Update: Designer Dingson’s Installation of the Farnsworth House


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Designer Dingson has completed his installation of the Farnsworth House on Architecture Island in Second Life.

Designer Dingson: “I worked with Troi Timtam on the landscaping (who was wonderful), she chose to use the tall thin white barked trees so as to echo the strong verticals on the house.

The upper gardens feature a small apple orchard and the viewing platform from which you get a clear look out to sea and a great view of the house.

Planting was briefed to create a relaxed and peaceful environment, butterflies and sounds are incorporated. The viewing platform in the upper gardens was designed to echo the farnsworth, when seen from above it is very similar in form (the descent hole mirroring the chimney on the farnsworth, the steps echo the steps on the farnsworth) I designed the viewing platform to create an unfolding view as you move along it, the roses overhead emphasise a feeling of enclosure but as you move towards the viewing point the enclosure opens and you emerge to enjoy the view – I kept a little bit still hidden by the purple tree which helps to create a sense of intrigue.”

Nice work Designer! Thanks!

Check out the build HERE.

Update (2007-04-12): Designer has provided some updated images that can be viewed HERE.

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It was a pleasure to work with Designer! As a result of collaborating with a rl architect on design ideas, we were able to create a unique structure for the landscape that maximizes the space and complements the classic modern bauhaus style of the Farnsworth.

The end result was a virtual space of comfort and a reflection of the rl creative process.

Comment by TROI Timtam

Is there any chance that you could publish a way of visiting this. A SURL would be great.

Comment by Rob Cornelius

Such a cool landscaping. Really soothes our eyes. Thanks for provide me with the URL.

Comment by Azizah

I believe lighting plays a major role here to make your landscape to look even nicer.

Comment by Izrul

I’ve always loved the Farnsworth house and this one looks lovely but is really not fun to be inside. Walls in SL have to be a minimum 6 meters high otherwise you just can’t navigate inside them at all. I was surprised to see the hefty price tag on it for this reason.

Comment by Gropius

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