12/5/06 Second Life Foundations: Transcript

[17:42]  Spin Martin is Online
[17:42]  BijoCam Interface v1.3: Checking for updates..
[17:42]  Multi Gadget v1.49.3 by Timeless Prototype
[17:42]  BijoCam Interface v1.3: The BijoCam Interface is a free item.  If you have been charged for it, please IM Yumi Murakami.
[17:42]  BijoCam Interface v1.3: v1.3: You can now hide or display the interface with /202 hide and /202 show.
[17:45]  Scope Cleaver: Hey Chip! 🙂
[17:45]  You: Hi Scope!
[17:45]  Scope Cleaver: How are you?
[17:45]  You: Great – a little tired, but, what else is new 😉
[17:45]  Scope Cleaver: Hehe same here
[17:45]  Scope Cleaver: Working insanely lately.
[17:46]  You: indeed – you’ve been busy.
[17:46]  You: who’s this build for?
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[17:47]  Shukran Fahid is Online
[17:47]  Scope Cleaver: I can’t talk about the project but I got permission to use it for demo
[17:48]  You: ok
[17:48]  You: 🙂
[17:48]  Scope Cleaver: It’s like a 2 month old project
[17:48]  You: we can just taste the eyecandy, then 😀
[17:48]  You: it tastes good.
[17:48]  Scope Cleaver: Hehe, I have nothing else in that Sim I made
[17:48]  You: i’ve got to make a few adjustments over at my infohub – brb
[17:48]  Scope Cleaver: Kk
[17:52]  You: ok
[17:52]  Keystone Bouchard: a few people asked if tehre would be a reminder tonight –
[17:52]  You: i was going to take the suggested agenda from last night and put it in a notecard
[17:52]  Keystone Bouchard: i’ll send them an IM
[17:52]  You: i’ll do a snapzilla shot
[17:52]  Keystone Bouchard: that woudl be awesome
[17:52]  You: i also had another idea
[17:53]  You: Second Life Foundations: A Builders Resource – Wiki!
[17:53]  Keystone Bouchard: YES!
[17:53]  You: I’d hate to lose all the stuff that comes out tonight – if it was a wiki everyone could contribute to it
[17:53]  You: the threads in the builder’s forum aren’t sticky enough
[17:53]  Keystone Bouchard: that’s brilliant
[17:53]  Keystone Bouchard: wife is waiting for me –
[17:53]  You: ok
[17:53]  Keystone Bouchard: gotta run
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[18:00]  Midtown Bienenstich: Hey! Chip 🙂
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[18:02]  You: hi!
[18:02]  You: sorry i was in photoshop there!
[18:02]  Midtown Bienenstich: hehe
[18:02]  Midtown Bienenstich: Keystone told me to hurry and set up
[18:02]  Midtown Bienenstich: I wanted to know where 🙂
[18:03]  You: anywhere
[18:03]  Midtown Bienenstich: Any limits?
[18:03]  You: not really
[18:03]  You: i’ll check to see how many prims are on the island
[18:03]  You: 10000 available or so
[18:03]  You: rez one of your highrises 😀
[18:04]  You: we need some verticality
[18:04]  Midtown Bienenstich: Of course!
[18:04]  Midtown Bienenstich: Just, I didn’t want to appear rude..
[18:04]  You: no way
[18:04]  You: go for it 😀
[18:04]  Midtown Bienenstich: but having it near the center of the island
[18:04]  Midtown Bienenstich: Awesome, I’ll get to it 🙂
[18:06]  You: i was thinking we might move it to the one edge of the sim
[18:06]  Midtown Bienenstich: right
[18:06]  You: that way we’d have maximum visibility for the builds
[18:06]  You: we’ve got an empty spot over there
[18:07]  Midtown Bienenstich shouts: Chip, this plot is subdivided
[18:07]  Object gave you Wood and Glass Patio House (61 prims).
[18:07]  You: oh right
[18:08]  Chase Speculaas is Online
[18:08]  You: sorry bout that
[18:09]  You: I could move my builds from the corner
[18:09]  You: they could probably be supported on the subdivided land
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[18:12]  Shukran Fahid is Online
[18:12]  HeartPaws Poultry is Online
[18:13]  You: how’s that?
[18:13]  Midtown Bienenstich: perfect!
[18:13]  You: ok
[18:13]  You: i’ll re-rez over on the other side 🙂
[18:13]  Midtown Bienenstich: might want to move that Rez Faux though
[18:14]  You: those are kiwinis
[18:14]  You: sorry
[18:14]  Midtown Bienenstich: ’tis cool
[18:14]  You: ok 🙂
[18:15]  You cannot create objects here.  The owner of this land does not allow it.  Use the land tool to see land ownership.
[18:20]  Link failed — pieces too far apart
[18:24]  Midtown Bienenstich: many of them at some point have inspried me through my own ventures here 🙂
[18:25]  You: me too
[18:25]  Midtown Bienenstich: Barnes, and Lordfly tremendously.
[18:25]  You: exactly
[18:25]  You: and very helpful
[18:25]  Midtown Bienenstich: Indeed.
[18:25]  You: i’m going to take a pic and post it up on snapzilla to announce the event
[18:25]  Midtown Bienenstich: It’s a sense of openess that builds the community.
[18:25]  You: exactly
[18:26]  You: it seems to be intact despite the fact that many of the older builders have split up and joined different companies
[18:26]  You: Electric Sheep, Millions of Us, etc.
[18:26]  Rez Menoptra is Online
[18:26]  Midtown Bienenstich: Well, SL is slowly becoming more and more conglomerate.
[18:26]  Midtown Bienenstich: er..
[18:26]  Midtown Bienenstich: nix that
[18:26]  Midtown Bienenstich: *rapidly
[18:26]  You: indeed
[18:27]  You: so i’m hoping tonight’s event can be more about the community
[18:27]  You: i’m going to go out to the edge of the sim and crank up my draw distance
[18:27]  You: and take a pic
[18:27]  You: brb
[18:29]  Keystone Bouchard is Online
[18:29]  Keystone Bouchard: wow!
[18:30]  Keystone Bouchard: yours?
[18:30]  You: I told him to rez something vertical – midtowns 🙂
[18:30]  You: i’m going to spam snapzilla with an announcement
[18:30]  You: put up a screenie with the details
[18:30]  Keystone Bouchard: awesome
[18:30]  Keystone Bouchard: good call!
[18:35]  Chase Speculaas is Offline
[18:35]  You: ok its sent
[18:37]  Midtown Bienenstich: Hey!
[18:37]  Keystone Bouchard: Hey Midtown!
[18:37]  Keystone Bouchard: I was going to ask you… was it Robert Candor that introduced us? A long, long time ago?
[18:37]  Midtown Bienenstich: Yes.
[18:37]  Keystone Bouchard: That was like my 2nd day here
[18:37]  Midtown Bienenstich: Really?
[18:37]  Keystone Bouchard: Yeah
[18:37]  Midtown Bienenstich: Hah!
[18:38]  Keystone Bouchard: He was helping me out in the sandbox
[18:38]  Keystone Bouchard: fixing all my flashies for me
[18:38]  Keystone Bouchard: every now and again he’ll ask me for 30L =) That’s about all I hear from him
[18:38]  Midtown Bienenstich: The Sandbox is definetly the heart of the SL’s content creation community.
[18:38]  Midtown Bienenstich: Yep
[18:38]  Midtown Bienenstich: that’s Robert 🙂
[18:39]  Midtown Bienenstich: I’ve been keeping on your achievements through your media appearances
[18:39]  Midtown Bienenstich: That is, the M2 xD
[18:39]  Keystone Bouchard: haha! cool =)
[18:39]  Midtown Bienenstich: And of course, there’s always Chip’s blog
[18:40]  You: Which you will soon be appearing in, BTW 🙂
[18:40]  Midtown Bienenstich: haha, spectacular
[18:40]  Midtown Bienenstich: I really love the idea of uniting the community like this.
[18:40]  You: i think lordfly used to do this kind of thing back in the day
[18:40]  Keystone Bouchard: I think this will be fun
[18:40]  Midtown Bienenstich: Blogs are great, but it’s a lot more interactive through in-world shows.
[18:40]  Midtown Bienenstich: Agreed 🙂
[18:41]  Midtown Bienenstich: Shows is so not the word xD
[18:41]  Midtown Bienenstich: Events 🙂
[18:41]  Keystone Bouchard: I know what you mean
[18:41]  Keystone Bouchard: this really is a pretty solid cross section through the various architectural disciplines of SL
[18:42]  Midtown Bienenstich: Definetly.
[18:42]  Keystone Bouchard: awe shit – word has it TP’s are breaking…
[18:43]  Keystone Bouchard: Welcome ArchTx! Long time no see!
[18:43]  Midtown Bienenstich: Well, I’m not sure if LL’s mentioned it
[18:43]  ArchTx Edo: Hello Keystone, good to see you again
[18:43]  Midtown Bienenstich: but, TP’s from island to island are not working.
[18:43]  ArchTx Edo: so if you send teleports that works ok?
[18:43]  Keystone Bouchard: I guess so
[18:43]  ArchTx Edo: ahh I was on the mainland,
[18:43]  Midtown Bienenstich: You have to first teleport to the original Mainland.
[18:43]  Midtown Bienenstich: then teleport to the island you are trying to reach
[18:43]  Keystone Bouchard: Jeepers
[18:44]  Keystone Bouchard: that’s not good
[18:44]  ArchTx Edo: but I think I was trying to use the wrong landmark lol
[18:44]  Midtown Bienenstich: haha
[18:44]  Midtown Bienenstich: Welcome 🙂
[18:44]  ArchTx Edo: thank you
[18:44]  ArchTx Edo: so do you want me to rez some houses here?
[18:44]  Keystone Bouchard: absolutely
[18:44]  Keystone Bouchard: wherever you can find room – we’ve been keeping this middle area open
[18:45]  Keystone Bouchard: there is one area that’s parcelled that isn’t working out very well – no prims there
[18:45]  Keystone Bouchard: but anywhere else is cool
[18:45]  ArchTx Edo: looking around
[18:45]  Keystone Bouchard accepted your inventory offer.
[18:45]  ArchTx Edo: lets see if can squeeze one in 🙂
[18:46]  Keystone Bouchard: should we sit?
[18:46]  You: sure
[18:46]  Keystone Bouchard: welcome Kerhop!
[18:46]  Keystone Bouchard: Awesome glasses Kerhop
[18:46]  You: i wonder what would happen if we moved the seating area over to the parcel
[18:47]  Kerhop Seattle: 🙂
[18:47]  You: is it set to auto return
[18:47]  You: ?
[18:47]  Keystone Bouchard: I think so
[18:47]  Keystone Bouchard: it has been behaving strangly
[18:47]  Midtown Bienenstich: Do scripts work on that parcel?
[18:47]  You: not sure
[18:48]  You: i think that you can move rezzed objects onto it
[18:48]  Keystone Bouchard: I have mod rights, but everything I do to it doesn’t seem to stick
[18:48]  You: i’ll try moving the infohub onto it and see if it esplodes
[18:48]  You: hehe
[18:51]  Midtown Bienenstich: Hey!
[18:51]  Shukran Fahid: is this a byoc pasrty?
[18:52]  ArchTx Edo: what? 🙂 I did not understand your question.
[18:52]  Keystone Bouchard: nope – have a seat =)
[18:52]  You: Hi Shuk!
[18:52]  Shukran Fahid: funny, funny…im laffin!
[18:52]  Shukran Fahid: Thank You! key
[18:52]  Keystone Bouchard: plenty of chairs
[18:52]  Keystone Bouchard: welcome Diesel
[18:52]  You: Where’d quirky go?
[18:52]  Keystone Bouchard: Good tos ee you again!
[18:52]  Midtown Bienenstich: She had to relog
[18:53]  ArchTx Edo: this is nice always room for one more
[18:53]  Diesel Maverick: Hi guys
[18:53]  ArchTx Edo: I have to get one of these, very nice
[18:53]  Midtown Bienenstich: ‘lo 🙂
[18:53]  You: Hi Diesel
[18:53]  ArchTx Edo: Hello Y’all
[18:53]  Keystone Bouchard: do you use multi-gadget Archtx?
[18:53]  Keystone Bouchard: it’s free with Multi-Gadget
[18:53]  Keystone Bouchard: there’s a command you enter –
[18:53]  ArchTx Edo: no I have never tried it, cool, I will have to get one
[18:53]  Keystone Bouchard: and it gives you a setup
[18:53]  You: /mg chair
[18:53]  Multi Gadget v1.49.3: Accept the Multi Chair Coffee Table, and rez it on the ground from your inventory.
[18:54]  Keystone Bouchard: yeah
[18:54]  Shukran Fahid: i got a virus today all u….so im on a backup…*spelling errors increase*
[18:54]  You decline Multi Chair Coffee Table v1.0.39 (Blue and Black) from Multi Gadget v1.49.3.
[18:54]  You: ooh – sorry to hear
[18:54]  ArchTx Edo: ohh so sorry Shukran
[18:54]  Boliver Oddfellow is Offline
[18:54]  Shukran Fahid: *as does lag*
[18:54]  Detect Surface is Online
[18:54]  Midtown Bienenstich: Lag kills ppl 😦
[18:54]  ArchTx Edo: I lost my hard drive a couple of weeks ago, and no I did not have a back up LOL
[18:54]  Midtown Bienenstich: or at least crashes them horribly.
[18:55]  Shukran Fahid: shitty in 15 yrs ive never gottten one
[18:55]  You: Hi Liliana 🙂
[18:55]  Liliana Bishop: hello everyone
[18:55]  Shukran Fahid: no midtown …guns do
[18:55]  Shukran Fahid: hey lil
[18:55]  Midtown Bienenstich: haha
[18:55]  ArchTx Edo: grab an empty chair, apparantly this table rezzes a new one everytime someone sits down
[18:55]  Shukran Fahid: nice
[18:55]  Keystone Bouchard: yep – grab a chair
[18:55]  Midtown Bienenstich: There’s a max of 16 chairs, no?
[18:55]  Keystone Bouchard: it’s like the opposite of duck duck goose
[18:55]  Midtown Bienenstich: haha
[18:55]  Shukran Fahid: r gray duck :/
[18:56]  Shukran Fahid: smells wisconsin blood
[18:56]  Keystone Bouchard: what’s up Rez!
[18:56]  Rez Menoptra: hehe not much
[18:56]  Reznor McClure: Hello Folks
[18:56]  Keystone Bouchard: awe c’mon – that’s cheese you smell
[18:56]  Shukran Fahid: lmao
[18:56]  You: Hey Rez!
[18:56]  Multi Chair Coffee Table v1.0.39 (Blue and Black) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
[18:56]  Shukran Fahid: hey monkey girl
[18:56]  Rez Menoptra: Hey Chip, how you doin?
[18:56]  Keystone Bouchard: uh oh – did we reach an end to the seats?
[18:56]  Quirky McArdle: hey y’all
[18:56]  You: Good
[18:57]  Midtown Bienenstich: Yep
[18:57]  You: I think we did
[18:57]  Keystone Bouchard: i thought they were infinite
[18:57]  Rez Menoptra: wouldn’t that be nice
[18:57]  Keystone Bouchard: uh oh
[18:57]  Midtown Bienenstich: Just rez another chair
[18:57]  Shukran Fahid: there u go Q
[18:57]  Midtown Bienenstich: with the command.
[18:57]  Keystone Bouchard: will it stay in the circle?
[18:57]  Midtown Bienenstich: Nope 😦
[18:57]  Quirky McArdle: /ao off
[18:57]  Quirky McArdle: Thank You! shuk
[18:58]  You: we could rez one in the same spot and just rotate it slightly off axis
[18:58]  Keystone Bouchard: so, for our first order of business – who has made some really cool chairs they want to share with us?
