2/5/07 RL Architects Meeting Transcript: Wikitecture and Collaborative Design

[18:38]  You: well, I guess we should get started!
[18:38]  Chip Poutine: ty – love to check it out 😉
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[18:38]  You: Unfortunately, this seems to be a bad time for lots of folks, and I didn’t really leave much advanced notice – sorry for that
[18:38]  Chip Poutine: hehe this time works great for me
[18:38]  Lordfly Digeridoo: lucky i logged in just as you were doing this
[18:39]  Chip Poutine: just got the little one to bed
[18:39]  You: many of the original contributors aren’t here – which makes it somewhat difficult to discuss their intentions and ideas behind their contributions
[18:39]  Chip Poutine: would it be useful to bring us noobs up to speed on the developments to date?
[18:39]  You: but, when this thing was originally built, there was a huge amount of energy building around this idea of ‘wikitecture’
[18:40]  You: the original idea…
[18:40]  You: was to create a gathering space
[18:40]  You: and, to have the gathering space reflect the unique cross section of style and talent within this group
[18:40]  You: so that each contribution retains it’s creator’s unique signature
[18:40]  You: which isn’t really ‘wiki’ at all
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[18:40]  You: but, we were all working together to create this thing
[18:41]  You: wait…got ahead of myself
[18:41]  You: I sent out a notice to the group
[18:41]  You: and we ended up having about 11 – I think – unique contributors
[18:41]  You: might be more now…. i haven’t really counted lately
[18:41]  You: (feel free to right click away!)
[18:41]  Lordfly Digeridoo: i completely forgot aobut it after my initial contribution… well “contribution” 😛
[18:42]  You: some contributors took this very seriously
[18:42]  You: and labored over their creations for hours and hours
[18:42]  You: others stopped by and left their signature
[18:42]  You: the very first contribution…
[18:42]  You: was by Lou Tones….who built a big pyramid right in the middle of the space
[18:42]  You: within 5 minutes of the notice
[18:43]  You: it totally transformed the way people appraoched the rest of the build
[18:43]  You: for some reason, the area around the base of the pyramid became sacred
[18:43]  You: nobody would touch it
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[18:43]  Lordfly Digeridoo: well hell, after all, what DO you do with a pyramid? 😉
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[18:43]  You: lol exactly
[18:44]  Lordfly Digeridoo stuffs some mummies in there
[18:44]  Chip Poutine: suggests a secret society…
[18:44]  You: rofl!
[18:44]  Theory Shaw: delete it. 😉
[18:44]  StormBear Hitchcock: Roofing
[18:44]  Chip Poutine: make transparent?
[18:44]  You: hahaah Theory – that brings us to our next point
[18:44]  You: we started to talk about what Wiki really is…what were the strenghts of this build, where did it fail?
[18:44]  Randall Lynch: nods
[18:44]  You: unfortunately I didn’t keep track of all of the specific conversations I had with people about this topic
[18:45]  You: but Theory Shaw became very interested in this – I graduated from arch school with Theory, and we got to talking…
[18:45]  You: he has done lots of research on this topic, and is very interested in how collaborative design can be accomodated in a virtual environment
[18:46]  You: he has been very anxious to get this meeting to happen – despite my procrastination
[18:46]  Theory Shaw: some thing i myself am familar with… it is the SL afterall
[18:47]  You: given his energy and enthusiasm toward the forward movement of this concept, he’s starting a group dedicated to the topic
[18:47]  Lordfly Digeridoo: heh
[18:47]  You: so, Theory – if you could talk a bit about your goals for the group, and the resources you’ve established… then we can go to more open discussion
[18:48]  Lordfly Digeridoo: actually, you know, in all the years i’ve been in SL, this is the first time iv’e actually heard of the concept of a “Wiki” build… odd, considering collaborative building is one of SL’s supposed strengths
[18:48]  Theory Shaw: sure…
[18:48]  Lordfly Digeridoo: oh, sorry… /me shuts up 🙂
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[18:49]  Theory Shaw: 1st of all thanks for everyone that contributed… those online and off…
[18:49]  Theory Shaw: Although there was a swell of excitement and building when the Wiki-build was first opened to the group, contributions have, as of late, petered off quite considerably.
[18:50]  Theory Shaw: I speculate, although I’m sure there are a number of reasons, that building has tapered off because, although contributors can add objects to the experiment, no one can modify or edit what someone else has thus far contributed
[18:50]  Theory Shaw: I feel, as a result, contributing designers free thwarted by what amounts to an amalgamation of stuff with no overall coherency
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[18:52]  You: lol – uh oh
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[18:52]  Theory Shaw: so in this regard i wanted to put the studio wikitecture group together to discuss aspects of a wikitecture interface that will allow for smoother collaboration.
[18:52]  StormBear Hitchcock: I wonder if the reason for the drop of is the building is seen at the end of its metamorphic path?
[18:53]  Multi Gadget v1.50.0: Rissa Maidstone
[18:53]  Lordfly Digeridoo: well, i think the inability to edit other users’ stuff is a big stumbling block
[18:53]  Lordfly Digeridoo: i kinda had that problem the one time i tried contributing
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[18:53]  Lordfly Digeridoo: my stuff kept running into other people’s, and i felt bad, so i kept moving, jostling, deleting…
[18:54]  You: can someone offer a Apple a TP up here?
[18:54]  Theory Shaw: – What aspects of SL’s current interface can be harnessed to allow for smoother collaboration?
[18:54]  StormBear Hitchcock: Lordfly, I think you are right. ALl other contributions must be add-ons.
[18:54]  You: my teleport button hasn’t worked for days
[18:54]  Chip Poutine: if the objects were all deeded to a group that we were all a member of, wouldn’t we be able to modify/delete each other’s prims?
[18:55]  Chip Poutine: would it require this land to be deeded to the same group?
[18:55]  Lordfly Digeridoo: everything can be added to group, yes
[18:55]  Lordfly Digeridoo: that allows for true collaboration
[18:55]  Theory Shaw: i not a master builder by any means, but when you first start creating a prim, doesn’t it always default back ‘not to edit mode’…
[18:55]  Chip Poutine: then wouldn’t all members be able to modify
[18:55]  You: but even that isn’t truly Wiki… we need to be able to make ‘proposals’ to the build, and have members decide if the addition works or not, then revert to previous states if need be, etc.
