8/16/07 Architecture Meeting Transcript: Gioacchino Laryukov Presentation


[14:05]  You: Alright – its 2:05 – lets get started!
[14:05]  You: Thanks everyone for coming!!!
[14:05]  Gioacchino Laryukov: italian telephone… bad
[14:05]  Iota Ultsch: Gio! Great subject…caught all our attention!
[14:05]  You: Today I’d like to introduce you to Gioacchino –
[14:05]  You: one of our most recent renters on Architecture Islands
[14:05]  Gioacchino Laryukov: hi
[14:05]  You: who has built this wonderful piece –
[14:05]  You: he’ll tell you all about it in a few minutes –
[14:05]  Iota Ultsch: Ciao
[14:06]  You: but first some housekeeping
[14:06]  You: first – as always, i want to remind everyone that the Architecture Group, and The Arch Blog aren’t mine – they’re ours…
[14:06]  You: everyone is always encouraged to submit essays and content to the blog – and to submit ideas for topics for meetings and tours
[14:06]  You: so, feel free to IM me anytime, anything –
[14:06]  You: i’m all ears =)
[14:07]  You: number 2 – there is still a very nice 2,000 sqm parcel left for rent on the island
[14:07]  You: 1.5 lindens per 1 sqm per month
[14:07]  You: can’t beat it – and you’re surrounded by other creatives – its a great place to build in peace
[14:07]  You: again, IM me if you’re interested
[14:08]  Designer Dingson: where is it on the island keystone?
[14:08]  You: #3 – i’d like to point everyone’s attention to the newly installed ‘Robie House’ – by Frank Lloyd Wright
[14:08]  Theory Shaw: very cool!
[14:08]  You: its in the far corner that i’m facing
[14:08]  You: Threnody Cassini has been kind enough to install this build here for our pleasure
[14:08]  Theory Shaw: flw would be proud
[14:08]  Iota Ultsch: Kewl
[14:09]  You: last item –
[14:10]  You: most of you have probably already seen the new Arcspace island that has recently been added to the north of Architecture Island
[14:10]  You: KK Jewell is bringing some great energy to the Architecture community here in SL –
[14:10]  You: and we’re glad to have arcspace here –
[14:10]  You: the build is currently a grid of empty cubes – that everyone in the community is encouraged to custmize one
[14:11]  You: on our islands so far, we’ve never had a way for people to display their interest in the community, and presence – even when they’re offline –
[14:11]  You: this build enables everyone to have a place to call their own,
[14:11]  You: and its already become quite popular
[14:12]  You: so, feel free to contact KK Jewell to join the arcpsace group, and customize a cube for yourself
[14:12]  You: alright! that’s all i have to say
[14:12]  You: Gioacchino – take it away! =)
[14:12]  Gioacchino Laryukov: well
[14:12]  Gioacchino Laryukov: first of thx to keystone to give me the opportunity to show my little work
[14:13]  SC Tracy: hey everyone
[14:13]  Gioacchino Laryukov: my english is bad so i have prepared a note to explain my intention…
[14:13]  Gioacchino Laryukov: and thx to the Tracer, KK jewell and bettina Tizzy that helped me to correct that
[14:13]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i would like to read u this note
[14:13]  Gioacchino Laryukov: and then we can go inside the building
[14:14]  Gioacchino Laryukov: the title is “A Way to Approach Architecture in SL: the Terragni Lesson”
[14:14]  Gioacchino Laryukov: Today I would like to speak about the application of Guiseppe Terragini’s poetry when building in SL.
[14:14]  xKeystone: Keystone welcome to Babbler3. Have fun! For more information, visit
[14:14]  Gioacchino Laryukov: Giuseppe Terragni (1904-43) was an Italian architect who worked in the ’30’s during a period when others such as Sartoris, Cattaneo, Figini, Lingeri, Pollini were active; an era known as rationalism.
[14:15]  Gioacchino Laryukov: His best known works can be found in the city of Como, where he lived and worked during his brief life. You can find a listing of rationalist buildings in Como here:
[14:15]  Gioacchino Laryukov: The main works are: Edificio ad appartamenti Novocomum (1927-29), Casa del Fascio di Como (1928-32), Monumento ai caduti (on a Sant’Elia drawing, 1931-33), Asilo infantile Sant’Elia (1935-37) — all of this in Como; and Casa ad appartamenti Rustici (1933-35) and Lavezzari (1934-35) in Milan.
[14:15]  Gioacchino Laryukov: Looking at his buildings, you can identify some aesthetic analogies with the house I have built here.
[14:16]  Gioacchino Laryukov: I have choosen to use some of same style characteristics (like the white walls) and materials (like the glass blocks) to emphasize the reference to 1930’s architecture and in particular, the Modern Movement.