[18:58]  Quirky McArdle: lol
[18:58]  Midtown Bienenstich: haha
[18:58]  You: 😀
[18:58]  Rez Menoptra: lol keystone
[18:58]  Reznor McClure: I can, it is a friends
[18:58]  Midtown Bienenstich: We can use Scope’s auditorium 🙂
[18:58]  ArchTx Edo: lol I do have tons of chairs
[18:58]  Keystone Bouchard: oh wow Shukran – very cool!
[18:58]  Quirky McArdle: oh! ambience by Fahid
[18:59]  Midtown Bienenstich: ah..
[18:59]  Keystone Bouchard: makes me want to go camping!
[18:59]  Midtown Bienenstich: so that explains Shuk’s camping bags he had on earlier 🙂
[18:59]  Shukran Fahid: there campsite
[18:59]  Shukran Fahid: 😛
[18:59]  You: we could lay out some of those logs in a circle shuk
[19:00]  You: hehe lay some logs
[19:00]  You: can’t believe i just said that
[19:00]  Rez Menoptra: haha
[19:00]  Keystone Bouchard: hahah!
[19:00]  Keystone Bouchard: lets do it
[19:00]  Keystone Bouchard: everyone grab a log =)
[19:00]  ArchTx Edo: Rez a cube and sit on that, always one handy
[19:00]  Midtown Bienenstich: I want access to the free beer 😛
[19:00]  You: its big, its heavy, its wood
[19:00]  ArchTx Edo: whooh hooo its fun when it spins in circles
[19:00]  Shukran Fahid: funny, funny…im laffin!
[19:01]  Cafmboss Vig: /mg chair
[19:01]  Shukran Fahid: some one rez a “soapbox” by the tent
[19:01]  Quirky McArdle: was thinking about geting *in* it
[19:01]  Rez Menoptra: haha i feel so poised to do something
[19:01]  Midtown Bienenstich: roast marshmellows? 😮
[19:02]  Shukran Fahid: 😀
[19:02]  You: its getting warm around here
[19:02]  Shukran Fahid: yea sorry im a pyro
[19:02]  Midtown Bienenstich: haha!
[19:02]  Shukran Fahid: coolers make a good seat too
[19:02]  Shukran Fahid: or if u wanna make out theres some sex balls in the tent
[19:02]  Shukran Fahid: :/
[19:02]  Midtown Bienenstich: I’m going old skool for chairs.
[19:03]  You: they say ‘sleep’ on em.
[19:03]  Shukran Fahid: well
[19:03]  Quirky McArdle: euphemism?
[19:03]  Shukran Fahid: ok they r PG sex balls
[19:03]  You: ahh
[19:03]  ArchTx Edo: PG sex, oh my what a concept, do you have to have both parents there?
[19:03]  Quirky McArdle: sex balls for exhausted developers… they say “sleep”
[19:04]  Shukran Fahid: lmao!!!!
[19:04]  Siri Vezina: that is a GREAT tent!
[19:04]  ArchTx Edo: he he that is a great tent
[19:05]  You: well
[19:05]  Spoony Barth: So, uh… what are we all doing?
[19:05]  Shiner Bock whispers:
[19:05]  Siri Vezina: thanks, Shukran
[19:05]  Midtown Bienenstich: Camping
[19:05]  Shukran Fahid gave you shuks ruck sac 6.0.
[19:05]  You: I was just going to say
[19:05]  Spoony Barth: Sounds simple enough.
[19:06]  Siri Vezina: better secure those coolers against the bears
[19:06]  Quirky McArdle: incoming
[19:06]  You: we’re gathered around the campfire’s warm glowing warming glow to talk about building in SL
[19:06]  Shukran Fahid: 😛
[19:06]  Shiner Bock whispers:
[19:06]  Shukran Fahid: building in SL yes
[19:06]  Siri Vezina: thanks, ArchTx
[19:06]  Midtown Bienenstich: Thanks 🙂
[19:06]  Rez Menoptra: yeah ty
[19:07]  Midtown Bienenstich: For teh Bock.
[19:07]  Annetha Christensen: ty
[19:07]  You: we thought we’d bring together some of SL’s more experienced builders together with some of you who may be new to SL
[19:07]  Reznor McClure: TY ArchTx Edo
[19:07]  You: and see if we might be able to share some resources and answer questions
[19:07]  Shiner Bock whispers:
[19:07]  Quirky McArdle: Thank You! arch
[19:07]  Shiner Bock whispers:
[19:07]  Shiner Bock whispers:
[19:07]  funhaus Stilman is Online
[19:07]  ArchTx Edo: YW, Shiner Bock Beer, made in Shiner TExas 🙂
[19:07]  You: this might lead into a discussion of new features we’d like to see in the client that would make building easier
[19:07]  ArchTx Edo gave you Shiner Bock.
[19:08]  Spoony Barth: I just started yesterday. I have made a spray paint can. I’d like to learn more. =P
[19:08]  Shukran Fahid: OMZG i have one right off the bat \*waits for que*
[19:08]  You: as well, we’ve invited people to rez some of there work here so we might do a bit of show n’ tell
[19:08]  Spoony Barth: Thanks, Arch.
[19:08]  Reznor McClure: RAD
[19:08]  Areyn Laurasia: Thank you, ArchTx
[19:09]  Shiner Bock whispers:
[19:09]  ArchTx Edo: YW
[19:09]  Shiner Bock whispers:
[19:09]  Warm Blood whispers: AHHHH,BLOOD… The PERFECT nightcap!
[19:09]  You: Maybe we can introduce some of the panel we’ve invited
[19:09]  You: but you notice that we’re going for more of a discussion in the round /oval/ oblong/ wobbly thingy we’ve got going here
[19:10]  You: and have forgone the use of a stage
[19:10]  Shukran Fahid: ha!
[19:10]  Shukran Fahid: break the norm chip!
[19:10]  You: the intention is for this to be somewhat informal, but if you have any questions feel free to IM them to me, and I’ll convey them
[19:10]  Shiner Bock whispers:
[19:11]  Quirky McArdle wonders if she has a “norm chip”
[19:11]  ArchTx Edo: There are empty sit ball left on some logs if anyone else wants to sit
[19:11]  Shukran Fahid: lolQ
[19:11]  Vittorio Barbarino: np
[19:11]  You: this is the first event i’ve hosted so, you know…my apologies in advance for any chaos, randomness and otherwise fractal behavior
[19:11]  Quine Mondrian: Hello.
[19:11]  Siri Vezina: hi, Quine, thanks for joining my log
[19:11]  Spoony Barth: Is this your land, Chip?
[19:11]  Shukran Fahid: fractals are a god point to launch a design discusion….
[19:12]  You: I’ll let keystone field that one
[19:12]  Shukran Fahid: good and god i guess
[19:12]  You: or I will
[19:12]  You: the land we’re on tonight is courtesy of Clear Ink
[19:12]  Spoony Barth: So indicates the giant thought bubble over there?
[19:12]  You: they’ve made the island public for the evening for us to rez our creations – indeed Spoony 🙂
[19:13]  Shukran Fahid: oh btw i saw MofU build on BBC tonight
[19:13]  funhaus Stilman: hi everyone
[19:13]  Boliver Oddfellow is Offline
[19:13]  Areyn Laurasia: hello
[19:13]  Keystone Bouchard: sorry – was sending TP’s =) notices are down tonight…
[19:14]  Keystone Bouchard: I recently started working with Clear Ink – they’re an SL Dev company who most recently finished Autodesk Island among other things
[19:14]  Keystone Bouchard: so, I’ve asked if we could use this island tonight
[19:14]  Quine Mondrian: OK, I’ve got what’s probably a newbie-type question: I’ve seen prims that seem to defy the normal 10 m3 limit. How can I do that in my large builds?
[19:15]  ArchTx Edo: Thank you Clear Ink!
[19:15]  Rez Menoptra: libsl, but it’s not possible really anymore
[19:15]  Reznor McClure: LOL…Thanks CI
[19:15]  Midtown Bienenstich: Yeah, they aren’t as functional anymore.
[19:16]  Keystone Bouchard: if anyone is interested, I’ll give a tour of Autodesk Island to anyone interested – it’s not really part of tonight’s agenda though – IM me after the meeting
[19:16]  You: First thing I’d like to know – are there any new residents here tonight?
[19:16]  Quine Mondrian: Not as functional how?
[19:16]  ArchTx Edo: I understand the Lindens gave Electric Sheep the OK to use large priims in the build they are doing for NOAA
[19:16]  Maximiliam Utu: I have interest
[19:16]  Rez Menoptra: no archtx, that’s aimee weber’s baby
[19:16]  Rez Menoptra: and LL hasn’t given anyone the ‘okay’
[19:16]  Spoony Barth: I’m new, Chip. Joined yesterday while looking at another resident’s awesome, awesome avatar work.
[19:16]  Rez Menoptra: it’s silly to rely on them
[19:16]  ArchTx Edo: OK I heard it was oK in private sims
[19:16]  Scope Cleaver: I wonder if they’re ever going to remove them from the DB
[19:17]  Midtown Bienenstich: Yes, LL is trying to cope with the rapid surge in population growth.
[19:17]  Rez Menoptra: yeah, i think it’s probably fine on private islands if you wanted
[19:17]  Rez Menoptra: doubtful, scope
[19:18]  Shukran Fahid: welcome to SL spoony!
[19:18]  Quine Mondrian: OK, I think I understand.
[19:18]  Spoony Barth: Thanks 😀
[19:18]  Reznor McClure: yeah…Welcome man
[19:18]  Dancoyote Antonelli: heyas!
[19:18]  You: Anybody else here who’s new to SL or new to building?
[19:18]  Shukran Fahid: hey dancoyote!
[19:18]  Quine Mondrian isn’t new to SL, but is new to building large.
[19:18]  Vittorio Barbarino: I’m new
[19:18]  Reznor McClure: I am New to building
[19:18]  Quirky McArdle: hey dancoyote
[19:18]  Kim Chihuly: new to building here
[19:19]  Dancoyote Antonelli: heyas QM!
[19:19]  Keystone Bouchard: so, in general, has the use of mega-prims been a helpful tool for builders and architects?
[19:19]  Cafmboss Vig: new too
[19:19]  Diesel Maverick: pretty new here
[19:19]  Zarta Vargas: absolutely, key
[19:19]  Keystone Bouchard: is this something we want to support? are there any drawbacks?
[19:19]  Quirky McArdle: how many of the new folks are RL architects and designers?
[19:19]  Midtown Bienenstich: Definetly support.
[19:19]  Zarta Vargas: yes, they have some bugs.. and cannot be resized
[19:19]  Vittorio Barbarino: I’m an architect
[19:19]  Rez Menoptra: no, they’re not super helpful, and they have problems playing with the physics engine
[19:19]  Keystone Bouchard: i know I felt immediately hindered by the limit in prim size from my first buid on
[19:19]  ArchTx Edo: Architect
[19:20]  Rez Menoptra: architect
[19:20]  You: Me too
[19:20]  Diesel Maverick: I am here with my wife an RL architect
[19:20]  Shukran Fahid: designer sl n RL
[19:20]  Midtown Bienenstich: Essentially, LL can make them anysize they want, but to prevent abuse they capped it at 10
[19:20]  Liliana Bishop: i’m an architect, but new here
[19:20]  funhaus Stilman raises his hand
[19:20]  Keystone Bouchard: architect
[19:20]  Scope Cleaver: it’s not so much about prim size as prim limits
[19:20]  Spoony Barth: Well snap, I bet all of you architects are going to make amazing builders…
[19:20]  Maximiliam Utu: architect
[19:20]  Siri Vezina: uh oh, I’m an environmental science professor
[19:20]  Siri Vezina: maybe I should leave
[19:20]  Quirky McArdle: great group!
[19:20]  You: 😀
[19:20]  Scope Cleaver: Does mega prims really help you to save prims
[19:20]  Boliver Oddfellow is Online
[19:20]  Quine Mondrian: My main struggle is in building cylinders, arcs, spherical sections with a radius >5m.
[19:20]  Midtown Bienenstich: haha
[19:20]  Shukran Fahid: yes size doesnt matter
[19:20]  You: I’m an interdisciplinarian 🙂
[19:20]  Kim Chihuly: no siri – don’t leave – i’m a communications prof<g>
[19:20]  Spoony Barth: I’m just a lowly high school student with too much time D:
[19:21]  Zarta Vargas: they save prims for me, scope
[19:21]  Dancoyote Antonelli: (artist?)
[19:21]  Siri Vezina: *sigh of relief*
[19:21]  Keystone Bouchard: architecture needs environmental scientists!
[19:21]  Midtown Bienenstich: Spoony: That’s how I got started here xD
[19:21]  Kim Chihuly: no question mark needed dancoyote!
[19:21]  Siri Vezina: sure do!
[19:21]  Dancoyote Antonelli: hehe
[19:21]  Siri Vezina: (building a solar house in RL)
[19:21]  Quine Mondrian: And stringing together boxes along a curve seems like such a hack.
[19:21]  Keystone Bouchard: excellent!
[19:21]  ArchTx Edo: mega prims can have an advantage when you want to animate a large textture, instead of it being limited to 10×10 no visible seams
[19:21]  Shukran Fahid: cool siri
[19:21]  Scope Cleaver: Ahgood point ArchTx
[19:22]  You: The question of generating a large circle is a good one
[19:22]  Zarta Vargas: they’re also advantageous when building a large area
[19:22]  You: one of the first tools I came across was called the ‘ringmaker’
[19:22]  Keystone Bouchard: someone at Clear Ink developed a tool that allows you to map a dynamically updating DWF data to the surface of a prim – in that case, I can see mega-prims being mega-useful
[19:22]  Midtown Bienenstich: Mega prims would be useful for building long, repetative segments. Like a 50m bar as a single piece, instead of 5-10m ones.
[19:22]  You: it is a script that allows large diameter circles
[19:22]  funhaus Stilman: yay for seifert surface 🙂
[19:22]  You: to compensate for the 10m limitation
[19:22]  RingMaker1.03: Sides: 8.000000
[19:22]  RingMaker1.03: Radius: 4.000000
[19:22]  RingMaker1.03: Height: 1.000000
[19:22]  RingMaker1.03: Hollow: 0.000000
[19:22]  RingMaker1.03: Z Offset: 0.000000
[19:22]  RingMaker1.03: Mode: Ring
[19:22]  RingMaker1.03: Color: <0.00000, 0.00000, 0.00000>
[19:23]  You: right – that’s the one
[19:23]  Shukran Fahid: not the ring maker ahhhh
[19:23]  Shukran Fahid: get it away
[19:23]  You: Shuk has issues with the ringmaker?
[19:23]  Scope Cleaver: *laughs*
[19:23]  Quine Mondrian: Yah, I have that RingMaker tgoo, Chip. It doesn’t help me with larger domes or cones, though.
[19:23]  Dancoyote Antonelli: hehe
[19:23]  Spoony Barth: I see a giant red cone…
[19:23]  You: you’re preferred tool of choice?
[19:23]  Shukran Fahid: i do it old skool
[19:23]  Midtown Bienenstich: Shuk: RingMaker wants to be your friend 🙂
[19:23]  Reznor McClure: mapping the image on to a mega prim, loses quality…limit on image size
[19:23]  Shukran Fahid: 😛
[19:23]  You: this is the kind of info we were hoping we could share
[19:23]  Shukran Fahid: i dated ringmaker for a while
[19:23]  Quine Mondrian: Do Not Taunt Happy Fun RingMaker! 😉
[19:24]  Spoony Barth: Cone just moved!
[19:24]  Shukran Fahid: we broke up
[19:24]  Dancoyote Antonelli: hahaha
[19:24]  Midtown Bienenstich: lol
[19:24]  You: hehe
[19:24]  Spoony Barth: Oh snap it’s become self aware!
[19:24]  Tab Scott: DWF to a prim would be very useful.
[19:24]  Shukran Fahid: funny, funny…im laffin!
[19:24]  Midtown Bienenstich: DFW?
