Architecture Groups

In addition to the ‘RL Architects in Second Life’ groups that I strongly encourage everyone to join, there are some new Second Life architecture groups to keep and eye on!

The ‘SLSA members’ which relates to the ‘Second Life School of Architecture’ (not to be confused with the SL Space Agency, or the SL Soccer Association, ) seems to be moving forward full speed with the guidance and directorship of group owner ‘The Tracer’, a grad student at Norwich University. SLSA is slated to open on April 27th and will be accompanied by a gallery exhibit that incorporates the possibilites of SL Design. I can’t wait!

Next up is the ‘European Virtual Architects’ group, started by Alfredo Desideri. I think this is a timely and appropriate group to start, given that the majority of professional architects finding their way to Second Life are European, and the RL Architects events are invariably held at times that are late at night in Europe. I will be deserving the taste of my own medicine the day they schedule a meeting at 3:00 am SL-time!

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good blog

Comment by Olga

Thanks for publishing the name of my group.
I’ll program the meetings at good times for european but also for americans. So your health will not be hurted.. :-))

Comment by Alfredo Desideri

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