LiDAR Generated Sculpties

YouTube video.

Darb Dabney is a veritable whirlwind of energy when it comes to mirroring Berkeley, California in a virtual environment.  If avatars ever walk the streets of virtual Berkeley, there will be a gleeful Darb showing it off and giving tours!  I am increasingly confident that it won’t be long before he achieves this dream.  His most recent effort is a 40-region build in OpenSim using nothing but LiDAR surface sculpties, as shown in the video above, and described on his blog HERE.

“Wow it has been a lot of effort to get the 40 regions built out with their LiDAR surface sculpties….   My priority is to create good graphics for large-format display, but I’ve posted a rush of the first end-to end plod by the Ruth named “UC08 Visitor2″.”

Darb may very well be leading the way to a feasible method of achieving mirror world renditions of physical environments inside virtual space.  This would surely be a game changing opportunity, to say the least.

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