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August 21, 2007, 4:54 pm
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One of the most amazing things about Second Life is the ability for like-minded people to cluster around a given catalyst for discussion. In many ways, this phenomenon is the very essence of what we call ‘community’ – not just in SL, but anywhere.

Since the Gallery of Reflexive Architecture opened just a few days ago, I’ve met some remarkable people who have provided some great resources toware the ongoing study of Reflexive Architecture that have been fascinating studies. The potential for this kind of responsive environment is quite evident:
This book is especially interesting, since one of Neil Spiller’s first books ‘Architects in Cyberspace’ is what got me started on this path of virtual architecture to begin with – over 10 years ago!

If you know of any additional resources related to the concept of Reflexive Architecture (RL or SL – they seem interoperable in this case), please post them in comment, and we’ll add them to the list.

I hope to open source the scripts behind these installations in time for the Info Island Library Gallery opening exhibit on the 30th!

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I didnt understand your point essentially, are you trying to focus on SL’s ability to connect like minded people per se?

Comment by Design for MySpace

The main idea behind this post is to share the resources I’ve learned about since the gallery opened.

I introduced it with the brief statement describing how installations like this serve a function of bringing like-minded people together, and reinforcing the sense of community.

Second Life does bring people together, but with search being so ineffective, it takes a catalyst for like minded people to crystalize around.

Even though I work full-time in Second Life, read an insane number of blogs, constantly searching the grid for like-minded people, none of it has been as effective in finding them as this simple gallery. I’ve met more kindrid spirits in the past week than I had in the previous 3 months.

Architects and artists who have been doing some of the most amazing work in Second Life for months suddenly appear from out of nowhere, and we openly wonder, ‘why on earth haven’t we already met?’

Maybe its just because SL is getting so big, but it seems like we’re in our own little corners of the grid, awaiting any kind of reason or impetus to find each other. This phenomenon must be the cornersone of any community, real or virtual.

Comment by keystonesl

[…] The Arch, a blog on architecture in SL. A recent post at the time introduced me to the concept of reflexive architecture – constructions that respond to the presence of the viewer (avatar) in some way. I was a newbie to […]

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