[14:16]  Gioacchino Laryukov: My reference to Terragni’s architecture is not so much about the appearance, but rather, the manner in which the building is constructed and the way you move through it. The appearance is the result of the process.
[14:16]  Gioacchino Laryukov: I will try to explain further:
[14:17]  Gioacchino Laryukov: Buildings in SL start with the “prim…† its finished volume. A prim could be in and of itself a house.
[14:17]  Gioacchino Laryukov: Only you must create the internal space by emptying it.
[14:17]  Gioacchino Laryukov: What I mean is that a “room† is not a space limited by four walls, a floor and a roof, but rather it is the internal space of a volume, therefore of a prim.
[14:17]  Gioacchino Laryukov: We can also say that the walls, roof and so on, are not single elements, but are parts of that volume.
[14:18]  Gioacchino Laryukov: You can better understand what I intended by looking at the ground floor of my house.
[14:18]  Gioacchino Laryukov: There is a cube or rectangular box that is an emptied prim and is therefore a room. The rest is only virtual and open space defined by the grate.
[14:18]  Gioacchino Laryukov: I want to highlight that the single elements cannot really enclose the space on their own, they don’t create a “room†, instead the interior of the volume can do it, likewise when two sides are opened.
[14:18]  Gioacchino Laryukov: The construction of the architecture is a work on volumes, and the space between those volumes.
[14:19]  Gioacchino Laryukov: Working with some architects on the lineage of Terragni, you will often hear the term “equilibrio fra pieni e vuoti,† which is to say “balance between fullness and empty†.
[14:19]  Gioacchino Laryukov: If you look at this house you can see three main volumes:
[14:19]  Gioacchino Laryukov: two big cubes (10x10x10mt) to the sides, and a central cuboid that is a 10x7x5mt which is transparent at the side opposite of the stairs.
[14:19]  Gioacchino Laryukov: Looking at the side where the stairs are located, you can see the building as a unique volume, a cube that measures 30x10mt that has been hollowed and cut to obtain the space needed.
[14:20]  Gioacchino Laryukov: The central volume has beed reduced to create a place for the stairs, but also this is the first step towards the development of the project.
[14:20]  Gioacchino Laryukov: I built this house working on these three volumes, not on the single walls themsleves but based on the relationship between these three elements.
[14:20]  Gioacchino Laryukov: I have rezzed the main prims and moved them near each other.
[14:20]  Gioacchino Laryukov: The shape, size and character of the main prims then become the foundation for the modification of another prim…. and so on, until a situation develops which I consider to be balanced.
[14:21]  Gioacchino Laryukov: In this way, the side of the central cube, which is only 7mt, is used to create the place for the stairs, and this has determined the second level and the upper windows of the main cube.
[14:21]  Gioacchino Laryukov: In this manner, the cube has become the structure for the internal development of the main cube.
[14:21]  Gioacchino Laryukov: This is more evident in the other 10x10x10mt cube, which was hollowed and cut to the level of the roof of the cuboid.
[14:21]  Gioacchino Laryukov: Also, it was divided in two different spaces by the measurements of the cuboid and this is visible in the external walls by the glass blocks.
[14:22]  Gioacchino Laryukov: The central message here is that the building develops based on the relationship between simple prims in a succession of steps, in which a prim dictates how you will modify the next and that one will impact the next…. and so on…
[14:22]  Gioacchino Laryukov: Going back to Terragni:
[14:22]  Gioacchino Laryukov: it is clear – especially in the Novocomum and in the Casa del Fascio – that his projects are, above all, a play on volumes.
[14:22]  Gioacchino Laryukov: The Novocomum is a simple cube and the edges have been first hollowed and then that space has been occupied by cylinders.
[14:23]  Gioacchino Laryukov: These cylinders become the foundation for the continous taper of the first floor and for the development of the balconies.
[14:23]  Gioacchino Laryukov: The single elements like walls, balconies, roof are the volume’s children.
[14:23]  Gioacchino Laryukov: More complex is the construction of the Casa del Fascio which is a perfect half cube (33x33x26mt).
[14:23]  Gioacchino Laryukov: It has been partially hollowed and in this way you have other volumes, new relationships and new spaces which become the seeds for others to be developed in a succession of filling up, emptying, and cutting in spaces which are then born and take form.
[14:24]  Gioacchino Laryukov: The exterior appearance is the mirror; the result of the work on the volumes.
[14:24]  Gioacchino Laryukov: This is rightfully called rationalism because all the parts of the building have a precise connection with the other parts, and all the parts of the building are elements of the procedure from which the building emanates.
[14:24]  Gioacchino Laryukov: that’s alll what I would like to say..
