pm and Fireworks at 8pm.

Finally, on Sunday, July 20, they will have a guided house tour at 2:30 PM, a live performance by Truelie Telling at 3pm, DJ Yngwie Krogstad from 4-6pm, and Fireworks at 6pm.