Nicolas Schoffer Gallery Opening
September 13, 2008, 3:49 pm
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Nicolas Schoffer Gallery Opening in Second Life, Saturday, September 13, 2008. More info HERE.  Slurl HERE.

“Like most pioneers, when the young 24 year old Hungarian painter Nicolas Schöffer went to Paris in 1936, it’s not likely that he could have imagined he was embarking on a journey to become one of the most important artists of the twentieth century.

Known today as the Father of Cybernetic Art, Schöffer’s career spanned more than 5 decades and explored painting, kinetic sculpture, architecture, urbanism, town planning, music, theater, film and video; his research and theory produced 11 books, ten of which were published.

Schöffer’s  lifelong pursuit of Dynamism in his works was influenced by the philosophies of the Constructionist Movement that developed in the early part of the twentieth century, and further inspired by the works of Norbert Wiener. Schöffer believed that art must utilize the technology and materials of the time and he applied Wiener’s theories on cybernetics to illustrate a level of interactivity within his creations that the world had never before seen.

In 1985, Schöffer lost the use of his right hand, as a result of a stroke, but his work continued as he explored new research in Graphic Poetry “Choreographics” was an example of this and explored the feelings of surface with his left hand. and in 1988 “Ordigraphics “ new research with his left hand on the Macintosh computer on which colour has been added by hand, and the Ordicols (collages including small computer graphic pieces) are considered priceless drawings.

The inaugural launch of the Second Life Gallery is being held in conjunction with an real life exposition of  30 of these computer graphics and collages called ORDIGRAPHIC, COLLEOGRAPHIC and ORDICOL which are being presented for the first time at the the Gyula Nagy Gallery in Lovas, Hungary.”

Additionally, a limited number of copies of Schöffer’s last book referring to this period “SURFACE ET ESPACE” will be available for purchase. Contact Lucinda Bergbahn for details.

Depo Consulting is proud to host the opening of the Nicolas Schöffer Gallery in the Virtual World of Second Life on Saturday, September 13, 2008 from 1-3PM PST.

Bennet Dynamo, creative director of Depo Consulting, has once again created a gallery in virtual space that is itself a work of art that we are sure you will enjoy.

The gallery continues the evolution of Bennet’s RL and SL exploration of folded form, three distinct undulating linear wands are captured for one moment of their movement across the water at a lobby frame born from Schoffer’s island.  A animated boat tour is also available which will shuttle gallery visitors between the Nicolas Schöffer Gallery and the Lucien Hervé Gallery that was opened in the Depo Business Park in July 2008.

Please join us for this exciting event. Entertainment will be provided from 2-3pm PST by the rock band Friendly Fire.

Thank You Readers! A Week of Community-Submitted Resources! The Week in Review

We had an outstanding range of community-submitted resources this week!  Thanks so much for sharing the inside scoop on these projects, and keep it up!

It all started with Lotja Loon telling us about ‘Architecture and Design Classes: Bauhaus, Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Hundertwasser

Then we had a tour of the excellent TowerVision project, followed by my enthusiastic review, “Raising the Bar for Architectural Visualization in Second Life

Theory Shaw forwarded a jira issue related to 3D Model Interoperability, and the group responded!  There is still time to cast your vote!  See 3D Model Interoperability in Second Life”

Then Bennet Dynamo shared an invitation to the Lucien Herve exhibit opening held over the weekend.  It is a great exhibit, and worth checking out, see “Lucien Hervé Exhibit Opening July 12, 1pm PDT

Hidenori Watanave submitted information about Atelier Ten Architects and their new project in Second Life, read more here: “Atelier Ten Architects, “Real” Architects that are now “Virtual” Architects in Second Life

Finally, Martin Purnell informed me of an upcoming Grand Opening of the Future Green Chatham project in Chicago, Illionois which has been replicated in Second Life, Virtual Model of the Future Green Chatham Home, Grand Opening July 18-20, 2008

Lucien Hervé Exhibit Opening July 12, 1pm PDT

This just in from Bennet Dynamo, who created an incredible gallery for this exhibit (see more screenshots below):

“I am honored to host the first show at the foundation gallery on depo park 4 presenting a selection of Lucien Herve’s fine photography of Palladio’s Architecture

July 12 at 1pm will mark our preview show and we’d be very grateful if you would join us.  One wing of the new gallery will be showing the first 11 peices of the exhibit, more wings will open through the summer months.  This exhibit is in tandom with an RL exhibit in Hungary, Herve’s birthplace.

See below for a brief bio of Herve from wikipedia:

Lucien Hervé (b. László Elkán) (August 7, 1910 – June 26, 2007) was a French-Hungarian photographer well known for his black and white photos of architecture. He was born in the city of Vasarhely in Hungary on August 7, 1910, but came to Paris in 1929 and earned French citizenship in 1938. During World War II he was captured by the Germans (at the Battle of Dunkirk), escaped, and became a member of the French Resistance under the name Lucien Hervé which he kept thereafter.

He was most famous for his collaboration with the architect Le Corbusier from 1949 to the architect’s death in 1965. His black and white photos of Le Corbusier’s buildings — with their strong lights, shadows, and monumental sense of space — are perhaps the most well known images of the architect’s work. He has also worked with the architects Alvar Aalto, Marcel Breuer, Kenzo Tange, Richard Neutra, Oscar Niemeyer, Jean Prouvé, Bernard Zerfuss, and others.

Lucien Hervé also explored photographic abstraction and collage.

Since the late 1980s, Hervé’s work has enjoyed a renewed popularity. In 2000, he showed color works of his apartment at the gallery of fashion designer Agnès b.

Not long before Herve’s death, Getty bought around 200 of his slides. The artist was married to a Holocaust survivor.

Here’s the SLurl: