Reflexive Innovation: Active and Dynamic is In, Passive and Static is Out
January 22, 2008, 7:12 pm
Filed under: reflexive architecture

I have had the pleasure of being blown-away by some incredibly innovative uses of the Second Life platform in the past few weeks, most notably those angling toward a more Reflexive experience. I will formulate more in-depth thoughts on these in a future post. For now, I will share posts by others who have described these installations more eloquently than I.

First, there’s the Parsec. My good friends Dizzy Banjo and Eshi Otawara teamed up with Chase Marellan to create this truly innovative installation. I couldn’t sleep after seeing this build! It is so refreshing to see this level of innovation derived from the native or inherent capacity of the virtual environment. They really have invented an entirely new kind of instrument, I think, planting the seed for a new generation of participatory and collaborative real-time musical composition. I wonder, who will be the Mozart or Beethoven of the Parsec?

Here is a very well-written post by Hamlet Au on New World Notes (link), please help promote the installation by Digging it HERE. There is a slideshow of screenshots I took during a demo HERE. Here is a machinima Hamlet created:

Finally, there is this installation I just read about on Dusan Writer’s blog (link). Amazing!!! I haven’t seen this in-world yet, but will let you know what I find.

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Thanks for the post – the installation is on a private island but we’ll get something up where people can see it shortly.

All the best and thanks.

Comment by dusanwriter

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