Video of Wikitecture Presentation at Metaverse U Now Available
April 3, 2008, 5:01 pm
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If you can’t tell, I was more than a little nervous, and couldn’t quite shake my midwestern accent! =)

Many thanks to Henrik Bennetsen, Stanford University and everyone who helped make Metaverse U so successful (see more videos HERE). We did receive a lot of positive feedback and made some great connections with several individuals and companies interested in the possibility of helping us advance the project.

We haven’t reached our sponsorship goals yet, so if you’re interested in helping us develop the next phase, there’s still time! We have a wide range of goals, but we’re primarily interested in simplifying the interface and making this collaboration technology available to communities throughout the Second Life grid and beyond.

As if that’s enough RL Keystone for one day, here’s my little blurb/interview about what excites and scares me about metaverse technology:

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No need to shake any accents! 🙂

I really enjoyed your presentation and want to thank you again for coming our and being a part of the conference.

Very glad to hear that some good connections came of your participation. Based on the feedback I have been getting your talk really captured some imaginations. I hope the video can expand this audience much further.

I am very excited to continue to follow where you guys are able to take the very exciting Wikitecture vision next. Good luck!

Comment by Henrik

Ja hey! Don’t sweat the Wisconsin accent. Great work. I’m slowly spreading word about you work.

Comment by Brian

I thought that some of you might be interested in this Wiki hosted specifically regarding this competition:

Comment by Ed

[…] Brouchoud’s presentation on wikitecture, where he identified the ideas of modularity and remixing of design […]

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