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June 25, 2009, 1:38 pm
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ARCH Network

cross-posted from the ARCH Network:

Have a project you want to promote?  An idea, or screenshots to share?  A new machinima you made?  Why not use the social network behind The ARCH Network to promote and share?  Its easy, and its free.   Click HERE to get started!

Here’s just a quick copy/paste of some of the most recent discussions.

Anyone want to enter a competition?
I wanted to enter this competition, proposing a purely virtual school of architecture, but I doubt I’ll have time to pull it off. I think…

The Autodesk Assistance Program
I just received new information from Autodesk about recent changes in this program. If any of you have the opportunity to take advantage …

Design It Shelter Competition Sponsored by the Guggenheim
The Guggenheim Museum recently announced, the Design It Competition in collaboration with Google. See the official blog here. If any of …

How do you describe virtual worlds?
One thing I am sure many of us have struggled with over the years is finding the best method of explaining what virtual worlds are to our…

How do we break out of the ‘virtual worlds’ communities, and start reaching out to the rest of the world?
How do we reach a wider audience to promote the use of virtual worlds in architectural practice and education? Obviously virtual worlds …

Best Commercial Designs for Virtual Commerce
Pam Broviak suggested that we look for collaborators to help compile a book that helps designers and builders of virtual spaces. Specific…

Internships in the Virtual Environment
I heard a word today that got me thinking. “Internship” So, while we are able to talk with mentors in Second Life who are well versed in …

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