[19:24]  Midtown Bienenstich: oh, DWF
[19:24]  You: design web format
[19:24]  Keystone Bouchard: in order for the DWF on a prim to work, we need mod/copy rights – which isn’t allowed with mega-prims
[19:24]  This Way Up: Please right-click and select Teleport
[19:24]  You: its a type of cad file
[19:24]  Midtown Bienenstich: whoops, thinkin airports xD
[19:24]  You: hehe
[19:25]  Dancoyote Antonelli: some mods are possible
[19:25]  Dancoyote Antonelli: on mp
[19:25]  Keystone Bouchard: but, importing a large plan onto a single surface, which is dynamically linked to the cad drawing would make things so much easier for larger builds
[19:25]  You: so this is a good topic – your preferred building tool, or, the one thing you wish you knew about building in SL when you first started out
[19:25]  Dancoyote Antonelli: twisting
[19:25]  Dancoyote Antonelli: no real utility though
[19:25]  Dancoyote Antonelli: since they are phantom
[19:25]  Quine Mondrian: I didn’t know you could use other building tools.
[19:26]  ArchTx Edo: Builder’s Buddy, free build rezzer
[19:26]  Keystone Bouchard: Has everyone heard of or used Rez Faux? It’s an obvious one for most – but very helpful for anyone starting out…
[19:26]  Midtown Bienenstich: Yes.
[19:26]  Annetha Christensen: i have
[19:26]  Spoony Barth: Never used it, Key, what is it?
[19:26]  Reznor McClure: yes
[19:26]  Quine Mondrian: And the ones I’ve tried aren’t as easy as the SL tools.
[19:26]  Reznor McClure: I have one
[19:26]  Keystone Bouchard: its like Builder Buddy
[19:26]  Spoony Barth: Never used that either.
[19:26]  Midtown Bienenstich: Rez-Faux, or RezFoo is an essential tool.
[19:26]  Keystone Bouchard: you place a script in each linked object, then place each object in a box – then when you click on that box, everything rez’s where it last was…
[19:26]  Reznor McClure: I rez somthing here, with it
[19:26]  Midtown Bienenstich: It allows for quick re-deployment of you work.
[19:27]  Reznor McClure: I can?
[19:27]  Shukran Fahid: this tent was made with a similar script to rez foo
[19:27]  Spoony Barth: Oh wow, that is handy
[19:27]  You: what it also does is get past the limitation that we have with linking objects
[19:27]  Builders Tape Measure new whispers: Measuring Tape, click me
[19:27]  Midtown Bienenstich: RezFoo is ideal when you also need to distribute your work.
[19:27]  You: you can’t link objects that are further than 30m apart
[19:27]  Keystone Bouchard: it helps with the limitations to the number of objects you’re allowed to link – and the distance limits between prims in a linked set
[19:27]  ArchTx Edo: Builders buddy does the same thing and its ffree, it allows you to save a large unliked build and rez it from an installation box, moving it around by moving the b ox
[19:27]  Spoony Barth: Well that’s nice.
[19:27]  Shukran Fahid: yea to builder buddie edo
[19:27]  Spoony Barth: really nice.
[19:28]  funhaus Stilman is Offline
[19:28]  ArchTx Edo: I will set out a cube in front of me with the free Buiilders Buddy scripts inside it, and instructions.
[19:28]  You: Is there a *definitive* version of builder’s buddy?
[19:28]  Quine Mondrian: In one of the sandboxes I’ve been able to select a group of objects that were otherwise too far away to link, and Take them into my inventory. They seem to come together into a single object, that when rezzed unpacks everything the way it was.
[19:28]  You: I’ve seen a lot of different versions in the builders forum
[19:28]  ArchTx Edo: the cube will be free to buy the contents to get Builders Buddy
[19:28]  You: great- thanks ArchTx!
[19:29]  funhaus Stilman is Online
[19:29]  Scope Cleaver: I have 1.6 listed in my INV
[19:29]  Keystone Bouchard: Thanks ArchTx!
[19:29]  Builders Tape Measure new whispers: Average Avatar height, click again for door height
[19:29]  Quine Mondrian: Is that waht Builder Buddy or RezFaux does?
[19:29]  Builders Tape Measure new whispers: Door height and width, click again for first floor height
[19:29]  Midtown Bienenstich: I can show an example of RezFoo.
[19:29]  Builders Tape Measure new whispers: First floor ceiling height, click again for hallway width
[19:29]  Builders Tape Measure new whispers: Hallway width, click again for room size
[19:29]  Reznor McClure: what is the difference between Rez-Faux and Builders Buddy
[19:29]  Builders Tape Measure new whispers: Room size, click again for second floor ceiling height
[19:29]  Builders Tape Measure new whispers: Second floor ceiling height, click again to reset
[19:30]  Reznor McClure: plezz
[19:30]  Reznor McClure: ?
[19:30]  Katja Karski: about 600L.
[19:30]  Shukran Fahid: rbuilder buddy is the best
[19:30]  Keystone Bouchard: they’re essentially the same –
[19:30]  Midtown Bienenstich: Not sure, more than likely.. they are just competing brands
[19:30]  Reznor McClure: I see
[19:30]  Keystone Bouchard: but one costs money =)
[19:30]  Rez Menoptra: money is the difference
[19:30]  Spoony Barth: oh wow, that ruler is really cool
[19:30]  Builders Tape Measure new whispers: Measuring Tape, click me
[19:30]  Reznor McClure: okay—TY
[19:30]  Shukran Fahid: one you can modify better too the BB
[19:30]  Ice Brodie is Online
[19:30]  You: Rez, do you use any of these tools?
[19:31]  Katja Karski: rez faux though, I think has a little extra checking which stops it dropping occasional objects on rotation, the way BB seems to, every now and then
[19:31]  Rez Menoptra: nope.
[19:31]  You: Do you key in coordinates or eyeball it?
[19:31]  Rez Menoptra: both at times
[19:31]  Annetha Christensen: i use rez faux and texture align
[19:31]  You: cool
[19:31]  Midtown Bienenstich is faithful to the Grid.
[19:31]  Rez Menoptra: i use the reference grid a lot
[19:31]  You: I have a tip I’d like to share
[19:31]  Reznor McClure: I ues rez faux
[19:31]  Rez Menoptra: but it’s broken
[19:31]  Rez Menoptra: right now
[19:32]  You: tell us mre about how reference grid works under normal circumstances
[19:32]  Rez Menoptra: normally the reference grid works by showing in demarcations of the reference prim’s size
[19:32]  Shukran Fahid: *listening*
[19:32]  Rez Menoptra: you typically will make a prim
[19:32]  Rez Menoptra: then which you set by hitting shift g (chat closed) to reference
[19:33]  Rez Menoptra: you’ll see the ruler mode on the build menu change
[19:33]  Rez Menoptra: to reference
[19:33]  Reznor McClure: hummm
[19:33]  Reznor McClure: nice
[19:33]  You: so you essentially set your units for the grid
[19:33]  Rez Menoptra: so then, any other prim you pick will have the transform gizmo aligned with that reference prim’s size and directions
[19:33]  You: based on an object you create
[19:33]  Quine Mondrian: Never knew what that was for. Cool.
[19:33]  Rez Menoptra: yes
[19:33]  Rez Menoptra: it’s the most awesome of the grids
[19:33]  You: the other great feature is the ‘local’ grid
[19:33]  Rez Menoptra: yes
[19:33]  Rez Menoptra: that’s the other
[19:33]  You: that was a big help to me
[19:33]  Quine Mondrian: I suppose I could have just RTFMed…
[19:34]  Midtown Bienenstich: Reference is EXTREMELY useful for aligning objects that are not parallel to the X, Y or Z axis.
[19:34]  Rez Menoptra: yes, midtown
[19:34]  Rez Menoptra: totally
[19:34]  You: exactly
[19:34]  You: and local is also nice
[19:34]  Vittorio Barbarino: RTFMed?
[19:34]  Rez Menoptra: moving things along another axis without having to roate to the locals of that
[19:34]  You: because the reference is .5x, 1x, 2x the length of the object itself
[19:34]  Shukran Fahid: local is good for buttin prims
[19:34]  Shukran Fahid: ]
[19:34]  Midtown Bienenstich: yep
[19:34]  Rez Menoptra: yes, but not as good as reference, actually
[19:35]  Midtown Bienenstich: oh, wait.. I’ve never used local, I thought you were talking about reference
[19:35]  You: anyone not know what we’re talking about here?
[19:35]  Shukran Fahid: listens
[19:35]  Tennyson Gardenvale: i am a student of architectural theory at bard college, and im writing a paper of the phenomenology of virtual space. i was wondering if i could interview someone…
[19:35]  Keystone Bouchard: I see some other tools rez’d back here – including builder’s tape, a builder platform, etc. can anyone talk about that?
[19:35]  Siri Vezina: I do, but I’ve not used the different modes very much
[19:35]  Kvasir Olbracht is Online
[19:35]  Rez Menoptra: you can drag your prim to the .5 of the refprim
[19:35]  Siri Vezina: I haven’t made any building sized items yet, except for a lighthouse
[19:35]  Rez Menoptra: then switch to local and drag it .5 o fit’s own size
[19:35]  Vittorio Barbarino: ciao Zoe
[19:36]  Zoe Visconti: ciao
[19:36]  Zoe Visconti: finalmente
[19:36]  Builders Tape Measure new whispers: Average Avatar height, click again for door height
[19:36]  Midtown Bienenstich: I think that’s one of the most interesting decision a builder first makes in SL..
[19:36]  Builders Tape Measure new whispers: Door height and width, click again for first floor height
[19:36]  Builders Tape Measure new whispers: First floor ceiling height, click again for hallway width
[19:36]  Midtown Bienenstich: deciding whether to “eyeball” it or use a “ruler mode”
[19:36]  You: i’d say that learning about the three types of grids was one of the most helpful things I’ve discovered
[19:36]  Rez Menoptra: i’ve done both
[19:36]  Rez Menoptra: yes
[19:36]  Rez Menoptra: agreed
[19:36]  Tennyson Gardenvale: what is putatively the most beautiful piece of architecture, civic or private in sl right now?
[19:36]  Rez Menoptra: i still do both
[19:36]  Rez Menoptra: haha
[19:37]  Rez Menoptra: that’s a hard question, tennyson
[19:37]  Builders Tape Measure new whispers: Hallway width, click again for room size
[19:37]  Katja Karski: I don’t see why it has to be a decision, really… most builds of any real size could easily be a combination of both.
[19:37]  Reznor McClure: matter of opinoion
[19:37]  Reznor McClure: *
[19:37]  Rez Menoptra: yes, katja, you’re right
[19:37]  ArchTx Edo: OK it took a while to load the scripts into this brown chest at my feet but you can buy the contents for $0 to get builders buddy.
[19:37]  Midtown Bienenstich: I think that it depends on what you’re trying to achieve: For symmetry, the rulers. For old ends: Eyeball.
[19:37]  Midtown Bienenstich: *odd
[19:37]  Tennyson Gardenvale: do you think most builders in second life are taking cues from actual architects? that is to say, do you think they have a knowledge of architectural practice and style
[19:37]  Rez Menoptra: agreed, midtown
[19:38]  Rez Menoptra: yes, tennyson, some are
[19:38]  Rez Menoptra: in fact, i’d say most are
[19:38]  Builders Tape Measure new whispers: Room size, click again for second floor ceiling height
[19:38]  Rez Menoptra: if maybe unknowingly even
[19:38]  You: some aren’t
[19:38]  Builders Tape Measure new whispers: Second floor ceiling height, click again to reset
[19:38]  Rez Menoptra: true
[19:38]  You: many are creating hybrids
[19:38]  Tennyson Gardenvale: but i notice that most architecture built in online game worldstends to be either of the greek or neo-classical type
[19:38]  Rez Menoptra: much is, yes tennyson
[19:39]  Midtown Bienenstich: Sounds like an RPG
[19:39]  Dancoyote Antonelli: I think people are catching on in stages
[19:39]  Rez Menoptra: but some of the fun stuff really isn’t
[19:39]  Katja Karski: by most builders do you mean most people who practice prim maniupulation? – in that case I’d say most don’t.
[19:39]  Katja Karski: but most builders who turn out anything recognisable are taking hints, for sure.
[19:39]  Shukran Fahid: self promoter tells tenn to go to dell
[19:39]  You: around these campfire-ae you’ll find builders of many different styles
[19:39]  Annetha Christensen: indeed
[19:39]  Tennyson Gardenvale: but this is a minority i feel?
[19:40]  Midtown Bienenstich: I find most architecture in SL, to be more or less of the current era, with some leaning toward the more exotic (no gravity = interesting concepts)
[19:40]  Dancoyote Antonelli: is is a matter of determining what new architecure is appropriate for SL
[19:40]  Spoony Barth: Mmm… I want to make post-apocalytpic sort of run-down office building… type… structures.
[19:40]  Dancoyote Antonelli: how much of oldschool
[19:40]  Dancoyote Antonelli: is necessary
[19:40]  You: exactly
[19:40]  Dancoyote Antonelli: for good user interface
[19:40]  You: that’s the main reason I started blogging
[19:40]  Dancoyote Antonelli: we dont needs shelter
[19:40]  Rez Menoptra: and good looking space
[19:40]  Tennyson Gardenvale: my question is whether architecture built in virtual worlds like second life will ever begin to influence architectural practice in the real world
[19:41]  Annetha Christensen: there are also fantasy builds
[19:41]  Midtown Bienenstich: More than likely.
[19:41]  Rez Menoptra: i would hope it could, tennyson
[19:41]  You: i’d say it already has
[19:41]  Cafmboss Vig: certainly will affect eventually
[19:41]  Dancoyote Antonelli: fantasy builds in SL are copies of RL
[19:41]  Shukran Fahid: SL has no gravity….
[19:41]  Keystone Bouchard: I think they will Tenny – but we’re talking about building tips, tricks and techniques at this point…
[19:41]  Tennyson Gardenvale: how so?
[19:41]  Katja Karski: that depends on how well the virtual build can perform when physics matters, I suppose
[19:41]  Tennyson Gardenvale: oh osorry
[19:41]  Shukran Fahid: how can that influence RL
[19:41]  Midtown Bienenstich: Because SL does present something that most 3Dtools can’t do… real people are interacting with the virtual builds.
[19:41]  Dancoyote Antonelli: it is a fantasy that there is gravity
[19:41]  Dancoyote Antonelli: in SL
[19:41]  Dancoyote Antonelli: there is no gravity
[19:41]  Dancoyote Antonelli: it is fantsy to pretend there is
[19:42]  You: midtown makes a great point
[19:42]  Dancoyote Antonelli: for instgance
[19:42]  Midtown Bienenstich: So, there’s feedback, sales, appeal, functionalism. Limited perhaps..
[19:42]  ArchTx Edo: It is my impression that most builders in SL do not have an architectural back ground, theya re more into fantasy or have backgrounds in game mods and environments, a small number show some architectural awareness.
[19:42]  Dancoyote Antonelli: what are we on the ground
[19:42]  Midtown Bienenstich: but nonetheless useful data
[19:42]  Shukran Fahid: wow at dans fantasy
[19:42]  Tennyson Gardenvale: i agree with archtx
[19:42]  Dancoyote Antonelli: we are not in Kansas anymore
[19:42]  Reznor McClure: thats me
[19:42]  You: rl architecture can be influenced by the client interaction that can happen when they get to walk through a work of architecture in virtual space before it is built in real space
[19:42]  Dancoyote Antonelli: you are not builders or architects anymor
[19:43]  Dancoyote Antonelli: in SK
[19:43]  Dancoyote Antonelli: SL
[19:43]  Rez Menoptra: haha dan
[19:43]  Dancoyote Antonelli: you are user interface designers
[19:43]  You: suggesting changes, etc. that are not as readily apprehensible in other forms of architectural representation
[19:43]  Annetha Christensen: the prob with that is scale
[19:43]  Dancoyote Antonelli: poof!