[18:55]  Lordfly Digeridoo: keystone: that turns into a huge scripting headache
[18:56]  Chip Poutine: as long as that group is active when you create the prim, it should by default be owned by that group
[18:56]  Lordfly Digeridoo: you’d have to drop a script into each prim, at the very least
[18:56]  Chip Poutine: exactly
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[18:56]  Chip Poutine: you’d need a whole sim
[18:56]  Chip Poutine: that you could do a rollback on
[18:56]  Chip Poutine: but then versions are still lost
[18:56]  Lordfly Digeridoo: maybe take snapshots?
[18:57]  Lordfly Digeridoo: like… what if an officer of the group (hi keystone) came by every week and took a copy of the whole build into his inventory?
[18:57]  Chip Poutine: interesting
[18:57]  Lordfly Digeridoo: and as the project progresses, he can whip them out as necessary
[18:57]  StormBear Hitchcock: Or store the structure as an object and store it in a container of some sort.
[18:57]  Chip Poutine: and we made sure to use rez foo/faux/scoobydoo
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[18:57]  Lordfly Digeridoo: chip: well, god willing, selecting-all–>inventory–>take out inventory should work
[18:57]  Chip Poutine: yeah…
[18:58]  Lordfly Digeridoo: as lnog as you don’t get all fancy pantsy with rotation
[18:58]  Chip Poutine: i don’t believe in god hehe
[18:58]  You: but in the bigger long-term picture, there might be more complex scripts that could benefit this – and are worth dedicating the time toward developing, given their potentially game-changing repurcussions…
[18:58]  Chip Poutine: ‘get all fancy pantsy’ = any rotation whatsover
[18:59]  You: one idea Theory suggested was to have each contributor’s linked set contain a script with a voting mechanism – if it receives too many negative votes, the ‘Allow Others to Modify’ switch gets flipped
[18:59]  Theory Shaw: since this wikibuild as built by many contributors… how does anyone individual contributer know what the rest of the group is thinking. i.e. what aspects of the design can ascertain work for most of the group…
[18:59]  Lordfly Digeridoo: keystone: it’s not so much the complexity of the scripts, it’s the cumbersomeness of it, given SL’s building and scripting systems
[18:59]  You: maybe areas that need work start to glow red, so you can see the trouble spots at a glance
[19:00]  Lordfly Digeridoo: define “trouble” 🙂
[19:00]  Chip Poutine: seems like wikipedia goes the other route
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[19:00]  Chip Poutine: and only locks down an ‘object’/page if its been repeatedly ‘vandalized’
[19:00]  You: or, each contributor makes a ‘proposal’, and everyone votes on that proposal before it’s integrated
[19:00]  Chip Poutine: otherwise stays open
[19:01]  Theory Shaw: here’s another way to potentially rank builds…
[19:01]  Lordfly Digeridoo: hmm, it seem we’re potentially losing focus on the actual strengths of collaborative building…
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[19:01]  Theory Shaw: – Instead of having one incarnation of a build at any one time and space, provide individual ‘shards’ (dimensions in a sense) that allow individuals in the community to collect and modify the objects from the shards of other contributors. These individual shards can in turn be ranked by the Wiki community to determine what general design direction the community as a whole is leaning toward.
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[19:03]  Theory Shaw: sorry i think i scared some people there…
[19:03]  You: keeping it all totally open would be difficult though – because, what if i just don’t happen to like what someone else built, and I go and modify it and the work a bunch of other people did – yet, the rest of the group might have disagreed with my changes
[19:04]  Lordfly Digeridoo: then a weekly snapshot would be good
[19:04]  Theory Shaw: exactly keystone
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[19:04]  Multi Gadget v1.50.0: Victoria Gloucester
[19:04]  StormBear Hitchcock: I like the snapshot idea. It would be good to see the progression in a gallery on the site.
[19:04]  Multi Gadget v1.50.0: Victoria Gloucester
[19:05]  Multi Gadget v1.50.0: Marie Guyot
[19:05]  Chip Poutine: otherwise you run the risk of spending more time trying to figure out the administrative structure than you would actually building?
[19:05]  Multi Gadget v1.50.0: Marie Guyot
[19:05]  Multi Gadget v1.50.0: Victoria Gloucester
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[19:06]  Lordfly Digeridoo: asdf
[19:06]  Lordfly Digeridoo: sorry, testing my faulty connection
[19:06]  You: there are other questions…
[19:07]  You: like, how do we determine the ‘seed’ of the build, and/or the general program and style elements
[19:07]  Theory Shaw: what if for instance someone makes a really cool looking pyramid for instance and someone comes by and deletes it… but the rest of the group loved that damn pyramid… would we than go back to the archive to snatch it back again?… if so is there some forum of discussion that would allow keystone and whomever is the stewart to know the community is pissed about that missing pyramid?
[19:07]  You: is that set forth by a single person? or does that evolve over time like the rest of the build?
[19:07]  Lordfly Digeridoo: if keystone gets a bunch of angry PMs… 😉
[19:07]  Rissa Maidstone chuckles
[19:07]  StormBear Hitchcock: Maybe the project needs a mission statement or creative brief to kick off the design process?
[19:07]  Chip Poutine: seems to me that there would need to be some sort of consensus / initiation on the part of group members who have access to the build
[19:08]  Chip Poutine: that people should be prepared to summarize and justify decisions made at regular discussions like this one
[19:08]  You: that’s a very good idea
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[19:08]  Chip Poutine: i’d be more in favour of guidelines rather than hard and fast regulations…
[19:08]  Theory Shaw: i guess the thing i getting at is talking about the pyramid takes too long… isn’t there a way, perhaps through a SL script, to quickly rank, at a glance, what others have contributed to the build? …
[19:09]  Theory Shaw: – In turn, is there a way to quickly see at a glance what parts of the build are more popular with the group and which are not? Perhaps the ability to edit an object is turned on relative to its rank.
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[19:09]  StormBear Hitchcock: We could attach notes to a prims contents
[19:09]  Chip Poutine: it could be a right click that brings up a menu – 1-5
[19:10]  Theory Shaw: yes chip!
[19:10]  You: maybe each linked set is tied to a bookmark with a snapshot, where people can comment
[19:10]  Chip Poutine: something quick
[19:10]  Rissa Maidstone: Very good idea
[19:10]  StormBear Hitchcock: That works
[19:10]  Lordfly Digeridoo: right clicks can’t bring up multiple custom settings
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[19:10]  Chip Poutine: just a menu
[19:10]  Chip Poutine: rate
[19:10]  Chip Poutine: then the dialogue comes up
[19:10]  Lordfly Digeridoo: that would still require a script in every single prim…
[19:10]  Chip Poutine: mmm…yeah.
