Free Camera Position script/HUD for viewing real-scale architecture, by Discord Schism
February 22, 2009, 4:50 pm
Filed under: rl architecture

Thanks to Discord Schism for scripting up this Camera Postition script/HUD for viewing real-scale architecture!  He also left the script open to modify and loaded with lots of variables to try out.  If you sit down, it automatically disables the script – so your camera doesn’t end up inside the chair of the person sitting behind you, etc.  When you stand up, it re-enables itself!

Better still, you could easily have this set up on a client’s account ahead of a tour, so they don’t have to fumble around with inventory or settings before touring design concepts.

To pick up a copy of the HUD, stop by here: fwiw, I made the sign buyable for $0 with copy/mod rights so you can make it available on your own parcel if you want to.

What are you favorite settings?

If you want to make your own HUD, here’s the script:

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