[19:43]  Keystone Bouchard: we all have certain visual cues that we’ve learned from childhood – which asissts us in wayfinding – so, the familiarity of gravity is a language we all speak. But, that will eventually evolve
[19:43]  ArchTx Edo: that is not to say there is not some excellent architectural experimentation going on here, that is what fascinates me with SL the freedom to explore
[19:43]  Shukran Fahid: tru dan we are inventing a new space
[19:43]  You: yes
[19:43]  You: scale is an issue
[19:43]  Dancoyote Antonelli: it is the architects job
[19:43]  Spoony Barth: How much architectural awareness do you think it takes to make a functional structure? For instance, someone like me, only a student, how well would I be able to make something without any architectural background whatsoever…
[19:43]  Dancoyote Antonelli: to get people around in SL
[19:43]  Dancoyote Antonelli: to help them find content
[19:43]  Rez Menoptra: Spoony, it would be easy to make, but harder to make look sexy
[19:43]  Dancoyote Antonelli: they want to know
[19:43]  Midtown Bienenstich: I really feel it’s up the imagination.
[19:44]  Tennyson Gardenvale: will virtual architecture ever be perceived in the public imagination as an ACTUAL extension of the real world, as pau lvirilio posits
[19:44]  Dancoyote Antonelli: where is the content?
[19:44]  Dancoyote Antonelli: does that matter?
[19:44]  Dancoyote Antonelli: your questions have a RL bias
[19:44]  Rez Menoptra: I think it will depend on the user interface for the rl person, tennyson
[19:44]  Midtown Bienenstich: I’ve had absolutely no training in the field. Inyet, creation has not dependant on that.
[19:44]  Midtown Bienenstich: .. or in previous game design
[19:44]  Tennyson Gardenvale: i think the technology is certainly not there yet though
[19:44]  Rez Menoptra: no, it’s not
[19:44]  Rez Menoptra: getting there tho
[19:44]  Midtown Bienenstich: Nope.
[19:44]  Dancoyote Antonelli: didnt stop the web
[19:45]  Reznor McClure: lol
[19:45]  Dancoyote Antonelli: or electricity
[19:45]  Dancoyote Antonelli: it was still implemented
[19:45]  Dancoyote Antonelli: or the typewriter
[19:45]  Midtown Bienenstich: The conditions are meeting..
[19:45]  Dancoyote Antonelli: know that story?
[19:45]  Dancoyote Antonelli: its why we are stuck with QWERTY
[19:45]  Midtown Bienenstich: More broadband users everyday, in more countries every day.
[19:45]  Tennyson Gardenvale: tha’ts a sort of distended comparison
[19:45]  Katja Karski: well, architecture isn’t just about aesthetics…. I think perhaps an architect’s most important role is to ensure his aesthetics can maintain structural integrity….
[19:45]  ArchTx Edo: Neither Frank Lloyd Wright or Mies Van de Rohe or Le Corbusier had formal architectural educations, but they did work in the profession as interns per se
[19:45]  funhaus Stilman: i’d like to see the possibility for applying more physics…we have light,: the sun and local lighting, our avatars can fall down…flexi can flap in the breeze…i look forward to more such things, which will surely affect the way we order our builds
[19:45]  Katja Karski: this I thik makes “sexy” builds more approachable to non-architects in SL.
[19:45]  Rez Menoptra: no, katja, i disagree for this space
[19:46]  Dancoyote Antonelli: architecture is about serving the needs of the user
[19:46]  Rez Menoptra: well, that’s probably true
[19:46]  Dancoyote Antonelli: not about vanity
[19:46]  Dancoyote Antonelli: and remediation
[19:46]  Kvasir Olbracht: WHAT???
[19:46]  Katja Karski: Rez, what I’m saying is you don’t *need* to be an architect here… in order to be an asthete.
[19:46]  Kvasir Olbracht: not about vanity..
[19:46]  Rez Menoptra: but i think you don’t really have to do more than hint at things being structurally feasible for it to work
[19:46]  Kvasir Olbracht: please… listen to the discussion!!
[19:46]  Kvasir Olbracht: muahaha.
[19:46]  Rez Menoptra: right, true
[19:47]  Dancoyote Antonelli: enclosures are vanity
[19:47]  Tennyson Gardenvale: i dont hink its a msatter o structural fesabilityor aesthetics but ofmeeting the social needs of a new generation
[19:47]  Rez Menoptra: bah dan, they’re not
[19:47]  ArchTx Edo: one aspect of architecture is about serving the needs of the user, functional needs, but that is not all there is nor always the most important.
[19:47]  Midtown Bienenstich: Why does it’s have to be a single purpose?
[19:47]  Dancoyote Antonelli: they are so poorly done in SL
[19:47]  HeartPaws Poultry is Offline
[19:47]  Dancoyote Antonelli: that they cause low grade anxienty
[19:47]  Midtown Bienenstich: isn’t Architecture a mix of all those conditions?
[19:47]  Annetha Christensen: in SL i jthink its making your dreams come true
[19:47]  Dancoyote Antonelli: claustorphpobia
[19:47]  Tennyson Gardenvale: yes
[19:47]  You: great discussion
[19:48]  Katja Karski: definitely.
[19:48]  funhaus Stilman: I’m with Annetha
[19:48]  Dancoyote Antonelli: anxiety in the user is bad
[19:48]  You: This was going to all come out at some point – but for those in the audience who are looking for issues related more to technique than methodology…
[19:48]  Tennyson Gardenvale: will there be a saved transcript of tonights discusssion anywhere?
[19:48]  Katja Karski: unless your build is supposed to generate anxiety 😉
[19:48]  Dancoyote Antonelli: and it is an architect and builders fault usually
[19:48]  Rez Menoptra: haha
[19:48]  Kvasir Olbracht: we had better not challenge the user with sexy forms either…
[19:48]  Dancoyote Antonelli: true
[19:48]  Reznor McClure: UI design is the same here as in any UI
[19:48]  Keystone Bouchard: I’ll post it on my blog
[19:48]  Rez Menoptra: anxiety can be a good thing
[19:48]  Kvasir Olbracht: that might make people anxious..
[19:48]  Keystone Bouchard:
[19:48]  Dancoyote Antonelli: this is UI at architectural scale
[19:49]  Dancoyote Antonelli: you guys are free at last
[19:49]  Tennyson Gardenvale: there is such a thing in RL asacrchitecture meant to evoke or even cause anxiety
[19:49]  Dancoyote Antonelli: from gravity
[19:49]  Dancoyote Antonelli: yay!
[19:49]  ArchTx Edo: Architecture in SL and to a lessor degree is about creating the stage where people live out thier lives, and your stage can enhance that experience for them
[19:49]  Ralph Beeper: Thanks Keystone!
[19:49]  You: Ok
[19:49]  Dancoyote Antonelli: and people DO live their lives here in SL
[19:49]  Dancoyote Antonelli: more and more every day
[19:49]  ArchTx Edo: Architecture in SL and to a lessor degree in RL is about creating the stage where people live out thier lives, and your stage can enhance that experience for them
[19:50]  Annetha Christensen: thats true
[19:50]  You: So I’d like to bring our discussion back to the basic set of tools that will allow us to take our theoretical positions and make them real
[19:50]  Dancoyote Antonelli: so why do we still make silly remediations of RL?
[19:50]  Tennyson Gardenvale: well then SL is by definitiona n extension of real space is it not?
[19:50]  Midtown Bienenstich: Dan, that’s easy..
[19:50]  Dancoyote Antonelli: cause check signers have no vision
[19:50]  Keystone Bouchard: good call Chip
[19:50]  Midtown Bienenstich: humans are accustom to what they know in RL.
[19:50]  Rez Menoptra: yes midtown has it
[19:50]  Dancoyote Antonelli: ok!
[19:50]  Keystone Bouchard: did anyone talk about the builder’s tape yet? I found that to be very useful for scale…
[19:50]  ArchTx Edo: RL is what we know, its a starting point, our spring board
[19:50]  Dancoyote Antonelli: that is no excuse
[19:50]  You: I’d like to perhaps suggest that we go over to one of the sample builds we have here
[19:50]  funhaus Stilman: i have a problem with this two dimensional zoning here….too ground plane oriented
[19:50]  Rez Menoptra: that builders tape has no floor depts
[19:51]  Katja Karski: Dan, I don’t think that’s true – I think that comfort comes from familiarity – so people seek out things which remind them of comfort – thereby drawing back on RL.
[19:51]  Dancoyote Antonelli: it is up to people in charge of architecture
[19:51]  Rez Menoptra: er depths
[19:51]  Dancoyote Antonelli: to figure it out
[19:51]  Reznor McClure: NOthe builders tape plezzz
[19:51]  Midtown Bienenstich: It’s not meant to be an excuse.
[19:51]  You: and let the builder talke a little about their technique
[19:51]  Dancoyote Antonelli: you can have both
[19:51]  Katja Karski: soft-looking sofas LOOK comfortable.
[19:51]  Shukran Fahid: *starts to feel uncomfotable*
[19:51]  Midtown Bienenstich: Simply, it’s the first instinct one has
[19:51]  Rez Menoptra: haha
[19:51]  Dancoyote Antonelli: I like the ice chest seats
[19:51]  Rez Menoptra: they’re not seats, if you’ll notice
[19:51]  Rez Menoptra: hehe
[19:51]  Dancoyote Antonelli: chilly
[19:51]  ArchTx Edo: the tape is a good tool, esp;ecially when you are first getting used to the distorted spatial scale in SL
[19:51]  You: does anyone agree with me or would we like to keep talking about theory?
[19:51]  Spoony Barth: dang, I have to leave… g’bye
[19:51]  Tennyson Gardenvale: i would
[19:51]  Rez Menoptra: we can go see any of these builds
[19:52]  Dancoyote Antonelli: they are seats
[19:52]  Katja Karski: Sorry Chip, momentum 😉
[19:52]  You: That’s what I was thinking
[19:52]  Shukran Fahid: bye spoon
[19:52]  Quirky McArdle: my butt is turning concave from this log
[19:52]  You: perhaps we’d go over to scopes build
[19:52]  Midtown Bienenstich: It’s addictive 😛
[19:52]  Vittorio Barbarino: bye
[19:52]  Scope Cleaver: There is two version of the tape measure is this the latest one?
[19:52]  You: or perhaps shuk could rez a piece
[19:52]  Kvasir Olbracht: go chip go.. go chip go…
[19:52]  Kvasir Olbracht: 🙂
[19:52]  You: given that its 3am for shuk
[19:52]  Rez Menoptra: haha
[19:52]  Keystone Bouchard: Vittorio…what time is it for you?
[19:52]  Rez Menoptra: 4 am?
[19:53]  Zoe Visconti: 5 am here
[19:53]  Vittorio Barbarino: 4:53 AM
[19:53]  Keystone Bouchard: !
[19:53]  Rez Menoptra: man!
[19:53]  Scope Cleaver: lol
[19:53]  Keystone Bouchard: he’s dedicated =)
[19:53]  Siri Vezina: ouch
[19:53]  Rez Menoptra: srsly
[19:53]  Midtown Bienenstich: I don’t panic until it’s sunrise in the UK
[19:53]  Shukran Fahid: im leaving…i spent 6 yrs in uni debating theory and it never got anything done thanks chip and ALL for a good night/morning
[19:53]  Builders Tape Measure new whispers: Measuring Tape, click me
[19:53]  Tennyson Gardenvale: i am particularly interested in the phenomenological aspects of SL. how it is experienced and inhabited as opposed to real space
[19:53]  Builders Tape Measure new whispers: Average Avatar height, click again for door height
[19:53]  You: Why don’t we go over to scopes build
[19:53]  Rez Menoptra: later shuk
[19:53]  Rez Menoptra: let’s go, chip
[19:53]  You: ok
[19:53]  Builders Tape Measure new whispers: Door height and width, click again for first floor height
[19:53]  Builders Tape Measure new whispers: First floor ceiling height, click again for hallway width
[19:53]  Keystone Bouchard: we need to have other meetings at times that other people in the world can more comfortably attend!
[19:53]  Builders Tape Measure new whispers: Hallway width, click again for room size
[19:53]  Midtown Bienenstich: Scope’s builD r coolz.
[19:53]  Keystone Bouchard: ok – to Scope’s build!
[19:53]  Zoe Visconti: right key
[19:53]  Midtown Bienenstich: BUt, Keystone that’s really hard.
[19:54]  Keystone Bouchard: Over here
[19:54]  Vittorio Barbarino: thanks Keystone
[19:54]  Shukran Fahid is Offline
[19:54]  You: alright – scope has the floor!
[19:54]  Rez Menoptra: nice shiny 🙂
[19:55]  Dancoyote Antonelli: very pretty
[19:55]  ArchTx Edo: LOL is that a pasta spoon on your construction belt Rez?
[19:55]  Boliver Oddfellow is Offline
[19:55]  Kvasir Olbracht: almost sexy..
[19:55]  Midtown Bienenstich: Yeah, looks expensive 😮
[19:55]  Dancoyote Antonelli: but nonfunctional
[19:55]  Scope Cleaver: Haha well I can’t say much about it since the client has not open the Sim yet.
[19:55]  Rez Menoptra: it’s a spork arrchtx 🙂
[19:55]  You: no prob
[19:55]  ArchTx Edo: spork handy 🙂
[19:55]  You: thinking more about your approach to building
[19:55]  Dancoyote Antonelli: caustrophobia construction
[19:55]  Scope Cleaver: It’s an audirium like complex to house about 20-30 prople for demostrations and lectures
[19:55]  Midtown Bienenstich: waht’s caustrophobia?
[19:55]  You: how do you approach starting a build like this?
[19:56]  Dancoyote Antonelli: bad spelling for claustrophobia
[19:56]  Midtown Bienenstich: ah, kk 🙂
[19:56]  Dancoyote Antonelli: 😉
[19:56]  Scope Cleaver: I have the basics established first, the usual how much I am allowed ot use in space and prim count
[19:56]  Maximiliam Utu: hi
[19:56]  Bruno Echegaray: claustrofpbia is the fair of closed environment
[19:56]  Dancoyote Antonelli: yes
[19:56]  Scope Cleaver: This was suposed to be a sub 700 prims without finiture and abit smaller in footprint
[19:56]  Dancoyote Antonelli: and enclosures are not needed in SL
[19:57]  Dancoyote Antonelli: it is a beautiful sculpture
[19:57]  Rez Menoptra: and it’s how many?
[19:57]  Midtown Bienenstich: Theoritically in SL..
[19:57]  Scope Cleaver: The client wanted darker tones than my previous work
[19:57]  Dancoyote Antonelli: but not a functional user interface
[19:57]  Midtown Bienenstich: No building’s whatsoever are needed
[19:57]  Scope Cleaver: it’s 690 without firniture Rez
[19:57]  Rez Menoptra: nice
[19:57]  ArchTx Edo: hug jemma
[19:57]  ArchTx gives jemma a big hug.
[19:57]  Scope Cleaver: I had a suprise with this build
[19:57]  Katja Karski: well, by that logic, nothing is really needed…. no clothing, no avatar… wait, now we’re talking about IRC
[19:58]  Kvasir Olbracht: ahaahahah.
[19:58]  Scope Cleaver: When I finished the back of it I like it better than the facade
[19:58]  Dancoyote Antonelli: no
[19:58]  Dancoyote Antonelli: I wouldnt go that far
[19:58]  Scope Cleaver: So I am still debadint where the facade is lol
[19:58]  Dancoyote Antonelli: content is needed
[19:58]  funhaus Stilman: nice work Scope – i enjoy the transparent pieces, and the rhythm
[19:58]  Scope Cleaver: Thank you funhaus
[19:58]  Katja Karski: well, its an extrapolation – environments are needed, otherwise this medium is pointless.
[19:58]  HeartPaws Poultry is Online
[19:58]  Keystone Bouchard: I think its great Scope – I love the texturing, and overall articulation of it
[19:58]  Zoe Visconti: yes, nice details
[19:58]  Midtown Bienenstich: Indeed, it’s elegant
[19:58]  Rez Menoptra: yes, it’s quite nice
[19:58]  Katja Karski: as such, varied environments are needed…
[19:58]  Midtown Bienenstich: and yep, highly detailed.