[14:24]  Gioacchino Laryukov: if there is some question
[14:25]  Gioacchino Laryukov: or we can see the building now
[14:25]  You: brilliant Gioacchino
[14:25]  Iota Ultsch: Grazie tanto Gip
[14:25]  Gioacchino Laryukov: thx
[14:25]  You: everything you said is clearly evident in this build
[14:25]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i try to
[14:25]  Rtx Pau: bene, vediamo?
[14:25]  You: why did you choose to work in Second Life?
[14:25]  You: i mean, what characteristics of SL most appeal to you for this exploration?
[14:26]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i choose especialloy to build here ’cause is free…
[14:26]  Gioacchino Laryukov: u can do what u feel
[14:26]  You: aha – the price is right =)
[14:26]  Gioacchino Laryukov: not the same in rl
[14:26]  Gioacchino Laryukov: especially in italy
[14:27]  You: there are free modelling applications though – like Blender – where you could model this
[14:27]  petro Hock: yes but why rational architecture in a virtual world?
[14:27]  You: what is it about SL that makes it better than say, Blender?
[14:27]  Scope Cleaver: I’ve never been to a blender meeting 😛
[14:27]  Gioacchino Laryukov: the people can use your building
[14:27]  You: =)
[14:27]  Gioacchino Laryukov: building is not only an astract thing
[14:28]  Gioacchino Laryukov: but a place that the people can use
[14:28]  Gioacchino Laryukov: and here
[14:28]  Gioacchino Laryukov: in sl
[14:28]  petro Hock: but wouldnt be better to experiment the rules of rational architecture in a virtual environment?
[14:28]  Gioacchino Laryukov: is very interesting to test the spaces and the effect they have
[14:28]  Gioacchino Laryukov: why not
[14:28]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i think we can esperiment every thing here
[14:29]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i would like to experiment rationalist rules ’cause i consider that the operate of the prim needed a rationalist approach
[14:29]  Gioacchino Laryukov: is my way anyway
[14:29]  Iota Ultsch: i agree
[14:29]  You: i do too
[14:29]  Scope Cleaver: Which part of the building did you start with? What was the seed prim?
[14:29]  Gioacchino Laryukov: mmm
[14:29]  Gioacchino Laryukov: let me think
[14:29]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i didn’t had a project before
[14:29]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i think i started by the main cube
[14:30]  Gioacchino Laryukov: the one on the roght
[14:30]  Scope Cleaver: Ah yes
[14:30]  Gioacchino Laryukov: then i rez a half cube
[14:30]  Iota Ultsch: Yes you did Gio…I remember when you first showed me
[14:30]  Iota Ultsch: that’s how you explained it
[14:30]  Scope Cleaver: Becuase thats what would give the most immediate balance?
[14:30]  Gioacchino Laryukov: to use the roof
[14:30]  Gioacchino Laryukov: it giver me the main dimension
[14:30]  Scope Cleaver: *nods*
[14:30]  Gioacchino Laryukov: here all start from the 10x10x10 cubs
[14:31]  Gioacchino Laryukov: for me anyway
[14:31]  Gioacchino Laryukov: then i needed a space for the stairs
[14:31]  Gioacchino Laryukov: and i reduced the central box
[14:31]  Gioacchino Laryukov: and so on
[14:31]  Gioacchino Laryukov: well
[14:31]  Gioacchino Laryukov: we can go inside if u’d like
[14:31]  Iota Ultsch: i like it’s dynamism…the progression of spaces
[14:32]  Gioacchino Laryukov: the dynamism for me is the process of building
[14:32]  Gioacchino Laryukov: the architecture grow while u work on it
[14:32]  Iota Ultsch: a punto
[14:32]  Gioacchino Laryukov: this is what i call project
[14:33]  Rtx Pau: yes ok, but this remain a project for a real life house, by the way.
[14:33]  Rtx Pau: right?
[14:33]  Theory Shaw: that would be cool if as you appoached the various rooms, it went from Terragni to venturi….from less to more… from blank walls to highly articulated spaces…. but i’m just thinking outloud here. 🙂
[14:33]  Gioacchino Laryukov: mmm
[14:33]  Gioacchino Laryukov: why a project for a rl house?
[14:34]  petro Hock: its a very nice and well studied building but I dont understand how it could fit in a virtual environment if not only to express architectural rules
[14:34]  Far Link: Interesting idea Theory. Stylistic progression.
[14:34]  Rtx Pau: in second life we can fly, no gravity etc….; we can’t see the impact of them in this house.
[14:34]  Iota Ultsch: well isn’t this what this meeting is all about?
[14:34]  Rtx Pau: (for example)
[14:34]  Iota Ultsch: exploring and testing various architectural canons?
