Fake is the New Real – Mario Gerosa on Virtual Architecture

Check out Mario Gerosa’s interview, part of a Mission completed in the CheckinArchitecture project, submitted by Fabio Falzone and Jacopo Fontana.  From their YouTube description:

“But what about traveling in the virtual worlds today? During the 80s, it was a trend to refer to traveling in virtual reality like a physical voyage, where the use of a head-mounted display was inseparable from the trip itself. Today, it is more about eyesight than body experience: we stand in front of the monitor without moving. It is a non-linear trip, similar to an expedition through a Borges tale, 2.0. Nevertheless, there’s lack of “tourist” guides and research engines among virtual worlds. Are virtual travels still an elite form of tourism and knowledge or will they, in their cheapness, become the mode of vacation for those who simply can’t afford the real thing?”

Read more about their mission HERE.  Nice work!