Chat Transcript: Cameron Sinclair and John Gage 4-24-07

Note: Frith Ginsberg is Cameron Sinclair.  The presentation content was a live audio presentation.  This is only a transcript of the audience discussion during the event.

[10:02]  JohnGage SunMicrosystems: Hello, everybody, we’re testing sound levels…turn on your sound…
[10:02]  Gossamer Maine: Hi
[10:02]  Kiwini Oe : I can hear you all!
[10:02]  Christopher Prudhomme: Cameron is loud enough for me
[10:02]  JoannaTrail Blazer: Hello all
[10:02]  Christopher Prudhomme: if people turn down their sound effects that will help
[10:02]  Frith Ginsberg: that’s exactly what my family say about me.
[10:02]  JoannaTrail Blazer: trying to audio conference?
[10:02]  Klaatu Quintus: Hello
[10:03]  Klaatu Quintus: lol
[10:03]  Lance Fugu can hear the voices clearly
[10:04]  Christopher Prudhomme: if you can’t hear them, it is on your end at this point
[10:04]  Anseo Noel: all I can hear is the surf
[10:04]  Throckmorton Poindexter: Me too
[10:04]  JoannaTrail Blazer: you can turn that off in Preferences (Ctrl P)
[10:05]  Throckmorton Poindexter: And keystrokes
[10:05]  JohnGage SunMicrosystems: we/ve started in audio..
[10:06]  JoannaTrail Blazer: (Ctrl P, Audio, Mute Audio, sound will stream below)
[10:06]  JoannaTrail Blazer: (as “Music”)
[10:07]  Bonn Fargis: Hi klaatu. It’s chuck
[10:08]  Throckmorton Poindexter: thx!
[10:08]  Klaatu Quintus: Hey Chuck!
[10:09]  X-Flight, flight assist: All Go
[10:11]  JoannaTrail Blazer: There is a Hobo Village in Calleta as well 🙂
[10:11]  JoannaTrail Blazer: this is a very nice idea, much nicer tha nwhat they have
[10:12]  Gerrick Gordimer: how long do they last in real world?
[10:12]  JoannaTrail Blazer: indefinetely
[10:12]  JoannaTrail Blazer smiles
[10:13]  Gerrick Gordimer: no upkeep?
[10:13]  JoannaTrail Blazer: no these need to be set up to be allowed to be copied
[10:13]  JoannaTrail Blazer: folks 🙂
[10:13]  JoannaTrail Blazer: they are not set to copy
[10:13]  Keystone Bouchard: yes – the one by me
[10:13]  JoannaTrail Blazer: but can be soon eh
[10:13]  Scooter Gaudio: they don’t seem to be takeable
[10:13]  Keystone Bouchard: if you click on it
[10:13]  Gerrick Gordimer: I mean in Real Life
[10:13]  JoannaTrail Blazer: thanks Key
[10:13]  Keystone Bouchard: the one in the corner by me
[10:14]  Keystone Bouchard: the one i’m standing on is buyable for $0
[10:14]  Scooter Gaudio: what’s involved with the assembly? How fast and how easy?
[10:14]  Gerrick Gordimer: amazing!!!!
[10:14]  Klaatu Quintus: Right-click and select buy on the house closest to where we started
[10:14]  Gerrick Gordimer: and they house how many at one time?
[10:15]  You: /there are 20 architects in Chad
[10:15]  You: /total
[10:16]  Keystone Bouchard accepted your inventory offer.
[10:16]  Bonn Fargis: Hi CalViking. It’s chuck
[10:16]  CalViking Corleone: Hi Chuck. I am looking for the Sun event and I am new at this so having some problems
[10:17]  JoannaTrail Blazer: this is the right place CAl
[10:17]  Bonn Fargis: What do you need?
[10:17]  JoannaTrail Blazer: the audio stream is the talk
[10:17]  CalViking Corleone: How do you get the audio stream so I can hear it?
[10:17]  Keystone Bouchard: Press play on your music player
[10:17]  Bonn Fargis: Klaatu… It’s eilif
[10:18]  JoannaTrail Blazer: I am in the house
[10:18]  JoannaTrail Blazer: with Tracy
[10:18]  JoannaTrail Blazer: this ios the one
[10:18]  JoannaTrail Blazer: Keystone is on top
[10:18]  TracyTrail Blazer waves “Over here!”
[10:18]  Bonn Fargis: Calviking. Under edit preferences, audio/video, turn on streaming music.
[10:18]  JoannaTrail Blazer smiles
[10:18]  Jeffo Baxter: would these homes work in niger as well as chad?
