Museum Plaza Proposal
February 7, 2007, 5:16 am
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Imagine this video in the context of what is becoming possible in Second Life:

via warmiyok

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I watched this video (as part of the OMA TED presentation on Google Video) for my beginning architecture survey class. I think it speaks more to the power of Machinima in Real Life than it does the use of virtual worlds in architectural collaboration.

The full TED presentation:

Comment by Pablo Andalso

I see your point, but what excited my imagination wrt virtual worlds and architectural collaboration was to see clips showing hundreds of avatars walking around within design concepts laced into RL clips of actual skyline and building site.

I think it’s safe to assume that virtual worlds will continue to more accurately resemble real life and that we will eventually be able to digitally absorb the real life context of a building and lace new design concepts into it, then invite clients, investors, builders and community members in to inhabit the new design.

To me, that’s where virtual worlds and architectural collaboration are heading, and I think this clip has great value in imagining that future.

Comment by keystonesl

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