[19:10]  Lordfly Digeridoo: AND a complex database setup
[19:11]  Chip Poutine: maybe something like a skidz prim
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[19:11]  Chip Poutine: with extra ‘brains’ in it
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[19:11]  Lordfly Digeridoo: mmh.
[19:11]  StormBear Hitchcock: Can a script make a call to a SQL database?
[19:11]  Lordfly Digeridoo: in a roundabout way, i think so storm
[19:11]  Chip Poutine: i’m actually more in favour of the snapshots, and leaving it open
[19:12]  StormBear Hitchcock: But still, that might be a monster pain in the neck.
[19:12]  StormBear Hitchcock: the SQl thing
[19:12]  Chip Poutine: could the snapshot process be automated?
[19:12]  Chip Poutine: some kind of rezzer?
[19:12]  Theory Shaw: is there a way, instead of rating individual prims, to rate the camera view (which through a scrip would rank all the prims in that view)… there would definetely be overlap, but certain vistas/views and corresponding objects would start ranking higher.
[19:12]  Rissa Maidstone: StormBear, it can call out to a web server and the the web server can call the DB.
[19:13]  Lordfly Digeridoo: theory: not really
[19:13]  Theory Shaw: damn!
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[19:13]  StormBear Hitchcock: That might solve some problems, but it still might require every prim to be scripted.
[19:13]  Theory Shaw: how about click and drag?
[19:13]  Lordfly Digeridoo: i suppose anything’s possible with the open source SL client, but…
[19:14]  Theory Shaw: click and drag multiple objects in the view
[19:14]  Lordfly Digeridoo: that would move the pieces?
[19:14]  Theory Shaw: sorry… click and drag a marquee to select the objects
[19:14]  Lordfly Digeridoo: oh… that’s client-side, doesn’t register on the server really
[19:14]  Lordfly Digeridoo: at least not in an identifiable way for our needs
[19:15]  Lordfly Digeridoo: although, if i can ask a silly question
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[19:15]  Lordfly Digeridoo: to maybe re-orient the discussion
[19:15]  Lordfly Digeridoo: what exactly is the purpose of wiki-architecture? what’s the end goal?
[19:15]  Theory Shaw: yeppp please
[19:15]  Lordfly Digeridoo: is it creative expression?
[19:15]  You: yes, we should have started there – sorry! =)
[19:16]  Designer Dingson: keystone and theory my experience of collabortive building in SL is minimal but my experience of working with teams is not…lordfly just alluded to my point coming up
[19:16]  Designer Dingson: and that is that every team
[19:16]  Designer Dingson: regardelss of whether it is free colaboration or not – nees one thing for sure and that is a ‘leader’
[19:17]  Lordfly Digeridoo puts a crown on keystone
[19:17]  You: bah
[19:17]  Designer Dingson: someone to champion the build and have an idea of where things are to be steered
[19:17]  Lordfly Digeridoo: or at least benevolent dictatorship
[19:17]  You: i think that’s a very good idea Designer
[19:17]  Chip Poutine: a well defined goal and design brief at the outset would minimize the kind of conflicts that we’re looking to scripted mechanisms to regulate
[19:17]  Lordfly Digeridoo: for instance, there’s a few pyramid scheme prims down on the first floor… 🙂
[19:17]  Chip Poutine: saw those 😛
[19:18]  You: yeah…i saw that
[19:18]  You: wasn’t sure if that was someone’s statement?
[19:18]  Designer Dingson: I think someone needs to take ownership of tis and help guide the collaboration,
[19:18]  Designer Dingson: let it be ‘free’ but have someone know where its supposed to end up
[19:18]  Theory Shaw: Perhaps overly simplifying the argument, the modification of a typical definition of Open Source Software is quite revealing nonetheless in how this paradigm can be applied toward a new approach in city planning….
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[19:18]  Theory Shaw: By making the source code (model) for the software (city) available to all, any programmer (designer) can modify it to better suit their needs and redistribute the improved version to others users. By working together, a community of both users (citizens) and developers (designers) can improve the functionality and quality of the software (city). Filtered through the lens of the ‘Wisdom of Crowds’ the best ideas will eventually float to the top.
[19:19]  Lordfly Digeridoo: collaborative neighborhood city planning?
[19:19]  Chip Poutine: but open source / svn and wikis are two differnt things, in my miniscule experience
[19:19]  Chip Poutine: aren’t they?
[19:19]  Multi Gadget v1.50.0: a Apple
[19:19]  Lordfly Digeridoo: the concept is the same, chip
[19:19]  Lordfly Digeridoo: the general high-falutin concept anyway
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[19:19]  Chip Poutine: yeah but doesn’t the submission have to be ‘accepted’ before it is ‘committed’ as part of the software build?
[19:20]  Lordfly Digeridoo: if they want to be part of the official trunk, yes
[19:20]  Chip Poutine: in other words, doesn’t open source code get vetted before acceptance
[19:20]  Lordfly Digeridoo: otherwise they fork off
[19:20]  Chip Poutine: right
[19:20]  Chip Poutine: so
[19:20]  Chip Poutine: a leader
[19:20]  Lordfly Digeridoo: yes
[19:20]  Lordfly Digeridoo points to keystone again 😛
[19:20]  Chip Poutine: as the gatekeeper?
[19:20]  Multi Gadget v1.50.0: a Apple
[19:20]  StormBear Hitchcock: Well one thing we could do is have a different project leader per project and cap the length of a project at one month, then rotate through the designs.
[19:20]  Chip Poutine: great insights BTW, designer 🙂
[19:20]  Theory Shaw: yes it does… the community in our case would be able to deem what prims/design is accepted into the kernel
[19:21]  StormBear Hitchcock: Then the community takes the brief and builds the structure with the leader stepping in if the office building becomes a rollarcoaster
[19:21]  Lordfly Digeridoo: yes, weekly/biweekly meetings could have people walking around the build going “mmm, no, this is bad”
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[19:21]  Chip Poutine: crits, if you will 🙂
[19:22]  You: can more than one person be designing at the same time?
[19:22]  Lordfly Digeridoo: yes
[19:22]  Lordfly Digeridoo: don’t see why not?
[19:22]  Theory Shaw: i think setting up meeting would take too long… i think an interface that allows you to quickly rank something is the way to go… talk is cheap.
[19:22]  StormBear Hitchcock: Run a blog poll
[19:22]  Chip Poutine: so then the leader comes in, looks at the rankings, and then decides to…?
[19:22]  You: i could see conflicts arising too, if there weren’t a democratic ranking system
[19:23]  You: if I build something I really like, and someone changes it all one day, it would take a long time to sit down with 3 or 4 people and deliberate exactly why I thought my contribution was good, then hear a rebuttal, etc.
