The Many Advantages of Virtual Collaboration

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The results of this Harvard Business School study, and many others like it, provide enough ample and compelling evidence to suggest that virtual collaboration is a powerful means of achieving new levels of efficiency and effectiveness:

“Remarkably, an extensive benchmarking study reveals, it isn’t necessary to bring team members together to get their best work. In fact, they can be even more productive if they stay separated and do all their collaborating virtually. The scores of successful virtual teams the authors examined didn’t have many of the psychological and practical obstacles that plagued their more traditional, face-to-face counterparts. Team members felt freer to contribute–especially outside their established areas of expertise. The fact that such groups could not assemble easily actually made their projects go faster, as people did not wait for meetings to make decisions, and individuals, in the comfort of their own offices, had full access to their files and the complementary knowledge of their local colleagues.”

As information-based virtual collaboration gradually turns the corner to mainstream adoption, it won’t be long until the benefits of 3D collaboration are as unequivocally proven (if they haven’t already), and virtual worlds like Second Life and OpenSim will soon prove to be an ideal modality for gathering a virtual team together to collaborate within a realtime, 3D collaborative environment.

This blog has moved!  See this article on our new site here:


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So true. The main reason I love virtual collaborations is my real life is busy, it’s hard for me to commit to events in my area for various reason. But with Second Life and what the American Cancer Society with their Relay For Life fund raising going on in SL, I can contribute my time as it goes on 24/7. My team spans North America, the UK, and Europe with members, and there always something to be done with promoting, organizing, supporting, networking and more. So ya, I truly believe in virtual collaborations and why I have a “Second Life”.

Comment by Harmony of Hope

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