[14:35]  petro Hock: rtx pau Im with u
[14:35]  Iota Ultsch: discourse etc?
[14:35]  Gioacchino Laryukov: mm
[14:35]  petro Hock: and thats what we are doing!
[14:35]  Far Link: aTectonics an expression of the virtual. That seems to be the case here..
[14:35]  Gioacchino Laryukov: I wanna say that was not my intention to expore architectural rationalist rules here
[14:35]  Gioacchino Laryukov: only
[14:35]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i feel that the rules could work well to build here…
[14:35]  Gioacchino Laryukov: and also this is my way to work
[14:36]  Gioacchino Laryukov: is not my intention to make theory
[14:36]  Gioacchino Laryukov: only
[14:36]  petro Hock: I think that virtual architecture has other rules and its closer to venturis duck concept in las vegas generally
[14:36]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i saw that I could find here a way to develop the projexct that i think is a rationalist way
[14:36]  Iota Ultsch: hmmmm
[14:36]  Gioacchino Laryukov: this is an opinion i respect
[14:37]  Iota Ultsch: depends who the client is….
[14:37]  You: I obviously agree, in part with Rtx and petro, I’m definitely looking forward to a new language of virtual architecture, but there is a natural need and value in a transitional phase – and I see this build as a balance between those two worlds – there are features inside that aren’t possible in real life – that take advantage of the inherent characteristics of this environment – it has feet in both worlds
[14:37]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i couln’t build as venturi anymore
[14:37]  Iota Ultsch: and the architect who either wades through a pluralist palette like a duck…or explores other avenues
[14:38]  Gioacchino Laryukov: wanna also say
[14:38]  Gioacchino Laryukov: that there was not my intention to make a replica of an rl building
[14:38]  Gioacchino Laryukov: this is a sl building
[14:38]  Gioacchino Laryukov: no more
[14:38]  Gioacchino Laryukov: no less
[14:38]  Rtx Pau: yes, sure
[14:38]  Gioacchino Laryukov: it could stay that way in rl
[14:38]  Gioacchino Laryukov: u can see it
[14:38]  Theory Shaw: gioacchino…wanna walk around it for awhile?
[14:39]  Gioacchino Laryukov: sure
[14:39]  Iota Ultsch: yay! A rationalist!
[14:39]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i’ll be glad
[14:39]  Gioacchino Laryukov: fell free
[14:40]  Theory Shaw: now that’s a shower!
[14:40]  Gioacchino Laryukov: feel free to look around
[14:40]  You: did we lose petro?
[14:40]  Gioacchino Laryukov: and ask what u’d like please
[14:40]  Iota Ultsch: Hi
[14:40]  Scope Cleaver: Hello! 🙂
[14:40]  Scope Cleaver: After you
[14:40]  Gioacchino Laryukov: u can also go upstairs and on the roof
[14:40]  Iota Ultsch smiles
[14:40]  Iota Ultsch: no no
[14:40]  Iota Ultsch: i’ve seen it
[14:40]  Iota Ultsch: gotta to get back
[14:40]  Theory Shaw: sooo tired.
[14:40]  Iota Ultsch: it’s lovely
[14:40]  Iota Ultsch: go
[14:40]  Iota Ultsch: enjoy
[14:40]  carpet01 whispers: Touch chair to change position
[14:40]  Scope Cleaver: THanks 🙂
[14:41]  Iota Ultsch: Ciao Gio! Grazie mille!
[14:41]  Gioacchino Laryukov: btw
[14:41]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i made also the furniture here
[14:41]  Iota Ultsch: bye 🙂
[14:41]  SC Tracy: I like the way the furnishings are integrated
[14:42]  Gioacchino Laryukov: thx
[14:42]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i have made all in different times anyway
[14:42]  SC Tracy: also thw way you visualized the ramps
[14:42]  SC Tracy: they’re what they
[14:42]  SC Tracy: ‘re supposed to be
[14:42]  Gioacchino Laryukov: thx)
[14:43]  SC Tracy: not trying to be a naive staircase
[14:43]  Gioacchino Laryukov: yes
[14:43]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i hate the about all the staircases here in SL
[14:43]  Rtx Pau: the problem is who the Avatar aren’t higher than in RL, eheh
[14:44]  SC Tracy: I build a ‘zig-zag’ i call it staircase in my home
[14:44]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i would like to see them
[14:44]  SC Tracy: it is however based on a real design
[14:44]  Gioacchino Laryukov: ty
[14:44]  Scope Cleaver: THanks for the exposition Gio
[14:44]  Gioacchino Laryukov: see u soon then
[14:44]  Gioacchino Laryukov: thank u for cvoming Scope
[14:45]  SC Tracy: please come over to view my home whenever u like gio
[14:45]  Gioacchino Laryukov: sure
[14:45]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i’ll im u soon SC
[14:45]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i’ll be glad
[14:45]  petro Hock: how can I get in?
