The Impact of a 3D Import Tool in Second Life

Thursday, March 22nd @ Architecture Island (slurl)

10:00 AM SL-time (hosted by European Virtual Architects)
7:00 PM SL-time

As architects and designers, most of us long for the advent of a 3D import tool. In what ways would such a tool impact the architectural landscape of Second Life? How might it impact the economy? Will it offset the level playing field of the in-world building tools? Will it ever be possible?

Let’s chat it up! Hope to see you there.

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Before trying to shoehorn your work into prims, you might consider this.

Comment by Trevor F. Smith

I think you can’t have the 3D import tools fast enough, so the tie in with multiple applications becomes stronger and then you’d have a much larger pool of already trained professional to create content. A negative side of that would be loss of competitive advantage for some of the SL agencies e.g. The Sheeps etc. in that it would off-set their level of playing field.

If it’s possible in the current state of SL I am not sure, I am not a coder, but adding support for COLLADA would help a lot IMO. Just like Areae are going to do! (from what I can read out of a job description on their site)

Comment by Peder Burgaard

Correction: Wrong link in my name in the previous comment:-)

Comment by Peder Burgaard

Trevor, as soon as Ogoglio doesn’t require “serious geekery to boot the platform,” please trust that I’ll be there, surrounded in my 3D imports, drinking my virtual tea.

Comment by keystonesl

Excellent! I look forward to hanging out in your teahouse.

Comment by Trevor F. Smith

btw – flux— web based open iso standard 3d does import collada, as well as google earths format, as well as most 3d formats form the 3d modeling world.

3d import WILL mean a greater number of modelers creating for virtual worlds and real time 3d. but it doesnt mean better designs for virtual worlds by default:)


Comment by cube3

Flux player is good if your audience runs only Windows and you get the editing suite from Media Machines.

Comment by Trevor F. Smith

flux player plays x3d/vrml2/ and soon kml-z and collada directly…. export from any tool that puts out an accurate file in those formats.

flux studio is only required to create fx3d files. or for translations to those formats from other 3d formats via the importer within the application.

all free.

Comment by cube3

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