More Land on Architecture Island Finally Available!


The Architecture Island annex is almost complete, and rental land will be available within the next few days!  Over half of it is already spoken for, but we still have a large 1/4 island lots available, as well as a handful of smaller 8,000 sqm parcels, and some 4,000 sqm parcels.

If you aren’t ready for a parcel of land to build on, but still want to be in on the action, check out the new arcspace build.  For a modest monthly fee you get a 2 story flat, adjacent to the most exciting new architectural venues around.  I’ve got my apartment picked out and customized, and have really enjoyed hanging out there during the past few days.  Check out my last post for details on how to join.

If you’re also ready for a parcel of land to start building on, and your and work involves architecture as a central theme please IM Keystone Bouchard for more info about renting on Architecture Island.

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