[14:45]  Theory Shaw: ouch
[14:45]  SC Tracy: I’m not an architect…but this is becoming an increaseing interest
[14:45]  Far Link: 🙂
[14:45]  Gioacchino Laryukov: is good…
[14:46]  Gioacchino Laryukov: u’ll show surely something new
[14:46]  Far Link: virtual ‘thump’
[14:46]  Gioacchino Laryukov: so petro
[14:46]  petro Hock: hi I think my SL has problems…
[14:46]  Far Link: ahhhhh
[14:46]  Gioacchino Laryukov: o
[14:46]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i’m sorry
[14:46]  petro Hock: gio where are u from?
[14:46]  XPach Miles is Offline
[14:46]  Fraser Fonda: me too got very stuck downstairs
[14:46]  Gioacchino Laryukov: italy
[14:47]  Gioacchino Laryukov: como
[14:47]  petro Hock: ah bene
[14:47]  Gioacchino Laryukov: the city of terragni…
[14:47]  Gioacchino Laryukov: u see
[14:47]  Gioacchino Laryukov: is in the air the rationalism here
[14:47]  petro Hock: ed hai studiato architettura?
[14:47]  Gioacchino Laryukov: si
[14:47]  Gioacchino Laryukov: a milano
[14:47]  petro Hock: bene
[14:47]  Gioacchino Laryukov: e tu
[14:47]  Rtx Pau: azz tutti italiani
[14:47]  petro Hock: io ho studiato a genova
[14:47]  Gioacchino Laryukov: ok
[14:47]  Rtx Pau: piacere
[14:47]  petro Hock: ciao!
[14:48]  Gioacchino Laryukov: ciao
[14:48]  Gioacchino Laryukov: discutiamo un’altra volta allora di teoria
[14:48]  Gioacchino Laryukov: ok?
[14:48]  petro Hock: scusami se sono stato insistente prima ma sto preparando una tesi
[14:48]  petro Hock: sul tema
[14:48]  petro Hock: hehe
[14:48]  Rtx Pau: certo senz’altro me lo segno
[14:48]  petro Hock: 😉
[14:48]  Gioacchino Laryukov: ok
[14:48]  Rtx Pau: ehehe
[14:49]  Rtx Pau: io sto facendo una tesi in restauro invece, quindi poco attinente a SL eheh
[14:49]  petro Hock: azzz oddio restauro
[14:49]  Gioacchino Laryukov: io la tesi l’ho fatta 10 anni fa.. lol
[14:49]  Gioacchino Laryukov: hi fraser
[14:49]  petro Hock: beh la mia e’ la seconda 😉
[14:49]  Gioacchino Laryukov: thx for coming
[14:50]  Rtx Pau: cioè?
[14:50]  petro Hock: cioe’ e’ la tesi di un master in scozia
[14:50]  petro Hock: su digital creativity
[14:50]  petro Hock: hehe
[14:50]  petro Hock: si
[14:50]  Rtx Pau: ah però
[14:50]  petro Hock: e se pensi ke sono greco
[14:50]  Adrianna Graves is Online
[14:50]  petro Hock: le cose diventato veramente complicate
[14:50]  Rtx Pau: infatti
[14:50]  Ivo Krupinski is Offline
[14:51]  Cezary Fish is Online
[14:51]  Eolus McMillan is Online
[14:51]  Gioacchino Laryukov: hope u have enyojed this little tour
[14:51]  You: this was great Gioacchino! Thanks so much!!!
[14:51]  You shout: Thanks Gioacchino!
[14:52]  Fraser Fonda: Hi Gioacchino I seem to be stuck but I’ve really enjoyed hearing about your work and you building
[14:52]  Gioacchino Laryukov: thx to u all
[14:52]  Dancoyote Antonelli is Online
[14:52]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i see this house like a place where av can meet
[14:52]  Gioacchino Laryukov: u see..
[14:52]  Gioacchino Laryukov: not as a thoric exercise
[14:53]  Fraser Fonda: what else do you plan to build here?
[14:53]  Gioacchino Laryukov: mmm
[14:53]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i have made a skybox…
[14:53]  Gioacchino Laryukov: and a block of apartment
[14:53]  Gioacchino Laryukov: and two art works
[14:53]  Gioacchino Laryukov: and the furniture u see here
[14:53]  Gioacchino Laryukov: now i don’t know
[14:53]  Fraser Fonda: will it be based on the same theory as this one?
[14:54]  Gioacchino Laryukov: the skybox not
[14:54]  Rtx Pau: la doccia l’hai trovata free oppure l’hai comprata?
