3pointD and Studio Wikitecture

Mark Wallace of 3pointD asks in a recent post: “Is there anyone out there who’d be interested in attending another 3pointD Think Tank on this subject (wikitecture)? My goal would be to get the original participants in the ARCH discussion in touch with some coding geniuses and actually get a project for something like this off the ground. Let me know if you’re interested.”

Yes please!  Great idea.

I would also like to formally announce that, in order to continue the advancement of Wikitecture, Architects in SL group member Theory Shaw has started a ‘Studio Wikitecture’ group, dedicated exclusively toward the development of the tools, rules and methodology behind the idea of Wikitecture. He has done extensive research on this topic, and has already come up with some pretty exciting ideas for advancing the cause.

He has also established a blog: Studio Wikitecture and, of course, a wiki! Both are in their infancy, but based on the energy Theory has alread invested in this discussion, I think we can expect to see some major strides in coming weeks/months.

During our last RL Architects meeting, we discussed various ways of ranking and voting on the contributions by contributors to a wiki-build. In this way, we imagined that if any given area of a collaborative design were to receive too many negative votes, the ‘allow others to modify’ group would be switched on, or some other mechanism to flag it for further refinement. I haven’t tried it out yet, but THIS tool (or some variation of it) seems a perfect fit for this purpose. We definitely need to talk to the coding geniuses!

I look forward to the thinktank, and watching Wikitecture evolve!

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