3D Model Interoperability in Second Life

We really, really need your help on this one!  I am confident that if the readers of this blog collectively vote as a unified voice to push 3D Model Interoperability as a priority item for Linden Lab, we will be heard.  You all know that Importing and exporting models is currently the biggest bottleneck preventing architects and designers from using Second Life as a tool in professional practice, and Linden Lab’s public Jira system is the perfect way for us to make it clear that this is a must have feature.

So, please, please, please take a minute and log in to Jira and vote on the following issue:

To vote, go to the left margin on that website and click on ‘Voting:’
You will have to Login first.  That’s it.

Spread the word!  Post this on your own blog, and link to this page!  Let’s do whatever it takes to raise the priority level on this!  If you have any other ideas about how we can move this forward, feel free to leave comments!

Thanks to Theory Shaw for continuing to promote this!

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Re-posted on my site. Good luck!

Comment by Nate Randall

[…] environment. Theory has set up a request for this feature on the JIRA site. Read more about this on Keystone’s blog and follow his link to the JIRA site to vote for this […]

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I also posted on my blog – just cannot believe that they don’t understand how important this is. Lets hope this helps!

Comment by Pam Renoir

I can see how this is a highly desirable feature for some. However, consider how much bandwidth would be required to download this stuff; I would not be able to go to any sim with this content.

Perhaps try OpenSim and Realxtend ( This holds benefits for many.

Comment by Feldspar Epstein

Well, I am testing the fantastic plugin Prim Composer from Shack Dougal, and it works perfectly in Open Sim, and not too bad in SL. Can read about my tests un my SL-blog:

Comment by Albert Revolution

[…] the grid – and by extension, allow a link to collada pipelines and other software applications. Keystone and others have posted on the topic, and there’s a JIRA to vote on the issue. Tagged: […]

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[…] would allow integration with a cross-range of platforms. And certainly the architectural community would like to take integration even […]

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