Second Life Foundations
December 6, 2006, 5:49 pm
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The Second Life Foundations meeting last night in Tinta Verde turned out to be a truly enlightening discussion. Seasoned builders and architects shared some of the latest building tips and techniques with each other, and with those who were just starting out.

We also discussed what our collective suggestion to Linden Lab might be, in terms of new building tools we would like to see developed. Our unanimous agreement seemed to be that we want the existing building tools fixed before any new tools are introduced. Lots of other suggestions were brought to light as well, such as the ability to group multiple linked objects, limits on prim size and much more.

The discussion also featured a great deal of positive feedback, as well as an overall enthusiasm for what Second Life has to offer. Several architects and builders rez’d their projects throughout the island, and we had time for guided tours of a few of them as well.

This meeting was indeed a ‘Foundation’. Chip Poutine has offered to begin a Wiki resource for building tools and techniques, and we will be making a group to include everyone who attended last night or wants to be a part of this ongoing discussion. We will be inviting everyone who attended last night, but if you were not there and want to join, please IM me (Keystone Bouchard) and I’ll will be sure to send you an invite. We will also be holding future topic-based meetings as well, so stay tuned!

The transcript is here: 12/16/06 Second Life Foundations: Transcript

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Next time we’ll bring more chairs 🙂

Comment by Chip Poutine

this looks great! when will the next meeting be? and can I attend?:)

Comment by Octal Khan

I should have mentioned it earlier, but the wiki is up at

Comment by Chip Poutine

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