[19:24]  Theory Shaw: how about a system where the ranker ranks the ranker?
[19:24]  Chip Poutine: hover text in the object?
[19:24]  You: but i’d have to keep my mouth shut if I came there one day and saw that 70% of the group doesn’t like my contribution
[19:24]  Randall Lynch: sorry to be late to the table .. I was afk there ….
[19:24]  Theory Shaw: yes…good point keystone
[19:25]  You: does anyone know the story of Landing Lights? i’m only dimly aware of it’s success/failure
[19:25]  Randall Lynch: an observation .. thereis a difference between wiki and design by committee
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[19:28]  Designer Dingson: my aplogies to everyone but i must be going – it’s early here in london! Please drop me a message anytime and I look forward to meeting you all again – will catch the notes on the web keystone…good luck
[19:28]  Nyx Ivory is Online
[19:28]  Chip Poutine: tc Designer 🙂
[19:28]  You: Thanks so much for coming Designer!
[19:28]  Randall Lynch: 🙂
[19:28]  StormBear Hitchcock: See ya Designer
[19:28]  You: and, thank you also for sharing the Farnsworth House with us
[19:29]  Multi Gadget v1.50.0: Iflipti Warrior
[19:29]  Theory Shaw: – I might be misunderstanding his idea, but Lys Ware had mentioned, in one of our previous meetings, of composing a series of Hyperooms (or perhaps Hyperspaces) , similar to Hyperlinks, as a method to evolve a design. Would an overall design composed of these Hyperooms be too compartmentalized or could it be conceived that these Hyperooms could overlap with each other and in turn be modified by a specific author? Would some type of combination of Shards and Hyperooms work? – How can we catalogue and categorize what Lys Ware referred to as Metadata, for a discipline as subjective as architecture? Could a looser interface be created that would allow designers to collect the multivalent ideas that contribute to the inspiration of a design?
[19:29]  Ikarus Santos is Offline
[19:29]  Designer Dingson: see you and please do show yourself around the farnsworth anytime 🙂
[19:30]  Theory Shaw: this might be a little too advanced for SL programming, but it’s just a thought.
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[19:31]  Randall Lynch: definately too advanced for the technology .. but an interesting approach Theory
[19:31]  Hayduke Ebisu is Offline
[19:31]  Rez Menoptra: That’s a kickass idea Theory, I don’t think it’s possible quite yet, but there are other gaming systems that allow sort of views from one area to another like, through a portal, where you can see real time to the other space — i’m probably not understanding quite what you’re all talking about yet, but i love the idea
[19:31]  Chip Poutine: and again, lending itself to every object being scripted in some way
[19:32]  Lordfly Digeridoo: yeah, i think any sort of scripted system is doomed to failure
[19:32]  Rissa Maidstone: Same
[19:32]  Chip Poutine: if the object themselves contained pictures
[19:32]  You: ok, here comes the balls again – what’s the DEAL with these things?
[19:32]  Lordfly Digeridoo: putting a script in every single prim is an extra step that many potential builders — myself included — would balk at, or just plain forget
[19:32]  Chip Poutine: i think we’re talking about a wiki as a single page i.e. build / or a colletion of hyperlinked pages
[19:32]  Chip Poutine: great concept
[19:32]  Lordfly Digeridoo: keystone: they’re all skidz primz
[19:32]  You: right – but why their sporadic appearance?
[19:32]  Lordfly Digeridoo: another pet peeve of mine… guys, please don’t use skidz again… pretty please. 😀
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[19:32]  Rez Menoptra: script in every prim hurts my head to think about
[19:32]  Hayduke Ebisu is Online
[19:33]  Rez Menoptra: haha LF, i hear you
[19:33]  Lordfly Digeridoo: keystone: clicking on prims
[19:33]  You: never used it
[19:33]  Lordfly Digeridoo: i tried, but didn’t understand
[19:33]  You: jeesh
[19:33]  Lordfly Digeridoo: i could do the same thing much faster with the regular build tools
[19:33]  Rez Menoptra: same here LF
[19:33]  Lordfly Digeridoo: without the delay of waiting for the little balls to rez
[19:33]  Rez Menoptra: way faster
[19:33]  Lordfly Digeridoo: plus you get the ugly residue we have now. 🙂
[19:34]  Rez Menoptra: haha
[19:34]  Rez Menoptra: plus you have to pay for your first prims :\
[19:34]  Chip Poutine: ‘copy selection’ tool, anyone 🙂
[19:34]  Chip Poutine: ?
[19:34]  Nyx Ivory is Offline
[19:34]  Rez Menoptra: no? you don’t have to pay for skidz prims?
[19:34]  Rez Menoptra: haha chip
[19:34]  Johnny Ming is Offline
[19:34]  Rez Menoptra: local ruler mode~!
[19:34]  Johnny Ming is Online
[19:34]  Rez Menoptra: USE GRID option enabled 🙂
[19:34]  Theory Shaw: for the programming blinds… is there a way with the newly open sourced viewer code to create ‘shards’… or is that more around the code for the server?
[19:34]  Chip Poutine: sounds like an slfoundations discussion guys 🙂
[19:35]  Rez Menoptra: haha
[19:35]  Nyx Ivory is Online
[19:35]  Theory Shaw: *blind.
[19:35]  You: lol!
[19:35]  Rez Menoptra: Theory, no, that would not be client side, sadly
[19:35]  You: can we talk a little about what Wikitecture would be good for?
[19:35]  Theory Shaw: you mean it can be done in the ‘viewer’ code?
[19:36]  You: what kinds of projects would this be useful for
[19:36]  Theory Shaw: yes… by all means.. soryry
[19:36]  Randall Lynch: what you are talking about is possible Theory .. but is at least a couple of years away
[19:36]  Randall Lynch: imho
[19:37]  Rez Menoptra: i hate that i missed the beginning — the wikitecture sounds cool in theory, i’m guessing hard to enact in reality
[19:37]  You: i’m always interested to right click around at the SL Developer projects to see who built what, and I’m always amazed at how many contributors often make up those projects
[19:37]  Rez Menoptra: same, key
[19:37]  You: but then, beyond SL collaborative building and design, there is a real-world implication to this as well
[19:37]  Chip Poutine: randall framed it in the following terms ‘wiki vs. design by committee’
[19:37]  Randall Lynch: most of the bigger objects have been built in components
[19:38]  Kiwini Oe is Offline
[19:38]  Rez Menoptra: i could see how that would end up being the case, chip
[19:38]  You: if we can actually find a way to build and design collaboratively here, I think that adds a huge new layer of added value to SL for RL architects
[19:38]  Theory Shaw: ultimately the tenant i look at when thinking about an architecture that is built collaboratively… is that it’s built for the bottom up, not the top down.
