AutoCAD to Second Life Importer
May 15, 2007, 12:44 am
Filed under: architectural resources, architecture, autodesk, rl architecture

This looks like fun! via New World Notes (how does Hamlet find this stuff so fast?!?)

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It’s great to see design content in Second Life.

Comment by Scott Sheppard

I love that this kind of thinking is starting to happen around SL. I think the one thing that will be most interesting to see is whether these autocad imports will be good design, or if they’ll be like most of what profs see from CAD users in school (and irl too, from some arch firms), where 90-95 percent of the models were uh, less than stellar. I guess it seems like even tho you can use many more tools to make your designs, simply having access to those tools does not a prodigy make, and it will still be possible pick out the stars from the dross.

Comment by Rez

My experience with most pro 3D artists is that it takes a lot of work to shift their skills over to low-poly models and spatial design for avatar POV and movement. Perhaps the same issues arise with architects used to rendering to stills and plans.

Comment by Trevor F. Smith

I dreamt this was possible,.. I can’t wait, only we have tosolve the scaling problem,..

I’ll see you around,

Comment by 3dZiggy Oh

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