Hybrid Machinima Experiment: Architectural Science Fiction

As real-world data is absorbed into virtual environments, it isn’t too daring to imagine a future when architects, their clients, investors, builders and community members will be able to virtually inhabit a design concept, embedded in a ‘smart’ mesh of real world data, well in advance of construction. I hope it won’t be long before we see a ‘Go Virtual’ button within our architectural BIMS, linked to Google Earth with embedded data gathered from the Information Commons . Maybe this hope is far fetched, but then things like THIS keep my hopes up (via Hayduke Ebisu, RL Josh Knauer)

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I heard about this from Jesse Linden; looks pretty slick! how was it made? 🙂

Comment by Torley Linden

Thanks Torley! I edited the video with Blue
Screen Key modifiers over a video of the site. The building is actually Clear Ink’s headquarters. Their avatarchitects are building themselves a virtual home above the RL offices. =)

Comment by keystonesl

Thanx for sharing — it sure looks great. I look forward to what hybrids (I do love the word) and future avatarchitects (AWESOME PORTMANTEAU!!!!) will be doing next!

Comment by Torley Linden

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