[10:19]  Gossamer Maine: Hi Joanna!
[10:19]  JoannaTrail Blazer: come in Kev
[10:19]  JoannaTrail Blazer: heheheh
[10:19]  TracyTrail Blazer: thanks
[10:19]  Frith Ginsberg: if you click on the page on the front of the house then you go to the page in the open architecture network
[10:20]  Frith Ginsberg: at the bottom you should see a machinima of the house being built.
[10:20]  Klaatu Quintus: left-click it
[10:20]  JoannaTrail Blazer: great
[10:20]  Keystone Bouchard:
[10:20]  Keystone Bouchard: if you scroll to the bottom of this page, you’ll see it :
[10:20]  Keystone Bouchard:
[10:21]  Keystone Bouchard: you can donate Lindens toward construction of the real-life Porchdog in Biloxi by clicking on the ‘Donate’ box next to the dog, or by using PayPal by clicking on the dog
[10:22]  Gerrick Gordimer: open source architecture!
[10:22]  Gerrick Gordimer: fabulous
[10:22]  JoannaTrail Blazer cheers
[10:22]  You: yes!
[10:23]  Gossamer Maine: A big shout out for Creative Commons
[10:25]  Bonn Fargis: Search for Allston, and the coordinates are 255, 195,0
[10:26]  Multi Gadget v1.52.0 by Timeless Prototype
[10:26]  Bonn Fargis: If search doesn’t work, use the Map to get here.
[10:26]  Bonn Fargis: BTW, your avatar was here. Don’t know where you went.
[10:27]  Bonn Fargis: I do see your avatar to my left. I’ll walk to you.
[10:28]  CalViking Corleone: Bonn. Is that you standing next to me?
[10:28]  Jeffo Baxter: socialtext would be happy to provide a wiki for this project
[10:28]  Bonn Fargis: Trying to.. getting a lot of delay.
[10:28]  Jeffo Baxter: it might be good public collaborative environment for second life development efforts
[10:29]  Bonn Fargis: Hi Calviking.
[10:29]  KireAnders Larsson: indeed good idea jeffo
[10:29]  CalViking Corleone: Hi Bonn. I tried to launch Media player to hear audio feed but nothing happened!
[10:30]  Jeffo Baxter: i am , yes
[10:30]  JoannaTrail Blazer: CalViking, Go Edit preferences, Audio, then choose Play Streaming music
[10:30]  JoannaTrail Blazer: then click play at middle centre
[10:30]  JoannaTrail Blazer: no need for windows media player.
[10:31]  JoannaTrail Blazer: 4000, that’s healthy
[10:31]  Bonn Fargis: Be sure to check your local volume setting.
[10:31]  CalViking Corleone: Great. Thanks. It worked.
[10:31]  JoannaTrail Blazer: sounds like a good idea Jeffo
[10:31]  JoannaTrail Blazer: great Cal!
[10:31]  JoannaTrail Blazer: better with sound eh
[10:32]  Gossamer Maine: hi tbone
[10:32]  Theory Shaw: ahhhhh
[10:33]  JoannaTrail Blazer: many folks from all over the world make their rl incomes in sl, building and otherwise
[10:33]  JoannaTrail Blazer smiles
[10:33]  Klaatu Quintus: Very interesting thought John, but there is a significant schism between the Linden economy and realworld economies.
[10:33]  JoannaTrail Blazer nods
[10:34]  You decline SL Reports Site Launcher from A group member named Xavier Mohr.
[10:35]  JoannaTrail Blazer: good point
[10:36]  Gossamer Maine: Curriculum too!
[10:36]  Tbone Moxing: hi Gos!
[10:36]  Gossamer Maine: Hi T
[10:36]  Tbone Moxing: it’s SD
[10:36]  Theory Shaw: doooo
[10:36]  Bonn Fargis: CalViking… How do we engage John Gage in the VWC?
[10:36]  TracyTrail Blazer: Hey G!
[10:36]  You: /micro-sabbaticals in virtual space?
[10:37]  Bonn Fargis: Thanks, Klaatu.
[10:38]  Keystone Bouchard: to learn more about this and future events, you can email
[10:38]  JoannaTrail Blazer: A transcript of today’s talk would be fabulous
[10:39]  Keystone Bouchard:
[10:39]  JohnGage SunMicrosystems:
[10:39]  Keystone Bouchard: we’ll post a trasncript on and
[10:40]  JoannaTrail Blazer: great
[10:41]  TracyTrail Blazer: yay!