[19:58]  Katja Karski: some open, some closed.
[19:58]  jemma Flora: nice build
[19:58]  Dancoyote Antonelli: lovely sculpture
[19:59]  Dancoyote Antonelli: and VG building
[19:59]  Midtown Bienenstich: I find that adding shadows to builds, really adds the sense of depth to achieve an RL look.
[19:59]  Scope Cleaver: Yea, it’s very time consuming for what you gain though.
[19:59]  ArchTx Edo: I want to see the inside, it appears to have been driven by the function
[19:59]  Dancoyote Antonelli: well have fun you guys
[19:59]  Dancoyote Antonelli: Im out
[19:59]  Dancoyote Antonelli: be well!
[19:59]  Rez Menoptra: lata hata
[19:59]  funhaus Stilman: on detail: one of my favorite things to see, but simultaneously LEAST favorite things to see in sl is ductwork – it serves absolutely no purpose, but it triggers such a resonse with me
[19:59]  Dancoyote Antonelli: and
[20:00]  Dancoyote Antonelli: ciao!
[20:00]  Siri Vezina: I’ve got to leave too;work tomorrow
[20:00]  Siri Vezina: take care!
[20:00]  ArchTx Edo: nice lighting effects, darn that Maya
[20:00]  Scope Cleaver: Midnight looks better actually hehe
[20:00]  Rez Menoptra: you used maya for this?
[20:00]  Scope Cleaver: The orange is less burned out
[20:00]  Annetha Christensen: very nice
[20:00]  Scope Cleaver: No I didn’t.
[20:00]  ArchTx Edo: Im guessing lol
[20:00]  Rez Menoptra: ah didn’t think so
[20:00]  You: anybody here using maya
[20:01]  You: ?
[20:01]  Scope Cleaver: There is a sperate stage that goes here, pretty minimal
[20:01]  You: anybody not know what maya is?
[20:01]  Rez Menoptra: only using it a tiny, chip, most of the time no
[20:01]  ArchTx Edo: what did you use Scope?
[20:01]  Rez Menoptra: aimee does
[20:01]  Scope Cleaver: Just the SL tools
[20:01]  Bruno Echegaray: i know maya
[20:01]  Scope Cleaver: And some custom textures
[20:01]  Bruno Echegaray: very clever program
[20:01]  ArchTx Edo: Maya is the only tool I had heard of for artificial lighting effects, im sure there are ohters
[20:01]  Scope Cleaver: I find it alarming that I like the SL tools
[20:01]  Zoe Visconti: no baked texture from rendering software?
[20:01]  Scope Cleaver: lol
[20:02]  Rez Menoptra: neil protagonist uses lightwave
[20:02]  Jason Yowahoshi: I like the seating arrangement
[20:02]  Scope Cleaver: Nothing baked here just fake bake
[20:02]  Java Kembla: mindful over here
[20:02]  Zoe Visconti: cool Scope
[20:02]  ArchTx Edo: fake bake lol p hotoshop?
[20:02]  Rez Menoptra: haha yeah, i’d bet that’s it
[20:02]  Rez Menoptra: that’s what i do most of too
[20:02]  Scope Cleaver: Just stencils light/shadows
[20:02]  Rez Menoptra: easier that way
[20:02]  Rez Menoptra: ah nice
[20:02]  Scope Cleaver: Btw Rez is it Idea island?
[20:02]  Rez Menoptra: Idea City
[20:03]  Scope Cleaver: Forsetti has a great tutorial there for anyone interested.
[20:03]  You: has anybody here been to forseti svarog’s intermediate tutorial on Idea City?
[20:03]  You: yes
[20:03]  Zoe Visconti: yes
[20:03]  You: I was just going to mention that
[20:03]  Zoe Visconti: great stuff there
[20:03]  Rez Menoptra: yeah, that’s pretty rockin 🙂
[20:03]  Scope Cleaver: I actually have to go through it myself, and it’s a very nice Sim in the bargain 🙂
[20:03]  You: he has a pack of shadow textures
[20:03]  Java Kembla: who is taking pictures?
[20:03]  You: yeah
[20:03]  Java Kembla: is that legal? lol
[20:03]  Rez Menoptra: hey ty, scope 🙂
[20:03]  You: dunno who did that sim hehe
[20:03]  Mindful Figtree: this is kinda cool
[20:03]  Scope Cleaver: Yes there is a bunch of free textures and shadows there.
[20:03]  Rez Menoptra: 😛 chip
[20:03]  You: 😀
[20:03]  Scope Cleaver: It’s aimed to be a tutorial you do once you’ve gone though the Tower of primitives
[20:04]  You: rez how big is this floor texture in px?
[20:04]  Scope Cleaver: To refine your skills.
[20:04]  You: i mean scope…
[20:04]  You: sry
[20:04]  Rez Menoptra: haha
[20:04]  Scope Cleaver: probably a 1024
[20:04]  You: how big do you think it is rez?
[20:04]  Rez Menoptra: i’m guesing 512 maybe
[20:04]  You: hehe
[20:04]  Rez Menoptra: could be 1024 tho
[20:04]  Scope Cleaver: how rez do you think it scopes?
[20:04]  Reznor McClure: yup
[20:04]  Scope Cleaver: lol
[20:04]  Rez Menoptra: lol
[20:04]  Keystone Bouchard: rofl!
[20:04]  You: one of the things forseti’s tutorial talks about is using texture sizes that are appropriate to the situation
[20:05]  You: he suggests that the LL default of 512×512 is in most cases too big
[20:05]  Rez Menoptra: one of the hardest things to do
[20:05]  Rez Menoptra: it is :\
[20:05]  Scope Cleaver: It’s a complex mix of how many time it’s used how large it is and how many there are.
[20:05]  Rez Menoptra: yes
[20:05]  Scope Cleaver: A discussion I was with Rez at had Neil talk about texture usage
[20:05]  You: a 1024 might load faster when you can zone it and use on several objects
[20:05]  Scope Cleaver: And how you can monitor it in the region you are in
[20:05]  Rez Menoptra: totally chip
[20:05]  Scope Cleaver: CTRL-SHIT- 1
[20:06]  Katja Karski: the reality unfortunately, is that its only a couple of bytes difference between 256 and 512…. the connection to grab the texture is the real problem
[20:06]  You: ahaha
[20:06]  Scope Cleaver: Under Advanced
[20:06]  ArchTx Edo: LOL
[20:06]  Keystone Bouchard: well, we have quite a few builds to visit – should we head to the next one? Very nice work Scope!!!
[20:06]  Katja Karski: so technically at least, the number of textures is more important than the size of them
[20:06]  You: can you talk more about that katja?
[20:06]  Scope Cleaver: Thank you.
[20:06]  Rez Menoptra: really…didn’t notice that katja
[20:06]  ArchTx Edo: Yes great auditorium Scope
[20:06]  You: yes – thanks very much scope!
[20:07]  Scope Cleaver: Sure thing 🙂
[20:07]  Rez Menoptra: yeah, very nice man
[20:07]  Katja Karski: sure, basically… the files all have headers on them which consume a lot of space, these headers are on the small textures too.
[20:07]  You: /claps
[20:07]  Keystone Bouchard: is Vittorio still here?
[20:07]  Rez Menoptra: aha
[20:07]  Vittorio Barbarino: yes i’m here
[20:07]  Keystone Bouchard: his Architecture studio is just outside these doors to the right
[20:07]  Katja Karski: so the difference between pixel size and file size is not proportional
[20:07]  ArchTx Edo: does this build have sufficient fire exits?
[20:07]  Rez Menoptra: weird, it looks it upon upload
[20:07]  Zoe Visconti: i think katja is right
[20:07]  Keystone Bouchard: with the spot lights
[20:07]  Scope Cleaver: Yea there is an exit at the gback hehe
[20:07]  Rez Menoptra: so i’m guessing just in the server interaction is what you’re talking about katja?
[20:08]  Midtown Bienenstich: oo
[20:08]  Katja Karski: networking is a pain in the ass for the reason that requests for files are lined up one after the other….
[20:08]  Annetha Christensen: very nice
[20:08]  There is no suitable surface to sit on, try another spot.
[20:09]  Vittorio Barbarino: welcome to everybody
[20:09]  Keystone Bouchard: Vittorio is a RL architect from Italy – who has been using this as his virtual studio – inside he has some samples of his work
[20:09]  Keystone Bouchard: can you talk about your studio Vittorio?
[20:09]  Insegna: Al Supercharge: 771ccbd9-3fa1-4bf2-8cac-9ec16da2c12a
[20:09]  Ingresso: Welcome to VITTO & C. – Studios Al Supercharge!
[20:09]  Vittorio Barbarino: oh is simple
[20:09]  funhaus Stilman: heya Vittorio – thanks for bringing your studio here 🙂
[20:09]  You: you also have a website Vittorio?
[20:09]  Vittorio Barbarino: i found a litle parcel
[20:09]  Vittorio Barbarino: and ther i started for try to buid a litle place
[20:10]  Vittorio Barbarino: where i can show my works
[20:10]  Ingresso: Welcome to VITTO & C. – Studios Keystone Bouchard!
[20:10]  Vittorio Barbarino: and i tryied to build this litle space for have a litle vitrual studio
[20:10]  Keystone Bouchard: i see you have some drawings of your RL projects around as well
[20:10]  Ingresso: Good bye Keystone Bouchard, see you soon!
[20:11]  Ingresso: Welcome to VITTO & C. – Studios Scope Cleaver!
[20:11]  You: Its also interesting that you’ve devoted a significant amount of the studio as outdoor workspace
[20:11]  Ingresso: Good bye Keystone Bouchard, see you soon!
[20:11]  Vittorio Barbarino: thanks yes i thought to use the external space for the obj that i done for SL
[20:11]  Ingresso: Welcome to VITTO & C. – Studios ArchTx Edo!
[20:11]  Ingresso: Welcome to VITTO & C. – Studios Maximiliam Utu!
[20:11]  Vittorio Barbarino: and inside i thought to show what i do in real life
[20:11]  Ingresso: Welcome to VITTO & C. – Studios Bruno Echegaray!
[20:12]  ArchTx Edo: Keystone, I want to introduce you to my partner, Jemma Flora
[20:12]  Ingresso: Welcome to VITTO & C. – Studios Tab Scott!
[20:12]  Scope Cleaver: Did you get alot of people interested in getting FL work from you?
[20:12]  Keystone Bouchard: Nice to meet you Jemma!
[20:12]  Ingresso: Welcome to VITTO & C. – Studios Zoe Visconti!
[20:12]  Vittorio Barbarino: if u click on the pannels u all can see some pics
[20:12]  jemma Flora: nice meeting you
[20:12]  Ingresso: Welcome to VITTO & C. – Studios Mindful Figtree!
[20:12]  Lordfly Digeridoo is Online
[20:13]  Vittorio Barbarino: i though to build a space like a workshop
[20:13]  Ingresso: Welcome to VITTO & C. – Studios Midtown Bienenstich!
[20:13]  Pannello-Interni:
[20:13]  VittoPowerBook whispers: Annetha Christensen 2m
[20:13]  VittoPowerBook whispers: Tab Scott 3m
[20:13]  VittoPowerBook whispers: Mindful Figtree 3m
[20:13]  VittoPowerBook whispers: ArchTx Edo 3m
[20:13]  VittoPowerBook whispers: Chip Poutine 4m
[20:13]  VittoPowerBook whispers: Scope Cleaver 4m
[20:13]  VittoPowerBook whispers: jemma Flora 5m
[20:13]  VittoPowerBook whispers: Bruno Echegaray 5m
[20:13]  VittoPowerBook whispers: Areyn Laurasia 6m
[20:13]  VittoPowerBook whispers: Midtown Bienenstich 8m
[20:13]  VittoPowerBook whispers: Maximiliam Utu 8m
[20:13]  VittoPowerBook whispers: Lordfly Digeridoo 10m
[20:13]  VittoPowerBook whispers: Keystone Bouchard 12m
[20:13]  VittoPowerBook whispers: Zoe Visconti 12m
[20:13]  VittoPowerBook whispers: Kerhop Seattle 79m
[20:13]  Zoe Visconti: your studio has never had such visitors, Vitto 😀
[20:13]  Pannello-Casa:
[20:13]  You: Vittorio for the new people here – where did you find your script for the door?
[20:13]  Tiziano:
[20:13]  Keystone Bouchard: welcome Lordfly
[20:13]  Lordfly Digeridoo: hullo.
[20:13]  Lordfly Digeridoo: 🙂
[20:13]  You: Hi Lordfly!
[20:13]  Vittorio Barbarino: ohh i found the scrits around in the freebie shops
[20:14]  Ingresso: Welcome to VITTO & C. – Studios Java Kembla!
[20:14]  Rez Menoptra is Offline
[20:14]  Ingresso: Welcome to VITTO & C. – Studios funhaus Stilman!
[20:14]  Bruno Echegaray: hi lordfly
[20:14]  Vittorio Barbarino: and someone helped me to remake them
[20:14]  VittoPowerBook whispers: Tab Scott 2m
[20:14]  VittoPowerBook whispers: Annetha Christensen 2m
[20:14]  VittoPowerBook whispers: Mindful Figtree 3m
[20:14]  VittoPowerBook whispers: Java Kembla 3m
[20:14]  VittoPowerBook whispers: ArchTx Edo 3m
[20:14]  VittoPowerBook whispers: Chip Poutine 4m
[20:14]  VittoPowerBook whispers: Scope Cleaver 4m
[20:14]  VittoPowerBook whispers: jemma Flora 5m
[20:14]  VittoPowerBook whispers: Bruno Echegaray 5m
[20:14]  VittoPowerBook whispers: Lordfly Digeridoo 6m
[20:14]  VittoPowerBook whispers: Areyn Laurasia 6m
[20:14]  VittoPowerBook whispers: funhaus Stilman 7m
[20:14]  VittoPowerBook whispers: Maximiliam Utu 8m
[20:14]  VittoPowerBook whispers: Midtown Bienenstich 8m
[20:14]  VittoPowerBook whispers: Kerhop Seattle 79m
[20:14]  ArchTx Edo: I have a ton of free door scripts for anyoine who needs them
[20:14]  Vittorio Barbarino: sorry
[20:14]  jemma Flora: np
[20:14]  You: and did you use any building tools, the grid, or just freehand it?
[20:14]  jemma Flora: its a wonderful studio
[20:14]  VittoPowerBook whispers: Alert off
[20:14]  ArchTx Edo: KEYSTONE: at the next meeting we should ask everyone to b ring any scripts or building tools they want to share, and set out freebie boxes
[20:15]  Keystone Bouchard: very good idea!
[20:15]  Zoe Visconti: yes definetly
[20:15]  Keystone Bouchard: in fact, if anyone has such a thing, please place a freebie box near the campfire area
[20:15]  You: I am also volunteering to create a Wiki
[20:15]  Vittorio Barbarino: i have in my virtual studio a box with 92 free scripts
[20:15]  Scope Cleaver: Keystone Pack Vol. III
[20:15]  Vittorio Barbarino: and everytime ask one in the builder group i say that
[20:15]  Keystone Bouchard: =)
[20:16]  Vittorio Barbarino: sometime i know very intersting people that come for take theme
[20:16]  Ingresso: Good bye Al Supercharge, see you soon!
[20:16]  Areyn Laurasia: Hello Al
[20:16]  Keystone Bouchard: well – we have lots more to see folks! We should move outside – where I believe Chip has some pieces rez’d! =) Thank you very much Vittorio – this place is alive!
[20:16]  Ingresso: Good bye Keystone Bouchard, see you soon!
[20:16]  Vittorio Barbarino: thanks
[20:16]  Jauani Wu is Online
[20:16]  Ingresso: Good bye Scope Cleaver, see you soon!
