Metanomics: Liquid Artifacts: Architecture in Virtual Worlds
November 13, 2008, 8:49 pm
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I’m honored to have been invited to the Metanomics stage this coming Monday, November 17th at noon (12:00) SL-time (PDT) to talk about architecture in virtual worlds.

To learn more, visit the Metanomics event page here:

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/me wonders: Which Keystone will show up…the edgy cyborg or the newer, ready-for-public-consumption avatar?

Comment by Azwaldo Villota


While I theoretically struggle with the idea of treating avatars as though they are human (I had always thought of them as only one small ‘part’ of the human puppeteer’s conscious attention, not the human being itself) – I will admit that I am far more comfortable with Keystone’s look with flesh skin instead of metal skin.

Someone even suggested I remove my mirrored shades so my eyes could be seen, suggesting this would make me more ‘approachable’. There too… at first thought, that’s just silly, right? Yet it does make a difference! It is somehow a little less unnerving when you can look into an avatar’s eyes. They seem more trustworthy. Alas, we must be far more embodied in our avatar experience than I ever believed before. That’s an incredibly profound phenomenon, when you think about it!

Keystone will be as ‘human’ as he can be on Monday, so as to avoid scaring people away! 😉

Comment by keystonesl

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