[14:54]  Gioacchino Laryukov: really different
[14:54]  Gioacchino Laryukov: la doccia l’ho fatta io
[14:54]  Rtx Pau: anche gli script?
[14:54]  petro Hock: what do u think of the use of ramps and stairs in such a virtual environment?
[14:54]  Gioacchino Laryukov: while the apartment bloxk use a part of this hous to create a modular building
[14:54]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i wanna make stairs
[14:55]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i don’t like to much the house in which u go from the first to the 2nd floor with tp
[14:55]  SC Tracy: no
[14:55]  Gioacchino Laryukov: while u go up u use the space
[14:55]  Gioacchino Laryukov: and have a different point of view
[14:55]  petro Hock: yes but if space is important and expensive whats the use of such elements if you can just teleport
[14:55]  Gioacchino Laryukov: mmm
[14:56]  Gioacchino Laryukov: welll
[14:56]  petro Hock: I mean if we could do this in RL we wouldnt have stairs
[14:56]  petro Hock: probably
[14:56]  Gioacchino Laryukov: so u can do only a cube with no other..
[14:56]  Gioacchino Laryukov: no windows
[14:56]  Gioacchino Laryukov: why u do windows?
[14:56]  petro Hock: to divide spaces
[14:56]  Gioacchino Laryukov: u don’t need windows here
[14:56]  Rtx Pau: air and look
[14:56]  Gioacchino Laryukov: u also don’t need walls and roof
[14:56]  Gioacchino Laryukov: don’t rain here
[14:56]  Gioacchino Laryukov: lol
[14:56]  Gioacchino Laryukov: u don’t need floor
[14:56]  petro Hock: all elements walls and roofs u need them for noise distraction and to divide space
[14:57]  petro Hock: not for climate protection
[14:57]  Gioacchino Laryukov: and windows?
[14:57]  petro Hock: or for positioning information tables
[14:57]  Gioacchino Laryukov: and castle?
[14:57]  petro Hock: what castle?
[14:57]  Gioacchino Laryukov: u are a functionalist so?
[14:57]  petro Hock: no im trying to understand why mimic RL ‘s architecture in SL
[14:58]  petro Hock: whats the point of hving flowers if they dont grow anyway
[14:58]  Gioacchino Laryukov: mmm
[14:58]  Fraser Fonda: I guess its like fine art the more obsolete the thing the more you can learn from it
[14:58]  Rtx Pau: money probably
[14:58]  petro Hock: or dont smell
[14:58]  Gioacchino Laryukov: u are right i think
[14:58]  Gioacchino Laryukov: vut this is not mimic
[14:58]  Gioacchino Laryukov: this is a building with the volumes we have in sl
[14:58]  Gioacchino Laryukov: nothing more and nothing less
[14:58]  Gioacchino Laryukov: u can like it or not
[14:59]  Gioacchino Laryukov: but is not mimic
[14:59]  petro Hock: dont take it personal we are talking of architecture here
[14:59]  SC Tracy: it’s an uplifting space visually
[14:59]  petro Hock: I like your building
[14:59]  Gioacchino Laryukov: is not personally
[14:59]  petro Hock: Im just trying to understand why everyone is building according to RL’s architecture
[14:59]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i was only saying
[14:59]  Gioacchino Laryukov: following u
[15:00]  Gioacchino Laryukov: that here we don’t need chairs
[15:00]  Gioacchino Laryukov: table
[15:00]  Gioacchino Laryukov: windows
[15:00]  Gioacchino Laryukov: rooms
[15:00]  petro Hock: exactly
[15:00]  Gioacchino Laryukov: all is an image of rl
[15:00]  SC Tracy: there is humanity
[15:00]  SC Tracy: here
[15:00]  Gioacchino Laryukov: ’cause we wont reproduce the rl life in some way… enhanced
[15:00]  petro Hock: yes but you have the possibility to xperiment architecture
[15:00]  Gioacchino Laryukov: sure
[15:00]  petro Hock: and find new forms
[15:00]  petro Hock: or rules
[15:01]  Gioacchino Laryukov: yes
[15:01]  petro Hock: and we miss all this by copying rl’s architecture
[15:01]  Gioacchino Laryukov: but why search always something new?
[15:01]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i don’t need to search something new all day
[15:01]  petro Hock: because we are young
[15:01]  SC Tracy: Iterations move more quickly here, so more discoveries can arise
[15:01]  petro Hock: and we are looking forward
[15:01]  Gioacchino Laryukov: that is good for u
[15:01]  Gioacchino Laryukov: is good
[15:01]  petro Hock: if not we would still eat stones!