[20:16]  Bruno Echegaray: complimenti vittorio
[20:16]  Tab Scott: HI Chip
[20:17]  Ingresso: Welcome to VITTO & C. – Studios Areyn Laurasia!
[20:17]  You: Hi Tab
[20:17]  Ingresso: Good bye Mindful Figtree, see you soon!
[20:17]  Ingresso: Welcome to VITTO & C. – Studios Chip Poutine!
[20:17]  funhaus Stilman: thanks again Vittorio 🙂
[20:17]  Ingresso: Good bye Al Supercharge, see you soon!
[20:17]  Lordfly Digeridoo: ah yes, the infohub
[20:18]  You: yup
[20:18]  Keystone Bouchard: so Chip – tell us about the infohub project!
[20:18]  You: almost finished – hehe
[20:18]  Lordfly Digeridoo: hahaha
[20:18]  Lordfly Digeridoo: prim over agonizing prim? 😉
[20:18]  Cyrus Huffhines is Online
[20:18]  Zoe Visconti: nice to meet you lordfly, great hous of yours over there 🙂
[20:18]  Kvasir Olbracht is Offline
[20:18]  Midtown Bienenstich: Lol.
[20:19]  You: back in december of last year or so LL invited submissions for ‘infohubs’
[20:19]  Lordfly Digeridoo: thanks zoe, much obliged. 🙂
[20:19]  You: to replace the telehubs
[20:19]  You: in short
[20:19]  You: I had an idea to create a build that reads graphically from above and the map like the classic ‘i’ symbol
[20:19]  You: just like on the map legend
[20:20]  Kvasir Olbracht is Online
[20:20]  You: so the center structure with the butterfly roof gives the read
[20:20]  Scope Cleaver: So that if you remove the dots from the map you can still see it? 🙂
[20:20]  Java Kembla: lol close
[20:20]  You: exactly
[20:20]  Detect Surface is Offline
[20:20]  Scope Cleaver: Smart Chip
[20:20]  Zoe Visconti: 🙂
[20:20]  funhaus Stilman: is that a “duck” or a shed? 🙂
[20:20]  You: and with that, wanted to provide some seating areas and opportunities to provide many different types of content
[20:21]  Maximiliam Utu: why dont we build an skycraper
[20:21]  Object: Right click me and choose ‘Sit Here’ to sit down
[20:21]  You: so Jesse Linden chose this design to develop as a prototypical infohub that would be deployed across the grid
[20:21]  You: but around that time it was decided that diversity would be better
[20:21]  You: so the number of infohubs were reduced and each one is a unique design
[20:21]  You: this one is in the Mauve sim
[20:21]  You: I’ve developed this and the rest of the land around it
[20:22]  funhaus Stilman: i like your sitework there, Chip
[20:22]  You: there are a few specific techniques that really heped me out with this…
[20:22]  Object: Right click me and choose ‘Sit Here’ to sit down
[20:22]  You: the first was the ringmaker that we alluded to earlier
[20:22]  You: debateable whether it is the best tool or not
[20:23]  You: but it helped to create a circle with a 30m diameter
[20:23]  You: the other key discovery was robin wood’s texturing toturials
[20:23]  You: sorry for the sp
[20:23]  You: back before we had planar mapping
[20:23]  You: it was very difficult to map textures onto tapered objects
[20:23]  You: so I highly recommend checking out planar mapping
[20:23]  ArchTx Edo: nice the way the floor texture fades out towards the middle
[20:24]  You: forseti talks about it in his info city tutorial
[20:24]  Scope Cleaver: Robin’s tutorial is great help.
[20:24]  You: the other thing was that I built this without using rez foo,faux,or any buddies
[20:24]  You: so I had a problem with getting it all to link together
[20:24]  Java Kembla: lol sweet dreams
[20:24]  You: so to get around this I created the build in two pieces
[20:25]  You: with the parent prim for both pieces being in the same x.y.z coords
[20:25]  ArchTx Edo: The Foo, Fauz and B Buddy dont help with biulding, just saving and rezzing
[20:25]  You: the parent prim is the last one that is selected to link
[20:25]  You: I’ll show you what I mean…
[20:26]  Midtown Bienenstich is Offline
[20:26]  You: each piece has a sphere as its parent prim
[20:26]  funhaus Stilman: interesting
[20:26]  You: the coordinates i enter will be the coordinates of that sphere
[20:26]  You: so I match the coords
[20:26]  You: and it lines up perfectly
[20:26]  Annetha Christensen: very nice
[20:26]  You: this might not be the easiest method
[20:26]  Lordfly Digeridoo: the joys of number building. 🙂
[20:27]  You: but it also saves putting a script into each and every object
[20:27]  Kvasir Olbracht: cool chip
[20:27]  Scope Cleaver: It’s still in Mauve Chip?
[20:27]  You: so that’s it, really – oh and there are shadows baked into the textures
[20:27]  funhaus Stilman: do you then ditch the spheres once it is built – or make them transparent?
[20:27]  You: yup – still in mauve
[20:27]  You: either funhaus
[20:27]  You: i make them phantom, invisible, and leave ’em in
[20:27]  funhaus Stilman: got it – cool
[20:27]  You: but they could be deleted too
[20:28]  You: on the pipes here that support the colored panels
[20:28]  funhaus Stilman: better if you want to add pieces or make changes to leave them in
[20:28]  You: the whole thing is a bit of an ‘info’ metaphor hehe
[20:28]  You: yes
[20:28]  You: on the pipes i’ve created a texture with a simple dark line down the middle
[20:28]  You: so it looks like the glass is ‘slotted’
[20:28]  You: onto the pipes
[20:29]  Keystone Bouchard: nice touch!
[20:29]  ArchTx Edo: that is a nice trick
[20:29]  funhaus Stilman: it’s effective – it does indeed look like a slot
[20:29]  Zoe Visconti: ahh cool
[20:29]  You: little touches like that around
[20:29]  You: the bench texture
[20:29]  Kvasir Olbracht: sweet
[20:29]  ArchTx Edo: lol architects love details
[20:29]  You: i rendered from a program called formZ
[20:29]  Vittorio Barbarino: yes hihihi
[20:29]  You: then brought it into photoshop and added a drop shadow
[20:29]  You: before mapping onto the benches
[20:30]  Kvasir Olbracht: are there people still using form Z chip?
[20:30]  You: 😛
[20:30]  Kvasir Olbracht: <kidding>
[20:30]  You: a few of us, Kvasir 🙂
[20:30]  Jauani Wu: i swear by formz
[20:30]  Kvasir Olbracht: i have heard alot of swearing from form z users..
[20:30]  You: the only other thing I’d mention is that it can be tricky linking scripted objects together
[20:30]  Keystone Bouchard: hahah!
[20:30]  ArchTx Edo: Has something esle become more popular then Form Z, their brochures are very impressive.
[20:30]  Kvasir Olbracht: im usualy swearing at microsoft.
[20:31]  You: maybe Lf or Jauani can share some tips on that
[20:31]  You: other than that – come to mauve – click around
[20:31]  Jauani Wu: i think revit?
[20:31]  funhaus Stilman: viz is popular
[20:31]  You: i’ve got a notecard there with a more detailed description of the project that you can get by clicking on the i symbol on the high flagpole
[20:31]  ArchTx Edo: Linking scripted objects? I have never noticed any difference in linking them.
[20:31]  Lordfly Digeridoo: linking scripted objects together?
[20:31]  Lordfly Digeridoo: shoudln’t be any problem
[20:31]  You: for some reason i’ve had troubles with that
[20:31]  Keystone Bouchard: i use Autodesk architectural desktop with the 3D Viz included
[20:31]  Lordfly Digeridoo: of course, i’m old school… my builds almost never have scripts in ’em. 😛
[20:32]  You: ah
[20:32]  Jauani Wu: might have been coincidental, chip
[20:32]  Zoe Visconti: lol
[20:32]  You: i think that’s a nice segue – should we check out your build LF?
[20:32]  Kvasir Olbracht: nice work chip….
[20:32]  Kvasir Olbracht: this is gorgous.
[20:32]  Lordfly Digeridoo: heh, if you’d like. 🙂
[20:32]  Jauani Wu: you might have falsely correlated sl being buggy with your scripts.
[20:32]  Lordfly Digeridoo: lemme see, where did i drop it…
[20:32]  Scope Cleaver: lol Jauani
[20:32]  Keystone Bouchard: yes – great work Chip!
[20:32]  You: i hope so Jauani 🙂
[20:32]  Lordfly Digeridoo: ah yes, there it is
[20:32]  Lordfly Digeridoo: if you’d all follow me por favor
[20:32]  Keystone Bouchard: following Lordfly
[20:33]  funhaus Stilman: thanks for the demo Chip – I enjoyed it
[20:33]  Scope Cleaver: Thanks Chtp 🙂
[20:34]  Katja Karski gave you Discussion about Texture Optimisation.
[20:34]  Lordfly Digeridoo: hehe, i’ve never seen a swarm around my build before… 😛
[20:34]  Scope Cleaver: hehe 🙂
[20:34]  Lordfly Digeridoo: anyways, this is Defiance, a house I did… oh, about 10 months ago I think
[20:34]  ArchTx Edo: ARchitects are dropping like fllies
[20:34]  Keystone Bouchard is Offline
[20:34]  Keystone Bouchard is Online
[20:35]  Lordfly Digeridoo: back then I was experimenting in single-build, unique houses built on various areas within SL, then selling them for a profit
[20:35]  Lordfly Digeridoo: sort of an answer to the Walmart-style land barony and urban sprawl indicitive of most other SL development projects
[20:35]  Lordfly Digeridoo: this was originally built in a sim called Hooper, over a Linden-protected waterway…
[20:35]  Lordfly Digeridoo: built on a steep hill, and all that.
[20:36]  Lordfly Digeridoo: during that time i was interested in having a “realistic” house that looked like it was physically suspended from cables
[20:36]  Lordfly Digeridoo: the original version of it was okay… but then Jauani came by at my behest and ripped it apart. 🙂
[20:36]  Keystone Bouchard: wow – the cables come right inside
[20:36]  Keystone Bouchard: nice effect
[20:36]  Keystone Bouchard: lol!
[20:36]  Lordfly Digeridoo: which i can’t stress enough, getting an honest critique for work done in here is invaluable
[20:37]  Lordfly Digeridoo: but then, most of ya’ll are probably real architects… i’m just an urban planning student PRETENDING. 🙂
[20:37]  Zoe Visconti: lol
[20:37]  Lordfly Digeridoo: unlike most other folks, I build everything by hand… I calculated the slackness of the cables and built them out by hand
[20:37]  Areyn Laurasia: It feels spacious and light.
[20:37]  Vittorio Barbarino: u are a great builder
[20:37]  Lordfly Digeridoo: i don’t use scripts, msotly because i’m too stubborn to use them
[20:37]  ArchTx Edo: thats ok when I took a p lanning class I only pretended to understand it>
[20:38]  Lordfly Digeridoo: eh, planning’s all light and fluffy
[20:38]  Scope Cleaver: Scripts for what Lord?
[20:38]  Lordfly Digeridoo: scope:f or what… what? 🙂
[20:38]  Lordfly Digeridoo: oh, for the cables, sorry
[20:38]  Katja Karski: 😛
[20:38]  Lordfly Digeridoo: Seifert Surface, for instance, has a script which can calculate parabolas and whatnot
[20:38]  Scope Cleaver: Oh yea
[20:38]  Scope Cleaver: Gotya
[20:38]  Lordfly Digeridoo: or mathematically accurate arches
[20:38]  Lordfly Digeridoo: handy if you’re making suspension cable bridges, for instance
[20:38]  ArchTx Edo: I like the floor windows, for the view down the hillside
[20:39]  Lordfly Digeridoo: um… i’m a numbers builder. nearly everything i do is done by typing in numbers by hand
[20:39]  Lordfly Digeridoo: i’m way too obsessive compulsive to just eyeball production-level builds
[20:39]  funhaus Stilman admires your patience and precision
[20:39]  Scope Cleaver: I thought you meant scripts used in the house.
[20:39]  Lordfly Digeridoo: scope: well, that too… most of my builds are, admittedly, static as a result
[20:40]  Scope Cleaver: There is a distinctino here for anyone new between scripts you used to make a build and scripts you use in the build, like doors scripts, tinting windows, etc
[20:40]  Lordfly Digeridoo: ah, yes.
[20:40]  Rez Menoptra is Online
[20:40]  Scope Cleaver: I use very litle in both cases as well.
[20:40]  Lordfly Digeridoo: like i said, i’m old school. 😛
[20:40]  Scope Cleaver: 🙂
[20:40]  Lordfly Digeridoo: too many bad habits picked up in 3.5 years of SL building
[20:40]  You: Good point Scope
[20:41]  Lordfly Digeridoo: also, similar to chip… i do a specific linking system for multiple link builds
[20:41]  Scope Cleaver: You get afraid too many things will get screwed up after an update when you are 3 years old haha
[20:41]  Ralph Beeper: Lordfly, how many hours would you say you put into this building?
[20:41]  Keystone Bouchard: jeesh – talk about bad habits – I’m so bad with eyeballing – I rarely use coordinates – which makes my builds appear sloppy in a way – but I use them more as study models in most cases
[20:41]  jemma Flora: we learn from experience lol about the time you get it figured out SL changes the rules 😉
[20:41]  Lordfly Digeridoo: except rather than doing overlapping prims, i simply have prims that are on a single same plane (such as floorboards) touching each other… i can reference them from each other quite easily after rezzing
[20:42]  Lordfly Digeridoo: it’s like snapping together lego pieces
[20:42]  Vittorio Barbarino: with prim docker?
[20:42]  Lordfly Digeridoo: no, still just number typing
[20:42]  Lordfly Digeridoo: i don’t use any tools except a calculator and the SL building tools
[20:42]  Zoe Visconti: we love numbers!
[20:42]  Keystone Bouchard: inspiring!
[20:42]  Katja Karski: yes… using “alignment prims” is a great idea.
[20:42]  Lordfly Digeridoo: yes, alignment prims… much better put. 🙂
[20:43]  Lordfly Digeridoo: also, maybe it’s just me… but my architecture is usually heavily inspired by the music i’m listening to
[20:43]  Lordfly Digeridoo: not inspired… influenced
[20:43]  Keystone Bouchard: a little of each =)
[20:43]  Jauani Wu: what’s an alignment prim?
[20:43]  Scope Cleaver: *nods* I can relate to that
[20:43]  Lordfly Digeridoo: for instance, building this i was listening to a lot of Sonya Kitchell and Leo Kottke
[20:43]  Katja Karski: even on complex builds, you can set one trans prim in each section and simply type the same coords to align your build pieces perfectly.
[20:43]  Lordfly Digeridoo: katja: you don’t even need the extra prim
[20:43]  Lordfly Digeridoo: i align using the floorboards, for instance
[20:43]  You: like i was using for the two parts of the infohub?
[20:44]  Lordfly Digeridoo: you could easily align using any other repeatable feature.
[20:44]  Rez Menoptra: this is a case for the reference grid :\
[20:44]  Lordfly Digeridoo: that’s jsut how i do it, anyway
[20:44]  You: yes
[20:44]  Katja Karski: you don’t need it, certainly…. but depending on build, it might be easier – especially if someone else needs to do it.
[20:44]  Lordfly Digeridoo: you know, i could never get the damned referece grid to work, or even make sense
[20:44]  Rez Menoptra: you have to have chat closed
[20:44]  Katja Karski: but, whatever method you use, you just need to be careful that the prim is set as the root prim in the link set
[20:44]  ArchTx Edo: What music were you listening to when you built this one?
[20:44]  Rez Menoptra: to set the ref grid easy
[20:44]  Lordfly Digeridoo: archtx: two songs, specifically
[20:45]  Lordfly Digeridoo: Train, by Sonya Kitchell (vocal jazz/folk)
[20:45]  Jauani Wu: reference grid was a god send.