[19:38]  Rez Menoptra: srsly key, for sure
[19:38]  Starbuckk Serapis is Online
[19:38]  Randall Lynch: absolutely
[19:39]  Chip Poutine: building at the same time, in the same space, totally of value.
[19:39]  Theory Shaw: donald trump beware
[19:39]  Rez Menoptra: well, theory, would you say that’s just ‘built’ from the bottom up, or ‘designed’ from the bottom up
[19:39]  Theory Shaw: yes designed.
[19:39]  You: the ‘building’ industry in RL is already a very collaborative process
[19:39]  Randall Lynch: it would be an interesting experiment
[19:39]  Kvasir Olbracht is Online
[19:39]  Chip Poutine: no – ‘file is in use by keystone bouchard, open as read-only?’ 🙂
[19:39]  Theory Shaw: not the design aspect of the building industry!
[19:39]  Lordfly Digeridoo: sorry folks, gotta run… nice chatting with ya’ll, sorry i took the role of “captain negative ideas” 😛
[19:40]  StormBear Hitchcock: See ya Lordfly
[19:40]  Chip Poutine: not at all lf
[19:40]  You: thanks for coming LF!
[19:40]  Randall Lynch: *smiles*
[19:40]  Rez Menoptra: lata LF
[19:40]  Chip Poutine: great insights
[19:40]  Rissa Maidstone: Take care
[19:40]  You: yeah good ideas
[19:40]  Lordfly Digeridoo is Offline
[19:41]  You: i mean, what if we could take the design of a school – and allow the people who actually use the spaces to come here and do the ranking
[19:41]  Multi Gadget v1.50.0: Kvasir Olbracht
[19:41]  Rissa Maidstone: I think that’s a great idea, Keystone.
[19:41]  Rez Menoptra: and by ranking them, what would happen?
[19:41]  You: well, each contributor’s linked set would be ranked according to its success or failure, according to the voters
[19:42]  Iflipti Warrior: It would give the users the opportunity to try before they actually use it
[19:42]  You: let’s just pretend that scripting-wise, that could be done
[19:42]  Rez Menoptra: that could be done, i think
[19:42]  You: each contribution can be voted
[19:42]  Starbuckk Serapis is Offline
[19:42]  You: and, if a contribution suddenly starts to dip into the negative, it’s somehow flagged
[19:42]  You: and then everyone know that area needs to be worked on
[19:42]  Iflipti Warrior: Or feedback can be given in specific instances.
[19:42]  Rissa Maidstone: Wouldn’t you also want comments on why a negative rank was given in order to incorporate user requirements not previously thought of withing the design?
[19:43]  Rez Menoptra: yes, totally Rissa
[19:43]  You: yes definitely
[19:43]  Kvasir Olbracht: sorry im late..
[19:43]  You: there’s ranking, and commenting
[19:43]  You: that would be great
[19:43]  Randall Lynch: how would this differ from standard prototyping?
[19:43]  Rissa Maidstone: Good point.
[19:43]  Starbuckk Serapis is Online
[19:43]  Iflipti Warrior: I’m not sure what standard prototyping is.
[19:44]  You: so many decisions in architecture are made arbitrarily
[19:45]  Randall Lynch: the idea of building all or part of something and then getting comment from users
[19:45]  You: this kind of ‘wikitecture’ or collaborative design would allow for a far more organic crystallization around the user’s needs instead of a single person’s ‘vision’
[19:45]  Randall Lynch: exactly
[19:45]  Rez Menoptra: yes, but i think that has the added trouble of being ‘least common denominator’ ish as well
[19:46]  Rez Menoptra: or whatever that phrase is
[19:46]  Rez Menoptra: that looks wrong somehow
[19:46]  Rez Menoptra: haha
[19:46]  You: that’s where we come back to the need for a designated leader – that’s where the architect’s role could lie
[19:46]  Iflipti Warrior: Yeah, and some users needs may end up trumping other needs in the end
[19:46]  You: but, that’s where the voting mechanism wins
[19:47]  Iflipti Warrior: How does it win? Could you elaborate?
[19:47]  Kvasir Olbracht: one needs to be carefull that the sensible modernist vote isnt split…. and soemthing terrible happens, such as george bush..
[19:47]  StormBear Hitchcock: lol
[19:47]  Rez Menoptra: i guess part of my problem with that is that often i want to know ‘why’ someone designed something a certain way, and it’s not always for usability that they’ve done that, and if i were voting, i might not know unless i talked with them
[19:47]  Forseti Svarog is Online
[19:48]  Iflipti Warrior: Yeah, voting is strictly quantitative.
[19:48]  Elliott Eldrich is Online
[19:48]  Rez Menoptra: and, by talking with some people, they’ll be better at describing their goals, and it’ll be easier to see how what they’ve built fits with those goals
[19:48]  You: comments and snapshots are very important
[19:48]  Iflipti Warrior: More in depth design would require qualitative feedback
[19:49]  Theory Shaw: actually it’s good sometimes not to know what the designer had in mind… the more differenct view point a certain design satisfies the better
[19:49]  You: that’s a very good point – the need for qualitative feedback
[19:49]  Rez Menoptra: as long as you know what the original sort of overarching goal was, i guess , theory
[19:49]  Rez Menoptra: i would agree with that
[19:50]  Kvasir Olbracht: a couple of rl projects i have been involved with, required extensive user input… to land on specific things about the program..
[19:50]  Iflipti Warrior: Kvasir, what was the project?
[19:50]  You: maybe this kind of design review or collaborative design isn’t something that happens constantly throughout… maybe it is simply used as a feedback mechanism
[19:50]  Kvasir Olbracht: physical representation and ballanced votes (preferances) would have been very usefull…
[19:50]  Rez Menoptra: i think i missed the second half of your coment there, theory, yes, the different view points something can accomodate, the better, for sure
[19:51]  Rez Menoptra: i could see that, key
[19:51]  Rez Menoptra: a jury time
[19:51]  You: you take the design, developed in a traditional sense, then unveil the SL build – allowing everyone to come in and speak their peace, through voting, commenting, discussion, presentation, etc.
[19:51]  Kvasir Olbracht: im not convinced that mob architecture will result in usefull spaces, unless there is some uber notion driving it…
[19:51]  Boliver Oddfellow is Online
[19:51]  Rez Menoptra: same, Kvasir
[19:51]  Rez Menoptra: totally
[19:51]  Iflipti Warrior: agreed
[19:51]  Rez Menoptra: that’s absolutely my feeling about it too
[19:51]  Theory Shaw: touching on the lowest common denominator idea… almost everyone agrees venice is beautiful… can we assume through the ‘wisdom of crowds’ phenomenon that they will judge what is beautiful… and it usually is.
