ExtraMedium: Scale and Relativity in Virtual Environments
August 7, 2007, 11:09 pm
Filed under: architecture, architecture island, virtual architecture

Join us on Architecture Island (slurl) this Thursday at 2PM SL-time (PDT) this week, as we address the troublesome concepts of scale, perception and relativity we all face in Second Life.

What does scale really mean in SL anyway? Is the meter arbitrary? Is it all relative? Is it all about perception?

Then, on the 16th, Gioacchino Laryukov will be describing his architectural work inspired by Giuseppi Terragni. On the 23rd, we will be discussing ‘Digital Density,’ tackling some of the urban design challenges facing the architectural fabric of Second Life.  Ideas for future topics?  Let us know!

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If you haven’t done so already, pop over to the Greenies sim for a delicious example of the role scale can play is conveying a spatial narrative.

Unexpectly, I thing Greenies is throwing many questions and suggesting many fresh possibilites regarding scale and spatial cadence. Good stuff.

SL: Douglas Douglas

Comment by Douglass Turner

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