[20:45]  Rez Menoptra: and then the grid itself is in intervals of that refprim’s size
[20:45]  Scope Cleaver: Tools/Use selection for Grid
[20:45]  Rez Menoptra: yes, completel
[20:45]  Rez Menoptra: y
[20:45]  Lordfly Digeridoo: and Last Steam Engine Train by Leo Kottke (very talented instrumental guitar work)
[20:45]  Rez Menoptra: it’s broken right now tho
[20:45]  ArchTx Edo: LOL I do see the trains, or cable cars
[20:45]  You: so rez raises something else i wanted to talk about tonight
[20:45]  Lordfly Digeridoo: yes. 🙂
[20:45]  Lordfly Digeridoo: like i said, influenced
[20:45]  You: any features we coudl use our collective actions to try to influence LL to fix?
[20:46]  Rez Menoptra: man that one, for sure
[20:46]  Scope Cleaver: Ah good point.
[20:46]  Lordfly Digeridoo: lag snapbacks…
[20:46]  Rez Menoptra: the reference grid
[20:46]  Rez Menoptra: lag snapback’s’d rock too
[20:46]  You: yes
[20:46]  Lordfly Digeridoo: angles not updating when typing them into the XYZ rotations…
[20:46]  Scope Cleaver: haha yea
[20:46]  Scope Cleaver: Yea that too Lod
[20:46]  Zoe Visconti: yes LF
[20:46]  Lordfly Digeridoo: textures not applying on all sides of a prim…
[20:46]  ArchTx Edo: snapbacks are my biggest headache
[20:46]  Lordfly Digeridoo: i have a laundry list
[20:46]  Katja Karski: bouncing prims when rezising with “stretch textures” unchecked.
[20:46]  Scope Cleaver: I’ts not even 3 decimal point precise sometimes.
[20:46]  Rez Menoptra: yes, textuing is nasty
[20:46]  Rez Menoptra: oh man, no doubt kat
[20:46]  ArchTx Edo: yes textures not mapping all sides
[20:47]  Lordfly Digeridoo: i’ve sent the lindens something like a list of a dozen bugs multiple times
[20:47]  Katja Karski: snapping back when editing-linked-parts…
[20:47]  You: so what i’m thinking
[20:47]  You: is we pick one
[20:47]  Scope Cleaver: I find that only happens with planar applied to any of the faces Katja
[20:47]  You: and we all send the lindens something
[20:47]  funhaus Stilman: linking is a general problem for me
[20:47]  Lordfly Digeridoo: i had to scream really loudly when they messed up the backspace and highlighting functionality in the build tools
[20:47]  Katja Karski: Scope, seems to happen to me all the time… without planar :/
[20:47]  Rez Menoptra: omg yes
[20:47]  Keystone Bouchard: Lordfly has a great blog too – what’s that address?
[20:47]  You:
[20:47]  Rez Menoptra: gridblog i think
[20:47]  Lordfly Digeridoo: bah, advertising. 😛
[20:47]  Katja Karski: I’d like to see a new feature specifically…
[20:47]  You: or is it
[20:47]  Lordfly Digeridoo:
[20:48]  Keystone Bouchard: it’s a solid blog LF – i’m a fan =)
[20:48]  You: sry
[20:48]  Katja Karski: Prim Grouping – which is like linking, but contains Link sets.
[20:48]  Rez Menoptra: that’d rock
[20:48]  Rez Menoptra: bye bye build buddy
[20:48]  Scope Cleaver: I would exchange any feature for a fixed one any day.
[20:48]  ArchTx Edo: Linking more then 30 meters
[20:48]  Lordfly Digeridoo: god yes
[20:48]  Keystone Bouchard: that would be nice
[20:48]  Katja Karski: and would allow you to “group” multi-prim doors.
[20:48]  Lordfly Digeridoo: i was fighting with that just today, arch
[20:48]  Rez Menoptra: the prim groups would take care of it
[20:48]  HeartPaws Poultry is Offline
[20:48]  ArchTx Edo: hell I would be happy if liking worked consistently for at least 30 meters LOL
[20:48]  You: yeah
[20:49]  jemma Flora: too true
[20:49]  You: i noticed things that use to link…don’t
[20:49]  Katja Karski: no kidding, regardless of object size.
[20:49]  Lordfly Digeridoo: i think they wonked up something in the last patch
[20:49]  You: used
[20:49]  jemma Flora: you think???
[20:49]  Lordfly Digeridoo: i was getting errors with prims that were like, 20m apart
[20:49]  Katja Karski: Chip, thats because linking is based on object mass – and they messed with the mass calculations not that long ago
[20:49]  Annetha Christensen: its was the one before that for me
[20:49]  You: ahh – good to know!
[20:49]  Lordfly Digeridoo: object mass? really?
[20:49]  Lordfly Digeridoo: not a simple measurement of 40m?
[20:49]  Zoe Visconti: and what if unlinkig didnt break all into single pieces?
[20:49]  Katja Karski: yes, object mass is a factor in linkage.
[20:49]  Scope Cleaver: Yea it’s physic related
[20:49]  Lordfly Digeridoo: well, that’s ridiculous
[20:50]  Katja Karski: no, its not entirely distance related.
[20:50]  Lordfly Digeridoo: no wonder it’s voodoo
[20:50]  Katja Karski: yes, it really is ridiculous lol
[20:50]  Scope Cleaver: Center of mass and bounding calculations I think
[20:50]  Katja Karski: right…
[20:50]  Lordfly Digeridoo: they can’t fix joints, but they can make a voodoo formula for linking
[20:50]  Katja Karski: with mass scripts in your prims you can find out why certain things arent linking but it would be just better if they DID, instead of trying to work out why they don’t 😉
[20:51]  Lordfly Digeridoo: yes
[20:51]  Lordfly Digeridoo: or if they just removed the stupid limit altogether
[20:51]  Katja Karski: but, I understand why mass is important for linking..
[20:51]  Katja Karski: linked things are one object
[20:51]  Katja Karski: thats why I want groups of objects, to be possible.
[20:51]  Lordfly Digeridoo: i have a 30x30x30 cube house i wish i could get in one link… hell, even THREE links… sounds like i’ll need more like 7 or 8
[20:51]  ArchTx Edo: well, they are programmers, they work with the skills they were taught, lots of math in advacned probramming, and may not see things from a builders prespective
[20:52]  jemma Flora: too much griefing for a no limits thing
[20:52]  Lordfly Digeridoo: archtx: i and a bunch of other builders were after them at SLCC… they know, believe me
[20:52]  You: so if we had to pick one thing that we could press for, what would it be?
[20:52]  Lordfly Digeridoo: chip: fix the tools. seriously.
[20:52]  Katja Karski: most builds arent physical… but mass is certainly important for say… vehicle linking.
[20:52]  Lordfly Digeridoo: they’re just… broken
[20:52]  jemma Flora: stability of cvurrent tools would be a start
[20:52]  You: yeah
[20:52]  You: i guess
[20:52]  Annetha Christensen: agreed fix what we already have
[20:52]  You: but i was thinking for example – the reference grid
[20:52]  You: reinstate that, as a start
[20:52]  Lordfly Digeridoo: ooh, i know
[20:53]  Lordfly Digeridoo: fix the rounding problems
[20:53]  ArchTx Edo: yes stability, fix the current bugs, so we can use the tools we have
[20:53]  Rez Menoptra: haha
[20:53]  Scope Cleaver: I second that
[20:53]  Katja Karski: oh hell yes.
[20:53]  Katja Karski: rounding is the one.
[20:53]  Rez Menoptra: the reference grid would be a good one to fix, it’s gotta be an easy one
[20:53]  Scope Cleaver: I agree
[20:53]  Rez Menoptra: rounding might be harder
[20:53]  Lordfly Digeridoo: actually more even precision all around would be good
[20:53]  You: care to elaborate on the rounding issue?
[20:53]  ArchTx Edo: we can learn to work with any toolset if they work consistentlya nd reliably
[20:53]  jemma Flora: some of these bugs have been here 3.5 years
[20:53]  Lordfly Digeridoo: better precision with textures, offsets, etc
[20:53]  Katja Karski: Chip, figures are displayed to 3 decimal places
[20:53]  You: right
[20:54]  Vittorio Barbarino: ohh yes
[20:54]  Katja Karski: but you can type many more than that….
[20:54]  Katja Karski: and the object will move accordingly…
[20:54]  You: didn’t know that!
[20:54]  Scope Cleaver: But the point is that in some instances not even the 3 are working
[20:54]  Annetha Christensen: neat
[20:54]  ArchTx Edo: ahhh good to know
[20:54]  Katja Karski: so what you have is rounding issues, resulting in lack of snap..
[20:54]  Zoe Visconti: true Scope
[20:54]  You: i noticed that before
[20:54]  Katja Karski: which screws your alignment to no end.
[20:54]  Scope Cleaver: I would be glad if 3 even worked across the board.
[20:54]  You: the exact same coords – don’t give the exact same results!
[20:54]  Katja Karski: right!
[20:54]  Katja Karski: that’s why.
[20:54]  Kvasir Olbracht: this is the same problem translating CAD from an application of one precision ,to another application of another precision.
[20:55]  Scope Cleaver: Sepcially in start end cuts for instance
[20:55]  Katja Karski: exactly, Kavasir.
[20:55]  Katja Karski: er Kvasir.
[20:55]  Kvasir Olbracht: giggle
[20:55]  Annetha Christensen: and there is the prob of shifting prims
[20:55]  Katja Karski: hehe, that was an A+ for effort 😛
[20:55]  Scope Cleaver: Prim drifting they call it.
[20:55]  Annetha Christensen: one day they are fine and the next they are off
[20:55]  Lordfly Digeridoo: i’ve never had that happen
[20:55]  Katja Karski: yes, drift is a side-effect of rounding.
[20:55]  Kvasir Olbracht: i have been noticing that quite a bit..
[20:56]  Katja Karski: because that crap occurs on-rez
[20:56]  Kvasir Olbracht: i hvae been doing some experiments with curves….
[20:56]  Kvasir Olbracht: they are all over..
[20:56]  Jauani Wu: a
[20:56]  Jauani Wu: woah wait – i can type 5 decimals even though only three will display?
[20:56]  Lordfly Digeridoo: i think so
[20:56]  Scope Cleaver: Yea
[20:57]  Rez Menoptra: yes
[20:57]  Lordfly Digeridoo: the system rounds it all funny though
[20:57]  Katja Karski: right.
[20:57]  Scope Cleaver: But it averages
[20:57]  Rez Menoptra: it’s good out to there, but not really all that good :\
[20:57]  Scope Cleaver: Specially in textures offsets and sizes
[20:57]  Jauani Wu: but the prim will exhibit what i type?
[20:57]  Kvasir Olbracht: it doesnt appear to me that the extra digits are carried…
[20:57]  Lordfly Digeridoo: once you get past three decimal places it becomes “spooky action from a distance”, to quote einstein
[20:57]  Scope Cleaver: lol right Lord
[20:57]  Jauani Wu: i spend my time resizing everything so that the smallest piece will blend all the way through :-p
[20:57]  Katja Karski: Jauani, yes it will.. but then it’ll drift, too, based on the rounding issues.
[20:57]  You: i’ve also noticed that when using the ‘local’ grid, snapping to 1x doesn’t always line it up
[20:57]  You: sometimes you see rather large gaps
[20:58]  Kvasir Olbracht: i thought that was from me getting older…
[20:58]  Katja Karski: heh
[20:58]  Scope Cleaver: Did we lose Key?
[20:58]  Vittorio Barbarino: maybe
[20:58]  Katja Karski: meh, its only Key *giggles* 😉
[20:59]  Rez Menoptra: hmm, i’ve never had the local grid fail
[20:59]  ArchTx Edo: I think Keystone crashes
[20:59]  You: says he’s online
[20:59]  Zoe Visconti: he got drunk maybe
[20:59]  Zoe Visconti: lol
[20:59]  Scope Cleaver: lol
[20:59]  Kvasir Olbracht: to many v-beers..
[20:59]  Vittorio Barbarino: lol Zoe
[20:59]  Rez Menoptra: cept when i had more than one thing selected that weren’t the same size
[20:59]  You: so should we move on?
[20:59]  ArchTx Edo: ohh lol
[20:59]  Scope Cleaver: Thanks Lordfly
[20:59]  You: I propose we go to Jauani’s build
[20:59]  Annetha Christensen: tyvm
[20:59]  Rez Menoptra: aight
[20:59]  Bruno Echegaray: clap clap
[20:59]  Keystone Bouchard: I’m sorry –
[20:59]  Keystone Bouchard: taking pictures
[20:59]  Jauani Wu: oh that means i have to stop multi tasking 🙂
[21:00]  Vittorio Barbarino: hahaha
[21:00]  You: sorry hehe
[21:00]  Katja Karski: ahhh, keystone’s making build porn.
[21:00]  Jauani Wu: ok sure
[21:00]  Kvasir Olbracht: woot woot
[21:00]  Keystone Bouchard: HA!
[21:00]  Keystone Bouchard: you know it!
[21:00]  funhaus Stilman: thank you Lordfly
[21:00]  Katja Karski: hehe
[21:01]  Rez Menoptra: glad to see thye gave back your acct jwu
[21:01]  Scope Cleaver: Hey there 🙂
[21:01]  Katja Karski: sorry for the bumps 😉
[21:01]  Scope Cleaver: They had banned you?
[21:01]  Rez Menoptra: they had
[21:01]  Jauani Wu: yeah finally someone decided to look into it. took enough emails 😀
[21:01]  Rez Menoptra: suspension i guess
[21:01]  Jauani Wu: yeah they decided i had too many opinions
[21:01]  Rez Menoptra: haha
[21:01]  Jauani Wu: i’m banned from the forum
[21:02]  Rez Menoptra: boo
[21:02]  ArchTx Edo: Lucky you
[21:02]  Lordfly Digeridoo: it’s not like the forums are relevant anymore
[21:02]  Jauani Wu: oh i got a nice pic for you guys, speaking of bugs
[21:02]  Rez Menoptra: they don’t seem to be, no, LF
[21:02]  Astrin Few is Offline
[21:03]  Katja Karski is set a few cm below surface level.
[21:03]  Jauani Wu: pass that around
[21:03]  Jauani Wu: that’s my screen right now
[21:03]  Jauani Wu: i’m relogging
[21:03]  Lordfly Digeridoo: build it on a prim
[21:03]  Lordfly Digeridoo: you insensitive clod!
[21:03]  Jauani Wu is Offline
[21:03]  Lordfly Digeridoo: 😛
[21:03]  Rez Menoptra: haha
[21:03]  HeartPaws Poultry is Online
[21:03]  Jauani Wu is Online
[21:03]  Rez Menoptra: okay, we know one of you has it
[21:03]  Jauani Wu: hi
[21:03]  Keystone Bouchard: let me see!
[21:03]  Rez Menoptra: wb
[21:04]  Lordfly Digeridoo: brb
[21:04]  Zoe Visconti: ok people i-m logging off
[21:04]  Rez Menoptra: later zoe
[21:04]  Keystone Bouchard: drumroll…
[21:04]  Scope Cleaver: hold on
[21:04]  Zoe Visconti: it was great to be her tonight
[21:04]  Vittorio Barbarino: ciao Zoe
[21:04]  Keystone Bouchard: yikes
[21:04]  Jauani Wu: that was my screen when i resized the windows
[21:04]  Jauani Wu: flashing polygons
[21:04]  Keystone Bouchard: that’s his screenshot?
[21:04]  Rez Menoptra: haha
[21:04]  You: thanks for coming Zoe!
[21:04]  Scope Cleaver: 1 sec
[21:04]  Katja Karski: brb
[21:04]  Jauani Wu: yeah that’s why i relogged
[21:04]  Zoe Visconti: let-s make some more european friendly meetings soon
[21:04]  Scope Cleaver gave you Snapshot.
[21:04]  Zoe Visconti: eheh
[21:04]  Keystone Bouchard: what were you looking at when that happened?
