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August 9, 2007, 11:11 pm
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Find the transcript of today’s meeting HERE.

Much better turnout, excellent conversation.  As usual, we were meandering, but always inspiring and interesting.  We started with scale, and ended with scale – and arrived at some interesting conclusions.

The most interesting result was that most of us agreed on the need for 1.) A standard standard and universal scale that translates real life architecture into SL better than the current meter.  2.)  A new ‘Architecture SL UI’ client-side user interface with more architect-friendly camera locations, Field of View toggle, etc.

We agreed that perhaps we should co-create a proposal – using a public Wiki, to define what it is that we would like to see out of a new architect-friendly user interface.   We could then use this proposal to try to win funding or research grants.

Does anyone have experience setting up a public Wiki that would be willing to organize this for us?  Any other thoughts or ideas we should explore here?

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perhaps we could harness SL’s issue tracker to better propose some architect friendly tools or vote on those already proposed… such as

Comment by theoryshaw

I’ve been wanting to participate in these weekly meetings, but cannot tell what timezone the Google Calendar notes them in. Is that 3pm SLT?

I have experience with wiki (install/creation/markup/etc) if needed. Just want to attend some of these events too.

Comment by Disraeli Calderwood

Disraeli. Sorry if Google Calendar has been not giving the correct time – you’re the second person to have told me that. =( On my end, the meeting is set for 2:00 PM PDT (SL-time) every Thursday.

Comment by keystonesl

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