[10:41]  JoannaTrail Blazer: ***Wewtwewt ***
[10:41]  TracyTrail Blazer: ***Wewtwewt ***
[10:41]  Keystone Bouchard: wehre’s everyone from?
[10:42]  Keystone Bouchard: California here
[10:42]  Gossamer Maine: California
[10:42]  Klaatu Quintus: Colorado here
[10:42]  JoannaTrail Blazer: Toronto
[10:42]  Tab Scott: Montana
[10:42]  You: /calgary
[10:42]  Nick Wallaby: wow
[10:42]  Anseo Noel: paris, france
[10:42]  Klaatu Quintus: Where is wow?
[10:42]  Klaatu Quintus: lol
[10:43]  Nick Wallaby: 🙂
[10:43]  Throckmorton Poindexter: Chicago
[10:43]  TracyTrail Blazer: (world of warcraft?)
[10:43]  Donation Box: Thank you very much!
[10:43]  Keystone Bouchard: lol
[10:43]  Nick Wallaby: what is going to happen here?
[10:43]  Keystone Bouchard: no – click on the Donate sign
[10:44]  Keystone Bouchard: to give Lindens, click on the Donate sign
[10:44]  Rescue Binder: is hier wer deutsch??
[10:45]  Klaatu Quintus: nicht sprechen deutsch
[10:45]  You: wear your house
[10:45]  You: as an avatar attachment, you could take it anywhere 🙂
[10:45]  Rescue Binder: wer sagt das?
[10:45]  JoannaTrail Blazer: hehe yes Chip
[10:45]  JoannaTrail Blazer: just attach to pelvis.
[10:46]  JoannaTrail Blazer: will swing around less than on head
[10:46]  Theory Shaw: chip’s not homeless though
[10:46]  JoannaTrail Blazer: hehehe
[10:47]  JoannaTrail Blazer: get “Babbler” translator
[10:47]  JoannaTrail Blazer: so you can speak to anyone in SL
[10:47]  Theory Shaw: So it sounded as thoughOAN has plans to use a Metaverse, like SL, as platform for collaboration… if so… how will this be formalized in the future and what is the time frame of implementation? Will SL’s projected open-sourcing of its server code play into this mashup?
[10:47]  JoannaTrail Blazer: who speaks the languages in the translator, its free 🙂
[10:48]  Gossamer Maine: Sun’s open source game server = Darkstar
[10:48]  Nick Wallaby: hei bru
[10:48]  Bru Yang: Hi Nick
[10:48]  Nick Wallaby: come mai sei pelato?
[10:48]  Nick Wallaby: 😉
[10:48]  JoannaTrail Blazer: Theory asked a question 🙂
[10:49]  Theory Shaw: gotta stop flying i guess.
[10:49]  Bru Yang: di solito ho anche le scintille in testa
[10:49]  JoannaTrail Blazer: repost it perhaps
[10:49]  Klaatu Quintus: SL is good for the visual aspect of deign, and possibly traffic flow design, but the realities of physical properties currently are not considered in SL construction. Are there any efforts underway to enable this information?
[10:49]  Frith Ginsberg: Theory, question?
[10:50]  Theory Shaw: So it sounded as thoughOAN has plans to use a Metaverse, like SL, as platform for collaboration… if so… how will this be formalized in the future and what is the time frame of implementation? Will SL’s projected open-sourcing of its server code play into this mashup?
[10:50]  Nick Wallaby: non ci capisco niente
[10:50]  Nick Wallaby: che sta succedendo qui?
[10:50]  Frith Ginsberg: Theory hang on will answer in a second.
[10:52]  Nick Wallaby: io non sento niente
[10:52]  Nick Wallaby: ah ecco
[10:52]  Nick Wallaby: grazie
[10:54]  Theory Shaw: yes i would…. i’ll help 🙂
[10:54]  You: /applauds
[10:54]  Glass of Kool Aid whispers: Oh Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
[10:54]  JoannaTrail Blazer claps too
[10:54]  Keystone Bouchard:
[10:55]  Keystone Bouchard:
[10:55]  Keystone Bouchard: a project around collaborative design in Second Life can be found at Theory’s site –
[10:56]  Gerrick Gordimer: Thank you this was FABULOUS!!!!
[10:56]  Keystone Bouchard: thanks to Sun Professional Services for sponsoring this event!!!
[10:56]  Keystone Bouchard: sunps_secondlife_ext@sun.coms
[10:57]  Gerrick Gordimer: can you post that address?
[10:57]  JoannaTrail Blazer: This was great, thankyou to Frith and John
[10:57]  JohnGage SunMicrosystems: to give advice about what to do to support SL design
[10:57]  JoannaTrail Blazer: and Keystone, and all involved
[10:57]  RevitQueen Oh: great stuff, very inspiring, thanks!