[19:51]  Kvasir Olbracht: another thing..
[19:52]  Kvasir Olbracht: in buildings, there are so many intersts….. that are stronly represented
[19:52]  Rez Menoptra: beautiful and useful are not always friends tho
[19:52]  Kvasir Olbracht: from engineering to business and finacne..
[19:52]  Kvasir Olbracht: the archtiect is the only one standing up for the beauty of the space.
[19:52]  Theory Shaw: nonesense. ! 😉
[19:52]  Rez Menoptra: right
[19:52]  Rez Menoptra: haha
[19:52]  Kvasir Olbracht: even votes between finacne and engineering will result in something terrible.
[19:52]  Rez Menoptra: agreed, for the most part
[19:52]  Iflipti Warrior: no I think the users want a beautiful space, especially if they have to live there
[19:53]  Chip Poutine: haha – emperical evidence supports Kvasir – to a degree 😉
[19:53]  Kvasir Olbracht: i expect that the architect should say.. you cant do that because its ugly and its wrong.
[19:53]  Kvasir Olbracht: AHAHAHAHA…
[19:53]  Rez Menoptra: i think actually, they want whatever space they’re wanting at the time — it’s not always beauty they’re going for
[19:53]  Chip Poutine: RL evidence, anyway
[19:53]  Chip Poutine: its a lot more ephemeral here
[19:53]  Chip Poutine: take/delete
[19:53]  Chip Poutine: pretty easy
[19:53]  Rez Menoptra: srsly
[19:53]  Theory Shaw: that one thing i’ve been thinking about in this quick glance interface for ranking a contribution… wouldn’t be cool to quickly rank the build on the 3 vitruvian tenants… Commodity, Firmness and Delight?
[19:54]  Rez Menoptra: hahaha
[19:54]  Kvasir Olbracht: grin.
[19:54]  Rez Menoptra: you bet, theory
[19:54]  Rez Menoptra: i’m all for it 😀
[19:54]  Rez Menoptra: my island is named Venustas ^_~
[19:54]  Kvasir Olbracht: i would vot for that.
[19:54]  Iflipti Warrior: that would be one kind of feeback that could work
[19:55]  Chip Poutine: how about 3c’s cracks, cash, and coolness? 😀
[19:55]  Rez Menoptra: hahaha
[19:55]  Delu Elytis is Offline
[19:55]  Rez Menoptra: that’d work too, sometimes, chip
[19:55]  Theory Shaw: so althoug a built could potential rank off the charts inturns of aesthetics, it might be too crazy to actually build in the real world…. it has to be a balance.
[19:55]  Chip Poutine: right
[19:55]  Chip Poutine: plus, the V-man is still a bit obscure for many
[19:56]  Iflipti Warrior: some castles in the sky come to mind 🙂
[19:56]  Theory Shaw: indeed , but the concept, i think, everyone can relate to
[19:56]  Rez Menoptra: haha half the things i’ve built here come to mind
[19:56]  Rez Menoptra: or more
[19:56]  Chip Poutine: yes
[19:56]  Kvasir Olbracht: that is the classical fight between the dark forces of engineering and finance, and the light forces of goodness and asthetic beauty.
[19:57]  Kvasir Olbracht: of which this august body is all members of, except me..
[19:57]  Kvasir Olbracht: AHAHAHA
[19:57]  Boliver Oddfellow is Offline
[19:57]  Kvasir Olbracht: well in sperit..
[19:57]  Theory Shaw: indeed, but who in the current industry determine what is aesthetically pleasing and is actually going to get built… it’s not the people that’s for sure.
[19:57]  Kvasir Olbracht: it needs to be the architect..
[19:57]  Theory Shaw: bottom up, not top down
[19:57]  Kvasir Olbracht: acting for the people..
[19:57]  Kvasir Olbracht: for they know not what they do.
[19:57]  Kvasir Olbracht: AHAHAHA
[19:58]  Iflipti Warrior: the architect as a middle man, err person then
[19:58]  Rez Menoptra: well…what if they could all vote — right, i’m getting the hang of this now — for like, a diy redevelopment of downtown
[19:58]  Theory Shaw: ,but whom says just because you’ve went to school for architecture you have the definitive means to judge something!…
[19:58]  Theory Shaw: look at history…
[19:58]  Theory Shaw: with the brutalism movement…
[19:59]  Theory Shaw: and postmoderism…
[19:59]  Johnny Ming is Offline
[19:59]  Delu Elytis is Online
[19:59]  Johnny Ming is Online
[19:59]  Iflipti Warrior: Some improabable things would probably win unless the architects were in charge of putting buildable things on the ballot
[19:59]  Theory Shaw: you want your city designs controled by architects anymore?
[19:59]  Rez Menoptra: haha both beautiful to an extent, if you know what they’re designing for
[19:59]  Kvasir Olbracht: sadam husaine
[19:59]  Kvasir Olbracht: who did that..
[19:59]  Kvasir Olbracht: ahahahaa
[19:59]  Rez Menoptra: architects putting buildable things on the ballot?
[19:59]  Rez Menoptra: hahahha
[19:59]  Rez Menoptra: who does that?
[19:59]  Rissa Maidstone grins
[20:00]  Kvasir Olbracht: thats like cenetic archtecture..
[20:00]  Iflipti Warrior: yeah
[20:00]  Chip Poutine: so that’s what’s lost in them diebold machines….
[20:00]  Johnny Ming is Offline
[20:00]  Kvasir Olbracht: must be friday… i cant type worth crap.
[20:00]  Theory Shaw: a city after all is an interface for living… shouldn’t that be up for general vote in a sense?
[20:00]  Iflipti Warrior: rather than having a lot of conflcting votes
[20:00]  Torrid Midnight is Online
[20:00]  Kvasir Olbracht: why arnt everyone archtects? aand why are there suburbs then?
[20:01]  Theory Shaw: developers man! 😉
[20:01]  StormBear Hitchcock: Don’t get me started.
[20:01]  Rez Menoptra: everyone thinks they can be an architect
[20:01]  Kvasir Olbracht: developers wouldnt sell them were there not folks wanting to buy thenm
[20:01]  Johnny Ming is Online
[20:01]  Kvasir Olbracht: all of their friends buy them…. they need them too.
[20:02]  Kvasir Olbracht: and bigger ones..
