Reflexive Tile Wall, by Oze Aichi
February 6, 2008, 11:38 pm
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Many thanks to Oze Aichi at The Tech for sharing his ‘Reflexive Wall’ scripts! Build your own by simply dropping THIS SCRIPT inside of a prim, then name that prim ‘Reflexive Tile’. Then drop that prim inside of another prim with THIS SCRIPT in it.

Thanks Oze! Thanks also to moongold for troubleshooting the process! =)

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Hi, thanks so much for The Arch blog; combined with NPIRL it is one the best places for news and views on wonderful builds, concepts and ideas within the SL virtual world.
Thanks for the prospect of being able to discover reflexive architecture for ourselves, to Oze also.

About that so far I have done the following –
I put script 1 into a cube prim and script 2 into another and then dropped a copy of the first cube into the Contents of the second. Took the whole into Inventory and rezzed it back but nothing.
Just one step more please :-)))
Big thanks.

Comment by Moongold

Sorry – you have to name the first prim you created ‘Reflexive Tile’. I corrected the post to reflect this new info. Thanks Moongold!

Comment by keystonesl

Wicked, thank you. could almost have figured that if I had read the script 🙂


Comment by Moongold

If your tiles are not phantom, and you group them together slightly closer, and rotate the whole wall into a stair….. You could walk on them, and the effect is pretty good too. 🙂

Comment by Oze Aichi

Could you please publish the SLurl for this?

Comment by Melanie Swan

There really isn’t an ‘official’ installation of this, but I have a small sample of it in the Gallery of Reflexive Architecture here:

Comment by keystonesl

The links for the scripts are dead. I would love to acquire and play with these.

Comment by DigitalJack

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