[10:58]  Keystone Bouchard: the new Sun Pavilion is almost complete as well – definitely worth checking out!
[10:58]  JoannaTrail Blazer: ooh sounds interesting
[10:58]  JoannaTrail Blazer: lots to see
[10:59]  Keystone Bouchard: video of the porchdog :
[10:59]  Gerrick Gordimer: Creative HotHouse
[10:59]  Keystone Bouchard: the Wikitecture process would be perfect
[10:59]  Keystone Bouchard: we could all co-design a real project
[11:00]  JoannaTrail Blazer: yes indeed
[11:00]  JoannaTrail Blazer: much is gained in collaboration once we all can work the tools
[11:00]  Theory Shaw: hear hear… that would be wonderful
[11:00]  Keystone Bouchard: those are very good points John – this environment is perfect to faciliate that level of communication and collaboration
[11:01]  You: the project could then be sold as a prefab for fundraising
[11:01]  Gossamer Maine: Students too!
[11:01]  Theory Shaw: we need to design the Architecture of Architectural Design Collaboration.
[11:01]  JoannaTrail Blazer: definetely involve students
[11:01]  Frith Ginsberg: no need to be licensed in 2nd life
[11:01]  Keystone Bouchard: lol!
[11:02]  Klaatu Quintus: Hour’s up, lol
[11:02]  JoannaTrail Blazer: haha
[11:02]  Keystone Bouchard: looks like the audio call ended =)
[11:02]  Hank Yeats: Thanks to JohnGage Sunmicrosystems!
[11:02]  Keystone Bouchard shouts: thanks everyone so much for coming!!!
[11:02]  JoannaTrail Blazer: Thankyou!
[11:02]  Gossamer Maine: Thanks Cameron and Sun
[11:02]  Macross8 Yao: thank you
[11:02]  Klaatu Quintus: Thank you John and Jon and everyone.
[11:02]  Bru Yang: Thank you guys
[11:02]  Tab Scott: Thanks Key
[11:02]  You: This was fantastic
[11:02]  Keystone Bouchard shouts: Thanks to Sun Professional Services for sponsoring this!
[11:02]  Cheel Juran: great to be here!
[11:02]  Bonn Fargis: Thanks all!
[11:02]  JohnGage SunMicrosystems: audio is gone…so bye bye…
[11:03]  TracyTrail Blazer shouts: thanks for the interesting presentation!
[11:03]  Frith Ginsberg: ciao.
[11:03]  phiDC Loon: thank you so much!
[11:03]  CalViking Corleone: Very interesting topic and discussion. Thanks.
[11:03]  Macross8 Yao: ciao
[11:03]  Gerrick Gordimer: fantastic truely
[11:03]  Frith Ginsberg: cheers
[11:03]  Keystone Bouchard: you can also join the Clearly Inked group for updates as well
[11:04]  JoannaTrail Blazer: thanks Keystone
[11:04]  Keystone Bouchard: my pleasure!
[11:06]  JoannaTrail Blazer: We will post some pictures from today at
[11:06]  Nick Wallaby: mah… sono perplesso
[11:06]  Bru Yang: joan: cool
[11:06]  JoannaTrail Blazer smiles
[11:06]  TracyTrail Blazer nods – I’ve already blogged about it at my blog as well 😉
[11:06]  TracyTrail Blazer:
[11:06]  TracyTrail Blazer: with pics on my flickr
[11:06]  JoannaTrail Blazer: jeez, beat me to it
[11:07]  JoannaTrail Blazer laughs
[11:07]  TracyTrail Blazer: I love to multi-task :0
[11:07]  JoannaTrail Blazer: hehe
[11:07]  JoannaTrail Blazer: ok, I am off
[11:08]  JoannaTrail Blazer: thankyou and take care everyone
[11:08]  Bru Yang: ciao
[11:08]  TracyTrail Blazer waves to every one and shouts “Bye!”
[11:08]  Klaatu Quintus: Bye
[11:08]  JoannaTrail Blazer waves
[11:08]  Cheel Juran: thanks again. back to the big chill in Scandinavia for me
[11:11]  Tab Scott: please feel free to show that if it is helpful to you.
[11:12]  You: am i still connected? everything got really quiet all of a sudden 🙂
[11:13]  Tab Scott: Bye Key. Good show.
[11:15]  Bru Yang: 🙂
[11:16]  Bru Yang: cosa? 🙂
[11:17]  You: hey key i’ll just edit this lightly and send it to you

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