[20:02]  Kvasir Olbracht: pinker details..
[20:02]  Kvasir Olbracht: lakes.
[20:02]  Kvasir Olbracht: grin.
[20:02]  Rez Menoptra: someone’s getting rich off that
[20:02]  Chip Poutine thinks we’re straying a bit off topic…
[20:02]  Rez Menoptra: yes
[20:02]  Rez Menoptra: totally
[20:02]  Rez Menoptra: haha
[20:02]  Iflipti Warrior: That’ where the mediation comes in
[20:02]  Chip Poutine: great discussion though 😀
[20:02]  Kvasir Olbracht: personaly.. im thinking deep theapy..
[20:02]  Rissa Maidstone: LOL Kvasir
[20:02]  Kvasir Olbracht: something like clockwork orange…
[20:03]  Chip Poutine: droog design
[20:03]  Kvasir Olbracht: where we drug them… and force them to respond violently to poor architecture.
[20:03]  Rez Menoptra: So would the goal of this voting system be for it to be used for feedback on rl designs?
[20:03]  Kvasir Olbracht: then… when they see suburbes.. they get sick and vomit.
[20:04]  Iflipti Warrior: feedback yes, sounds likes the most reasonable thing
[20:04]  Rez Menoptra: cause i can get really picky really quickly when it comes to rl designs
[20:04]  Rez Menoptra: sl designs i’ll let a lot more slide
[20:04]  Iflipti Warrior: I suppose it depends on the points on which you get picky
[20:04]  Chip Poutine: sl designs i *want* a lot more to slide 😀
[20:04]  Rez Menoptra: lol flip
[20:04]  Rez Menoptra: and yes, chip, me too
[20:04]  Theory Shaw: so what about this damn pyamind?… how can i delete it?
[20:04]  Rez Menoptra: more than currently is tne norm
[20:05]  Rez Menoptra: they*
[20:05]  Rez Menoptra: er
[20:05]  Rez Menoptra: the*
[20:05]  Kvasir Olbracht: its making me crazy too thory..
[20:05]  Forseti Svarog is Offline
[20:05]  Rez Menoptra: right click , take
[20:05]  Kvasir Olbracht: lets take a vote..
[20:05]  Kvasir Olbracht: all in favor…
[20:05]  Kvasir Olbracht: pick a red ball
[20:05]  BuhBuhCuh Fairchild is Offline
[20:05]  Theory Shaw: see some concesus is forming!
[20:05]  Chip Poutine: right
[20:05]  Theory Shaw: how do we demostrate that back to the community without talking aobu it?
[20:06]  Chip Poutine: it seems to be presenting a barrier to the goal of this area
[20:06]  Rez Menoptra: yes
[20:06]  Theory Shaw: right click… crap!
[20:06]  Rez Menoptra: agreed
[20:06]  Rez Menoptra: haha
[20:06]  Chip Poutine: we have a consensus about what this space is
[20:06]  Rez Menoptra: is that a new pie option?
[20:06]  Rez Menoptra: ‘Crap’
[20:06]  Iflipti Warrior: Actually I wanted to ask about that. There was a motion a while back to be able to delete or alter other’s prims on this build…
[20:06]  Chip Poutine: or should be, rather, that’s what’s driving the consensus
[20:06]  Theory Shaw: doodoo is the other
[20:06]  You: a world where everyone is an architect would look a lot like the mainland
[20:06]  Chip Poutine: it already does, key
[20:06]  Rez Menoptra: it IS the mainland
[20:06]  Rez Menoptra: totally
[20:06]  Kvasir Olbracht: lkAHAHAAHAH
[20:06]  Chip Poutine: been to dreamland lately?
[20:06]  Rissa Maidstone laughs
[20:07]  You: lol!
[20:07]  Kvasir Olbracht: i have been to fuzzy land…
[20:07]  You: so yeah, what do we do about this build….
[20:07]  You: there were people who worked on their contribution for hours…
[20:07]  Fade Languish is Online
[20:07]  Rez Menoptra: wow it’s interestingly discombobulated
[20:07]  Theory Shaw: yeah… what’s are next step?
[20:07]  Kvasir Olbracht: i think that there certainly has to be levels..
[20:07]  Theory Shaw: our
[20:07]  Kvasir Olbracht: for a totaly pluralistic build…..
[20:07]  You: maybe require that everyone shares their contribution with the group
[20:07]  Kvasir Olbracht: no rules..
[20:07]  Chip Poutine: unless we do the group thing,
[20:08]  Kvasir Olbracht: prims what ever..
[20:08]  Kvasir Olbracht: thats one thing.
[20:08]  Chip Poutine: you’d have to contact the creator to come do it
[20:08]  Kvasir Olbracht: if you have a program…
[20:08]  Kvasir Olbracht: someone has to steer it.
[20:08]  Kvasir Olbracht: or..
[20:08]  Kvasir Olbracht: there is duels..
[20:08]  Chip Poutine: each page in wikipedia has someone to oversee it
[20:08]  Rez Menoptra: if you could script something to build where it sensed av presence, then you could get something that was created wrt to where people spent time
[20:09]  Chip Poutine: each build would seem to represent a page
[20:09]  Rez Menoptra: yes, chip, agreed
[20:09]  Chip Poutine: hence the logic seems consistent
[20:09]  Rez Menoptra: or perhaps a team of peeps
[20:09]  Rez Menoptra: that all have mod rights on each other
[20:09]  Iflipti Warrior: I like that idea
[20:10]  Iflipti Warrior: Rather than no editability, I think it will work
[20:10]  Rez Menoptra: that’s the way you’d wanna do it, i’d think
[20:10]  Chip Poutine: how big is the team, eight ppl? 😀
[20:10]  Rez Menoptra: make an alt and give mod rights to the rest of your team
[20:10]  Rez Menoptra: haha
[20:10]  Rez Menoptra: how many are here?
[20:10]  Rez Menoptra: woot
[20:10]  Chip Poutine: 😛
[20:11]  Rez Menoptra: course, you still have to remember to set all your prims to mod copy trans
[20:11]  Rez Menoptra: which is a pai
[20:11]  Rez Menoptra: n
[20:11]  Rez Menoptra: but easier than contacting someone else on your team to come move something a meter
[20:11]  Chip Poutine: even if they’re all objects belonging to the same group?