[15:02]  petro Hock: hehe
[15:02]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i like also concrete…
[15:02]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i like stones…
[15:02]  Gioacchino Laryukov: and i like the flower
[15:02]  Gioacchino Laryukov: as they are
[15:02]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i don’t need new shape of flower
[15:02]  SC Tracy: I like the metamorphica and sedimentary rock categories
[15:02]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i like the nice thing
[15:03]  Gioacchino Laryukov: but is a question of approach
[15:03]  Gioacchino Laryukov: anyone has is personal way
[15:03]  petro Hock: dont u think that most of the buildings are built and then remain empty?
[15:03]  Gioacchino Laryukov: yes
[15:03]  petro Hock: I think that most people are using SL as a website
[15:03]  Gioacchino Laryukov: that is a question of funcion
[15:03]  Gioacchino Laryukov: not is for the building
[15:04]  Gioacchino Laryukov: there are a lot of awful building where u can have free sex always full
[15:04]  Gioacchino Laryukov: is not a question of the quality of the building i think
[15:04]  Gioacchino Laryukov: is not good but it is this way
[15:04]  petro Hock: no its how u use building in SL
[15:04]  Gioacchino Laryukov: mm
[15:04]  Gioacchino Laryukov: what do u mean?
[15:04]  petro Hock: in RL u do it because u need a shelter
[15:04]  petro Hock: In SL u dont exactly need this
[15:05]  petro Hock: u express somethings
[15:05]  SC Tracy: I could argue that
[15:05]  petro Hock: with building
[15:05]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i agree
[15:05]  Gioacchino Laryukov: yes
[15:05]  Gioacchino Laryukov: is correct
[15:05]  You: we learn to organize the world around us at a very early age – based on familiar visual cues and patterns…
[15:05]  SC Tracy: there are definately boundries that requre defending
[15:05]  Fraser Fonda: you can have a conversation through building in SL
[15:05]  You: so, its only natural that we continue using those familiar cues and patterns
[15:05]  Gioacchino Laryukov: yes Keystone
[15:05]  You: so, we may not need a ‘roof’ to protect from the elements here petro –
[15:05]  You: but, it says – psychologicaly – ‘we’re together in this space’
[15:06]  Gioacchino Laryukov: also
[15:06]  Gioacchino Laryukov: u can see a lot of house here made with stone texture
[15:06]  Gioacchino Laryukov: brick texsture
[15:06]  Gioacchino Laryukov: what is the reason for that?
[15:06]  Gioacchino Laryukov: for U Pedro?
[15:06]  petro Hock: well I told u before
[15:06]  SC Tracy: it’s personal expression
[15:06]  petro Hock: is about simulating real life’s architecture
[15:07]  Gioacchino Laryukov: no
[15:07]  Gioacchino Laryukov: is about simulating real life ambient at all
[15:07]  petro Hock: do u have stability from the stone texture?
[15:07]  You: for example, our legs aren’t tired – but we’re all sitting together – and in my mind, i feel like we’re all together talking – because we’re sitting here together –
[15:07]  Designer Dingson is Offline
[15:07]  Gioacchino Laryukov: no
[15:07]  Gioacchino Laryukov: and i am not relaxing sitting here in a corporal way
[15:07]  SC Tracy: frankly real life contstruction is no different
[15:07]  Gioacchino Laryukov: but when i stay talking with someone i prefer if my avatar is sitted
[15:08]  SC Tracy: the marble is usually a venner
[15:08]  Gioacchino Laryukov: is a psychological situation
[15:08]  SC Tracy: to simulate something solid
[15:08]  SC Tracy: veneer
[15:08]  Scope Cleaver: Went to see Designer’s Sci-Fi buid
[15:08]  You: the solid concrete texture still pulls on our innate psychology that says ‘solid’ –
[15:08]  Gioacchino Laryukov: is not a statical question
[15:08]  Gioacchino Laryukov: u can see skyboxes in the air in stone
[15:08]  You: my camera can go right through this concerte here – but I still think of it as ‘solid’ because of that texture
[15:08]  Gioacchino Laryukov: that is crazy by your point of view
[15:09]  Gioacchino Laryukov: but this is what we can do in sl
[15:09]  Gioacchino Laryukov: made a great building in the sky
[15:09]  Gioacchino Laryukov: and why not in stone?
[15:09]  You: this isn’t to say that there isn’t room for a new language to emerge – purely based on exclusively virtual characteristics – free from all physical representation
[15:09]  SC Tracy: marble is carved to look like soft flesh in RL
[15:09]  You: but we’re not there yet
[15:09]  Gioacchino Laryukov: sure
[15:10]  petro Hock: I dont think that this is what emerge from this
[15:10]  petro Hock: I think that we need both
[15:10]  Gioacchino Laryukov: we can do something totally new
[15:10]  You: i think we need both too
[15:10]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i look at the quality of the building
[15:10]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i.e.
