Architecture 101 ‘Super Book’ in RenderGlow

During today’s downtime, I spent some time on the beta grid experimenting with RenderGlow per Torley’s suggestion. The gradient shading was done with textures, but the glow helps add some depth.

Architecture 101 is inspired by Dr. Francis Ching’s book ‘Form, Space, and Order‘; required reading for anyone wishing to learn the fundamentals of architecture.  It is permanently rezzed on Architecture Island (SLurl).

Post-Katrina Virtuality: The Porchdog

As a contribution to Architecture for Humanity’s Open Architecture Network, I built this virtual model on Architecture Island (SLurl).   Real-life construction of the Porchdog home is part of Architecture for Humanity‘s effort to provide housing relief and redevelopment in post-Katrina Biloxi, Mississippi.

Given the open and collaborative nature of this initiative, I think Second Life provides a perfect platform for visualizing, co-designing and brainstorming future contributions to the Network. Perhaps architects and designers from all around the world could gather virtually and collaborate on real-time relief solutions in the wake of an unforeseen disaster.

In reading some of the descriptive principles of Open Architecture Network, I think it’s clear that these goals can be readily fulfilled through virtual collaboration.

“The Open Architecture Network is an online, open source community dedicated to improving living conditions through innovative and sustainable design. Here designers of all persuasions can:

• Share their ideas, designs and plans
• View and review designs posted by others
• Collaborate with each other, people in other professions and community leaders to address specific design challenges
• Communicate easily amongst team members”

It’s about visualization, collaboration and community; all of which are existing features of Second Life. I would love to see SL become a catalyst for virtual collaboration toward this end, and hope we can find a way the Architecture Group can help facilitate it.

This machinima has already been posted to the Network, and can be seen at the bottom of THIS page. While I was at it, I posted our entry into the Cradle to Cradle design competition, seen HERE.

More soon!

Gregory Ain Mar Vista Residence 1948
April 13, 2007, 4:33 am
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Mar Vista Residence - Living Area

Here is a Second Life classic. Previously covered here and here, with video posted here. Visited it in SL here.

Given its RL Architectural nature, I think Octal Kahn’s reconstruction of Gregory Ain’s Mar Vista Residence deserves a place on The Arch.

Photos in the slideshow are from between 05 Oct 06 & 23 Oct 06, by Octal Kahn.

Hybrid Machinima 2: Discount Superstore
February 12, 2007, 6:58 am
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Here’s another experiment with architectural Hybrid Machinima.

Machinima, rl video, design concepts and background music by Keystone Bouchard (Jon Brouchoud).

Using a Virtual World in a Real Life Practice
February 10, 2007, 9:39 pm
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I just realized I’ve never posted this Autodesk University presentation backup movie (previously blogged).

Museum Plaza Proposal
February 7, 2007, 5:16 am
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Imagine this video in the context of what is becoming possible in Second Life:

via warmiyok

Virtual Mies

This machinima is weak, but I wanted to quickly document some of the progress being made on Architecture Island (better machinima will follow as the site evolves).

Designer Dingson is installing Mies Van der Rohe’s ‘Farnsworth House’ (SL build by Maximillian Milos, for sale at Maximum Minimum). This installation is his contribution to Architecture Island, and will be a public space, open to anyone who wishes to visit.