Alley Flats Presentation Machinima

Here is a video I made during the University of Texas, Austin Alley Flat Initiative presentation. I have to apologize for the video and sound quality, but I really wanted to share this since it was a very inspirational tour and presentation, including some great quotes and fascinating insights! By no means does this video cover the entire presentation, but is the best I could do at the time. This site is now open for public viewing at the Educators Coop 1 sim in Second Life (SLurl).

This presentation really hit home for me, given that demonstrating sustainable residential design principles is the real reason I started using Second Life in the first place. Our Crescendo Design studio focused on sustainable residential design, and Second Life afforded an opportunity to help educate potential clients about the value and importance of green design principles, and how those strategies can be applied without sacrificing design integrity.

The Alley Flats installation has truly raised the bar for this application of Second Life.


Not only does it describe principles of sustainbility, but it served an integral role in educating students on a University level, and enabled members of the community to experience these designs on a more holistic level than even the most photorealistic illustration or cardboard study model could ever achieve. Given that this project depends on community approval and support, I think this virtual model could go a long way toward helping the general public understand just how well these homes will fit in and improve the fabric of this neighborhood. When you stand in this virtual build, you get a real sense of place, and can more fully appreciate the way these homes will compliment their context.

Plus, if you listen carefully, you’ll hear Sergio Palleroni say ‘yes, Wikitecture is exactly the future.’ Good call! =)

Complete slideshow from the presentation HERE.  This video was originally shared on by keystone1111 with a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

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[…] The Arch. (2007). Alley flats presentation machinima. Retrieved December 16, 2007, from […]

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