[15:10]  Gioacchino Laryukov: we here have scope
[15:10]  petro Hock: I mean without RL’s elements u can easily get disoriented
[15:10]  SC Tracy: yes
[15:10]  Gioacchino Laryukov: who made some of the best buildingin sl
[15:10]  Gioacchino Laryukov: so
[15:11]  Gioacchino Laryukov: my question is not if that they are real or not
[15:11]  Gioacchino Laryukov: my question is: i like them and i feel good using them
[15:11]  Gioacchino Laryukov: so
[15:11]  Gioacchino Laryukov: if i can feel good in a stone buildign
[15:11]  Gioacchino Laryukov: why not?
[15:11]  petro Hock: when I see a building in SL I look at the form
[15:11]  petro Hock: and the fantasy of its designer
[15:11]  Scope Cleaver: I think I am starting to derail in my work it’s getting crazier somewhat, I guess less conservative
[15:12]  You: woot!
[15:12]  Scope Cleaver: Maybe losing touch with RL
[15:12]  Scope Cleaver: Helps that.
[15:12]  petro Hock: well its the opportunity u have to design something without costraints
[15:12]  You: for sure
[15:12]  You: i’m totally starting to transcend
[15:12]  petro Hock: hehe
[15:12]  Scope Cleaver: Surely I am the slowest in learning the new language Key spoke of.
[15:12]  Scope Cleaver: It’s a slow process for me offseting meaning
[15:12]  You: i started by building pure physical replication – very literally for our RL practice
[15:12]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i never do that
[15:13]  Scope Cleaver: It’s good to have you Key because at least I won’t be alone going nuts.
[15:13]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i only work with the materia i have here
[15:13]  You: now I can’t build anything with physical replication – i’m constantly trying to think purely virtual
[15:13]  Scope Cleaver: Yea
[15:13]  Gioacchino Laryukov: prims
[15:13]  Gioacchino Laryukov: texture
[15:13]  Gioacchino Laryukov: script
[15:13]  Gioacchino Laryukov: that is what i have
[15:13]  Scope Cleaver: It’s difficult I think
[15:13]  Gioacchino Laryukov: andi work with that
[15:13]  Gioacchino Laryukov: like in tl i have concrete, bricks. wood
[15:14]  Threedee Shepherd is Online
[15:14]  Scope Cleaver: I think the debate doesn’t really matter in the end, no more than there is debate between those who write fiction and those who write a biography.
[15:14]  You: likewise, as we’ve discussed before Scope – real world material goods are decreasing in value to me –
[15:14]  Scope Cleaver: Yea I an agree with taht Keystone
[15:14]  Scope Cleaver: And then it’s more than one step
[15:14]  Scope Cleaver: it’s more than learning a new language
[15:14]  Scope Cleaver: it’s also being fluent in it
[15:14]  Scope Cleaver: and articulating it.
[15:14]  You: yes – its definitely transitional
[15:15]  Scope Cleaver: Yea
[15:15]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i agree
[15:15]  Scope Cleaver: At the very least for the audience
[15:15]  Scope Cleaver: Getting TPed sorry
[15:15]  Scope Cleaver: Thanks for the talk, see you guys next meeting
[15:15]  Gioacchino Laryukov: hi scope
[15:15]  Gioacchino Laryukov: thx for coming
[15:15]  Rtx Pau: see you
[15:15]  petro Hock: bye theory
[15:16]  SC Tracy: thank you gio
[15:16]  Gioacchino Laryukov: thx to u
[15:16]  Gioacchino Laryukov: and see u soon
[15:16]  SC Tracy: please…
[15:16]  SC Tracy: I
[15:16]  SC Tracy: I
[15:16]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i’ll come to your building maybe tomorrow
[15:16]  SC Tracy: I’d love your input
[15:16]  Rtx Pau: ben, vi lascio anche io, ho un lavoretto da finire
[15:16]  SC Tracy: ciao
[15:16]  petro Hock: ciao!
[15:17]  Gioacchino Laryukov: ciao rtx
[15:17]  Rtx Pau: a presto, ciÃ
[15:17]  Rtx Pau: see you all, bye
[15:17]  Gioacchino Laryukov: well…
[15:18]  Gioacchino Laryukov: have u other questions for me?
[15:18]  You: we were chatting in voice
[15:18]  Gioacchino Laryukov: oh i see..
[15:18]  Gioacchino Laryukov: i have no voice
[15:18]  Gioacchino Laryukov: have to fix it
[15:19]  You: well, i’ve got to run
[15:19]  Gioacchino Laryukov: ok
[15:19]  You: see you soon! Thanks agiain!

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