[20:11]  Rez Menoptra: if you hit share with group you’re cool
[20:11]  Rez Menoptra: that’d work
[20:11]  Rez Menoptra: but then you have to have a group
[20:11]  Chip Poutine: guessing you’ve got plenty o’ experience in this area rez 🙂
[20:12]  Rez Menoptra: haha too much :\
[20:12]  Rez Menoptra: but if you’ve just exchanged mod rights, then you don’t have to have a group specific to that build
[20:12]  Theory Shaw: i think the one action item from this meeting should be the fact that all the present contributors come back and turn their objects to ‘editable by group’… although at that point people can delete willy nilly if they want, we still have a baby step in the right direction
[20:13]  Kvasir Olbracht: there needs to be some experiments..
[20:13]  Theory Shaw: yes rez… i just read that
[20:13]  Kvasir Olbracht: this is one.
[20:13]  Kvasir Olbracht: next might be agroup thing.. with some program..
[20:13]  Iflipti Warrior: too bad there’s not a revert to saved option
[20:13]  Chip Poutine: there is if its an entire sim
[20:13]  Iflipti Warrior: like sketchup?
[20:13]  Chip Poutine: you can roll it back
[20:13]  Chip Poutine: but that has some probs associated with it too
[20:14]  Rez Menoptra: well, if you have mod rights and everyone sets every perm right (annoying) you can right click and take it all at once, a rather effective, if messy, backup
[20:14]  Rez Menoptra: and then everyone could have one
[20:14]  Kvasir Olbracht: composit objects..
[20:14]  Iflipti Warrior: I did that when I 1st started
[20:14]  Chip Poutine: SL needs a ‘3d warehouse’
[20:14]  Chip Poutine: like google has for sketchup
[20:14]  You: what if we created a Wiki-mule avatar – and contributors had to sign up to use the mule, and can’t build unless they’re logged in as the mule?
[20:14]  Kvasir Olbracht: rude.
[20:14]  Iflipti Warrior: there’s a limit to the # of prims you can grab though
[20:15]  Kvasir Olbracht: i learned that from having been kicked out of a sand box….
[20:15]  Rez Menoptra: nah, flip, there’s not
[20:15]  Chip Poutine: interesting idea, key
[20:15]  Rez Menoptra: i can select 2400 at once
[20:15]  Chip Poutine: but then building is one at a time?
[20:15]  You: 2 mules
[20:15]  Iflipti Warrior: no not selection
[20:15]  You: or 3
[20:15]  Rez Menoptra: link, no, select and take, yes
[20:15]  Kvasir Olbracht: we want to see fights….
[20:15]  Chip Poutine: …walk into a bar.. 🙂
[20:16]  Rez Menoptra: haha
[20:16]  Kvasir Olbracht: between AV’s
[20:16]  You: haha
[20:16]  Iflipti Warrior: yeah that
[20:16]  Rez Menoptra: yeah, they’d be unlinked, which is why i said messy
[20:16]  Rez Menoptra: must have build men u open when rerezzing
[20:16]  Chip Poutine: messy because it all just blows into inventory as ‘objects’?
[20:16]  Rez Menoptra: no
[20:16]  Rez Menoptra: it’s all one object
[20:16]  Iflipti Warrior: I did overcome that though, with a messy workaround
[20:16]  Rez Menoptra: in inv
[20:16]  Kvasir Olbracht: i thits a composit.
[20:16]  Kvasir Olbracht: single object.
[20:16]  Rez Menoptra: yes, kvasir
[20:16]  Rez Menoptra: it is
[20:17]  Iflipti Warrior: You can name it and everything
[20:17]  Kvasir Olbracht: i was agreeing.
[20:17]  Iflipti Warrior: unlink it, etc
[20:17]  Rez Menoptra: oh hehe
[20:17]  Rez Menoptra: sorry
[20:17]  Kvasir Olbracht: the problem sometimes is that it doenst stay properly oriented..
[20:17]  StormBear Hitchcock: Well, guys I hate to say it, but I need to run. Have a great evening.
[20:17]  Iflipti Warrior: night
[20:17]  Rez Menoptra: later stormbear
[20:17]  Kvasir Olbracht: it would be cool to have something like a rez faux…
[20:17]  Kvasir Olbracht: and have prims pre built with the script
[20:17]  Cyrus Huffhines is Offline
[20:17]  Rez Menoptra: yes
[20:17]  Rez Menoptra: that would be sweet
[20:17]  Kvasir Olbracht: and as things progress, you could spin off another can.
[20:17]  Iflipti Warrior: That makes sense!
[20:17]  Chip Poutine: ‘nite stormbear
[20:18]  Kvasir Olbracht: im doing something like that with my builds on the other part ofthe island.
[20:18]  Kvasir Olbracht: im using a variation of rez omega..
[20:18]  Iflipti Warrior: You can use a single prim as a focal point for the rezzer
[20:18]  Iflipti Warrior: and then all the other geometry could be based off that point
[20:18]  Cyrus Huffhines is Online
[20:19]  Earnest Hudson is Offline
[20:19]  Arturo Marellan is Offline
[20:19]  Iflipti Warrior: understand?
[20:19]  Arturo Marellan is Online
[20:19]  Kvasir Olbracht: sure….
[20:19]  Kvasir Olbracht: any prim can contain referances..
[20:20]  Kvasir Olbracht: it doent even need to be close.
[20:20]  Rez Menoptra: within shout distance
[20:20]  Rez Menoptra: 100m
[20:21]  You: take it to SL Foundations guys…. hahahaha!
[20:21]  Rez Menoptra: hehe
[20:21]  You: well, before everyone leaves…
[20:21]  You: there is a Wikitecture Group in SL now
[20:21]  You: specifically for this cause
[20:21]  Theory Shaw: Well i’m afraid I have to run as well… 13hours in front of a computer is taking it’s toll. It was nice meeting everyone… and I think we got a lot of idea out on the table. There will definetly be some digesting. As you can see I think there a lot of potential here for a wikibuild… we just need to work on the interface. I invite anyone that wants to discuss the nitty gritty of this to the ‘Studio Wikitecture’ group I’ve set up… maybe together we can get some answers to this pyramid. 😉 later.
[20:22]  Rissa Maidstone: Same here, thank you all, most intersting.
[20:22]  Chip Poutine: will do
[20:22]  Chip Poutine: thanks theory!
[20:22]  Rez Menoptra: later Theory, nice ot meet you
[20:22]  Rez Menoptra: same Rissa 🙂
[20:22]  You: thanks theory!
[20:22]  Iflipti Warrior: Thanks

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Is Wikitecture Possible in Second Life?

Architecture Island, from SL resident Keystone Bouchard’s Flickr stream
Regular readers are aware that I often pine for a 3D wiki for the virtual world of Second Life, something akin to the one Hiro Pendragon made some time ago. I’d love t…

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