Architecture and Culture of Ancient Egypt Recreated in Second Life
December 23, 2007, 4:03 pm
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For more information, visit the ARCH Network.

“Aura Lily has been using Second Life to recreate the artifacts and architecture of ancient Egypt. Using maps drawn by one of Napoleon’s artist engineers, she’s also working on an accurate recreation of temples and buildings on the island of Philae. Aura’s work is simply amazing, and I think the educational potential to use Second Life as an immersive way to explore ancient architecture and culture is limitless. She has no formal training in 3d modeling, yet she has a true passion for this ancient era and has done all of this work completely on her own. Simply incredible. Visit her amazing space in Second Life and experience it firsthand”

Description and screenshot via Pathfinder Linden’s Flickr site. SLurl.

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[…] The Arch Architecture and Culture of Ancient Egypt Recreated in Second Life Quote from the site – Aura Lily has been using Second Life to recreate the artifacts and […]

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Excellent! SecondLife has been begging for this type of teaching tool. I’m suprised schools of architecture have not taken this on as a requirement for entry level students. Imagine if every school had three weeks of rebuilding a historic or significant architectural work in SL?

I also think we need to take this a step further and begin to engineer activites and daily life scenarios into these virtual rebuilds. Maybe pre-programmed bots that actually act out what we believe was daily life activites in those times. They might even be interactive to allow a visitor to trade in the local market to learn the bartering system used then; or take part in construction of a section of one of the pyramids. Truly limiteless applications and scenarios to engage in.

Comment by Far Link

Well, I am trying to create a lesson plan on Egypt for 10th graders. I probably wouldn’t let them go on SL themselves. But, I thought maybe a guided tour or a recorded tour might work.
So, I tried to find the aforementioned island and architect on SL, I did not find the hieroglyphics pictured above but I did find an egyptian themed sex palace. Sooo… not appropriate for educational use.

Comment by javabeanboy

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