GeekMeet Post Mortem: ‘Reflexive Architecture’ on InfoWeek
July 27, 2007, 7:13 pm
Filed under: dr dobbs, reflexive architecture, virtual architecture, voice client

Great post by Mitch Wagner (link) on InformationWeek about the GeekMeet presentation I gave at Dr. Dobbs on ‘Reflexive Architecture’.  The entire event was conducted using Second Life’s new Voice Client in the Firstlook Viewer (download here).  It was a remarkable experience, much like a real life presentation.

Everyone kept their mics off until the question and answer started, at which point an occasional question would come from the audience.  The whole experience left me feeling like I had actually been in a room with people, describing and discussing these concepts.

I’ve been using voice a lot now, and have really grown to love it.  After a few hours of touring around with friends discussing and exploring Second Life, it really leaves a strong and lasting impression of having actually been with people, far more than if we had been chatting in text.  Of course, I think there are compelling reasons to use both, but voice does a lot for the experience, and I look forward to watching it become more fully integrated.

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