[21:04]  Rez Menoptra: good idea zoe
[21:04]  Entered chat range by Timeless Prototype
[21:04]  You: hehe agreed – thanks for staying up!
[21:05]  ArchTx Edo: makes a nice painting
[21:05]  Jauani Wu: these are my three builds in sl leading up to the orientation area
[21:05]  Keystone Bouchard: yeah – i’d frame it
[21:05]  Zoe Visconti: looking forward to see the chat log keys
[21:05]  Keystone Bouchard: saving it again now =)
[21:05]  Jauani Wu: the one in the South East corner was my first project. It was meant to be auctioned to raise money for cancer. but nobody liked it 😀
[21:05]  Zoe Visconti: bye all
[21:05]  Vittorio Barbarino: cool Key
[21:05]  Keystone Bouchard: other people should do, just in case – i crashed once,but I think I recovered it
[21:05]  Scope Cleaver is Offline
[21:06]  Scope Cleaver is Online
[21:06]  Jauani Wu: (btw, my work in sl is not esoteric like chips)
[21:06]  Astrin Few is Online
[21:06]  Vittorio Barbarino: i’ll save so i’ll send u what i’ll have Key
[21:06]  You: hehe indeed
[21:06]  You: created the headquarters for the foucault fan club yet?
[21:06]  Keystone Bouchard: thanks Vittorio!
[21:06]  jemma Flora: diversity is what makes Sl interesting tho
[21:07]  Jauani Wu: the blue form to the west of us was froma series of formal experiments i was trying last year
[21:07]  Keystone Bouchard: my fav
[21:07]  Jauani Wu: to see how hard it would be to make the ever popular “blob” architecture in sl
[21:07]  funhaus Stilman: Jauani – i enjoy how improvisational your builds feel – like each part informs the next… in a generative way
[21:08]  Keystone Bouchard: yeah, that’s exactly it
[21:08]  Jauani Wu: it was immediately picked up by a SL content vendor who wanted me to build her a boutique off of those experiments
[21:08]  Rez Menoptra: and did you?
[21:08]  ArchTx Edo: I like the quiet monumentality of this train station, its appropriate for public facilities
[21:08]  Carlo Keynes: Thank Ya’ll! This has been very interesting… laters..
[21:08]  Rez Menoptra: later carlo
[21:08]  Jauani Wu: yeah i made it architectural and she uses them for her boutiques across the grid
[21:08]  You: Thanks for coming carlo!
[21:09]  ArchTx Edo: lol nice
[21:09]  Jauani Wu: funhaus: that is what i love about SL. i do a lot of my designing through the process
[21:09]  Jauani Wu: in sl my work is generally not preconceived, although now with corporate clients, that’s not really feasable. it makes them nervous
[21:09]  Rez Menoptra: hahaha
[21:09]  Rez Menoptra: i hear you
[21:10]  Scope Cleaver: *nods*
[21:10]  You: its interesting that way
[21:10]  Jauani Wu: my curiousity for SL stems from it’s usefulness as a design tool with scale
[21:10]  You: they want you still to generate a representation of thte virtual construction
[21:10]  Lordfly Digeridoo: heh, J-wu’s House #1 was a major inspiration for Defiance, too… forgot to mention that
[21:10]  Jauani Wu: the avatar, the prim, give everything size
[21:10]  ArchTx Edo: Yes I imagine with corporate cllients they want more assurances of what they will get for thier money
[21:10]  Jauani Wu: and immersiveness. these things i never find in 3d software that i use
[21:10]  Rez Menoptra: much more, archtx
[21:11]  Rez Menoptra: yes, jau, that’s what makes this place amazing
[21:11]  Jauani Wu: yeah. for the client i am working for right now, they don’t want to see any sl prim work first
[21:11]  Jauani Wu: they thing that’s product
[21:11]  funhaus Stilman: the immersiveness and sense of place is exactly what has kept me in sl
[21:11]  Jauani Wu: so they want an illustration from outside sl
[21:11]  Rez Menoptra: haha
[21:11]  Rez Menoptra: so build in sl and ogle it
[21:11]  You: that’s what i’m talkin’ about
[21:11]  Areyn Laurasia: 🙂
[21:11]  Annetha Christensen: bad for us non drawers
[21:11]  ArchTx Edo: and that is the traditional way architecture works, making drawsings and m odels before the item is built
[21:11]  Scope Cleaver: lol Rez
[21:12]  Vittorio Barbarino: hehehehe
[21:12]  Jauani Wu: haha nice idea – but it’s still so much faster to build outside sl and less risky
[21:12]  Rez Menoptra: too true 😦
[21:12]  You: sorry!
[21:12]  ArchTx Edo: but SL makes modeling easier then it is in RL
[21:12]  Scope Cleaver: I need a napkin sketch in Sl scritp
[21:12]  Jauani Wu: sl is the model though
[21:12]  Vittorio Barbarino: i use Archicad i do immediatly a 3d build
[21:12]  Vittorio Barbarino: after i do the draw
[21:12]  Rez Menoptra: nice vittorio
[21:12]  Jauani Wu: in sl, architecture is live at the schemiatic
[21:12]  Lordfly Digeridoo: SL is great for rapid prototyping
[21:12]  Jauani Wu: and it’s completed at the development
[21:12]  funhaus Stilman: it would be nice to have an in-world sketching program
[21:12]  Rez Menoptra: yes, that’s what’s cool about it
[21:13]  You: i make sl models for a couple of reasons
[21:13]  Rez Menoptra: that’s why it can be conceptual in toto
[21:13]  Jauani Wu: it’s done 25% of the way into a real architecture project
[21:13]  Keystone Bouchard: yeah, i model outside of SL before working here most times – but sometimes I just need to come here to just think with prims
[21:13]  ArchTx Edo: LOL almost as much work to do trhat small model as to do the large build
[21:13]  Rez Menoptra: really
[21:13]  Vittorio Barbarino: lol Key
[21:13]  funhaus Stilman: excelent model Chip!
[21:13]  You: zoom up on it
[21:13]  You: its freaky
[21:13]  Rez Menoptra: srsly archtx
[21:13]  Jauani Wu: in my work you’ll see how i use the prims to think though
[21:13]  Scope Cleaver: I sketch in SL
[21:13]  Rez Menoptra: it’s fun, we’ve done lots of those now
[21:13]  Keystone Bouchard: i like looking at the jumbo people around it – in camera view
[21:13]  Jauani Wu: at least upto the orientation area. not anymore 😦
[21:14]  Jauani Wu: i use sl as i would use sketching. but to me it just seems even more immediate
[21:14]  Jauani Wu: this buidling is a trainstation for the second life railway
[21:14]  funhaus Stilman: i agree with that wholeheartedly
[21:14]  Jauani Wu: it’s essentially a 2 hour charette
[21:14]  funhaus Stilman: (the immediacy)
[21:14]  Jauani Wu: in the beginning i had no idea what i was doing
[21:15]  ArchTx Edo: I design in SL now, only occasionally making sketches first
[21:15]  Rez Menoptra: same here, archtx
[21:15]  Jauani Wu: and did the whole thing througha discussion with the primitives
[21:15]  Keystone Bouchard: yep – its so tempting
[21:15]  ArchTx Edo: SL makes it easier to think in 3D
[21:15]  Rez Menoptra: sometimes more thna others i guess
[21:15]  Scope Cleaver: I use it exclosively and maybe have a few pieces of furniture around to give an idea of scale
[21:15]  Rez Menoptra: haha jau, nice
[21:15]  Keystone Bouchard: plus, get feedback – that’s huge for me
[21:15]  Keystone Bouchard: always looking for opinions
[21:15]  Vittorio Barbarino: i don’t know we need even a draw.. an idea
[21:15]  Jauani Wu: this is where i think sl can best inform our practice
[21:16]  Jauani Wu: because all of us share this common 3d space
[21:16]  Rez Menoptra: right
[21:16]  Jauani Wu: where we can sketch over each others ideas simultaneously
[21:16]  funhaus Stilman: right on
[21:16]  Scope Cleaver: Yea, and you can use your AV around in mouselook to have instant feedback.
[21:16]  Keystone Bouchard: exactly
[21:16]  You: indeed
[21:16]  Jauani Wu: i wonder if this discussion will lead autodesk to add an avatar to maya?
[21:16]  Keystone Bouchard: plus it’s free – for anyone – from anywhere
[21:16]  Rez Menoptra: haha
[21:17]  Jauani Wu: then i would switch from formz 😉
[21:17]  Rez Menoptra: there’s a maya rig already for avatars
[21:17]  ArchTx Edo: drawings became the tool of choice becaus it was so hard ot mock it up in 2x4s in RL, now its much easier to mock it up in 3D in SL
[21:17]  Maximiliam Utu: whats free
[21:17]  Maximiliam Utu: ??
[21:17]  Keystone Bouchard: but – the fact that this is universally available gives it a huge advantage in terms of collaboration with clients than Maya does
[21:17]  Rez Menoptra: yes, completely, key
[21:17]  Scope Cleaver: I can’t afford the time to go on the drawing table
[21:17]  Keystone Bouchard: plus, the in-world community is an amazing phenomenon in and of itself
[21:17]  Jauani Wu: is there any questions about the builds? there really isn’t much for me to say about them…
[21:18]  Keystone Bouchard: nice work Jauani!
[21:18]  Maximiliam Utu: sorry, but wich program?
[21:18]  ArchTx Edo: only problem with showing clients stuff correclty in SL is the scale problem
[21:18]  Kvasir Olbracht: but.. autodesk doesnt make any money with that approach.
[21:18]  Scope Cleaver: Thanks Jauani.
[21:18]  Jauani Wu: technically – i use number a lot for special shapes. but for most things i use the “logic” of the three rulers to structure my builds
[21:18]  ArchTx Edo: thanks Jauani
[21:18]  Maximiliam Utu: autodesk buys beautifull programs, then they are lost as it hapend with lightscape
[21:18]  funhaus Stilman: scale is a problem…but if the proportion is correct – it balances out
[21:18]  Jauani Wu: that way it’s more intrinsic and less thinking required
[21:19]  Bruno Echegaray: i came later, i would like someone will explain to me the role Autodesk will play on here please
[21:19]  Kvasir Olbracht: woot woot maximiliam.
[21:19]  Keystone Bouchard: most builds that seem to be right in terms of realism are 1.5x
[21:19]  Vittorio Barbarino: i often use the divine proportion 1,618
[21:19]  Rez Menoptra: that remains to be seen, bruno
[21:19]  funhaus Stilman: yeah…i’m a little nervous hearing Adesk is here…feels too much like work, lol
[21:19]  Bruno Echegaray: will be available conversion programs from autocad to SL?
[21:19]  ArchTx Edo: That will be an issue working backwards from a model in SL to a real biulding in RL, getting the scale correct
[21:19]  Rez Menoptra: i think they’d be working on it if they’re really serious about using something like this as a space for our professoin
[21:19]  funhaus Stilman: nice Vittorio!
[21:20]  Vittorio Barbarino: somebody are thinking in sketchUp
[21:20]  Maximiliam Utu: maya is becomming powerfull in my work
[21:20]  Keystone Bouchard: right now, Autodesk is basically learning about SL – we’ve built an island, which will be open to the public, but its really a platform from which to explore the world for yourself – they are developing tools though, that will make life easier for architects and engineers
[21:20]  Vittorio Barbarino: and use it for import and export to SL
[21:20]  Lordfly Digeridoo: guys, i gotta run
[21:20]  Gomi Mfume is Online
[21:20]  ArchTx Edo: great, exciting to hear it
[21:20]  Rez Menoptra: take it easy LF
[21:20]  Annetha Christensen: bye
[21:20]  Keystone Bouchard: take care Lordfly!
[21:20]  Lordfly Digeridoo: take care, nice spending time with ya’ll. 🙂
[21:20]  ArchTx Edo: adios
[21:20]  Vittorio Barbarino: thanks Lord
[21:20]  You: Cool – thanks for coming LF!
[21:20]  Maximiliam Utu: hasta luego
[21:20]  funhaus Stilman: bye bye
[21:21]  Keystone Bouchard: whos’ next?
[21:21]  Vittorio Barbarino: guys here in Italy is morning soon
[21:21]  Vittorio Barbarino: i go for rest a feww minutes
[21:21]  You: so is the hour getting late – i’d like to give Archtx the opportunity to present
[21:21]  Maximiliam Utu: è bella l’italia
[21:21]  Keystone Bouchard: definitely
[21:21]  Bruno Echegaray: molto bella
[21:22]  Maximiliam Utu: si dove sei
[21:22]  Vittorio Barbarino: moltissimo ;o))
[21:22]  ArchTx Edo: well this is the one I rezzed here
[21:22]  Bruno Echegaray: roma
[21:22]  Rez Menoptra: ah roma
[21:22]  Maximiliam Utu: a roma, bella bellissima
[21:22]  Bruno Echegaray: i live in rome itally
[21:22]  Vittorio Barbarino: io sono di Udine a litle city betwin Venice and Trieste
[21:23]  Jauani Wu: i like this texture
[21:23]  Keystone Bouchard: it definitely has an open airy feel – almost can percieve that psychologically right away –
[21:23]  Rez Menoptra: it’s very light, i think that helps key
[21:23]  Keystone Bouchard: optimistic
[21:23]  Bruno Echegaray: where are you from max
[21:23]  Maximiliam Utu: è bravo il palladio
[21:23]  Annetha Christensen: this is really nice
[21:23]  ArchTx Edo: for some of you not familiar with builders buddy this bench is the installation box
[21:23]  Rez Menoptra: aha cool
[21:23]  ArchTx Edo: from it you can move the entire 40×60 build
[21:23]  Jauani Wu: builders buddy? 😮
[21:24]  Rez Menoptra: rez foo jau
[21:24]  Jauani Wu: i’m a dinsoaur
[21:24]  ArchTx Edo: and rez mulitiple copies
[21:24]  Rez Menoptra: but free and better in ways
[21:24]  ArchTx Edo: its like Rez Faux or Rez Foo but free
[21:25]  Rez Menoptra: I’m seeing nothing, do you have to update or something?
[21:25]  ArchTx Edo: hm is it laggin
[21:25]  jemma Flora: it may be lag
[21:25]  Vittorio Barbarino: see u later guys
[21:25]  Areyn Laurasia: it is lagging
[21:25]  Rez Menoptra: later Vittorie
[21:25]  Scope Cleaver: Later Vittorio 🙂
[21:25]  Rez Menoptra: vittorio
[21:25]  Katja Karski: is the build frozen?
[21:25]  funhaus Stilman: ciao!
[21:25]  Scope Cleaver: So which is it?
[21:25]  Scope Cleaver: Rez-Faux?
[21:26]  Keystone Bouchard: Thanks Vittorio!
[21:26]  Rez Menoptra: it’s called builders buddy
[21:26]  Scope Cleaver: Oh okay
[21:26]  Rez Menoptra: imagine capital letters on that
[21:26]  ArchTx Edo: hmm very odd its not responding
[21:26]  Scope Cleaver: I think I have it
[21:26]  Scope Cleaver: It’s two scripts basically right?
[21:26]  Scope Cleaver: One “Master” and the other in eveyr prims
[21:26]  jemma Flora: not every prim just parent of a linked set
[21:26]  ArchTx Edo: yes one base script that you put in the installation box
[21:27]  ArchTx Edo: and one component script that you put in each set of l inked prims
[21:27]  Katja Karski: I’m not that familiar with BB, but you didn’t freeze the build by chance did you, ArchTx?
[21:27]  Bruno Echegaray: oohhps
[21:28]  Scope Cleaver: So why would someone use BB for very light builds?
[21:28]  jemma Flora: BB is simple enough a non professional like me can use it
[21:28]  Rez Menoptra: for ease of rezzing prefabs
[21:28]  funhaus Stilman: that was fun
[21:28]  Scope Cleaver: Can’t you juse select everything and take that into INV?
[21:28]  Rez Menoptra: yes, but people couldn’t move it upon rezzing, often
[21:29]  jemma Flora: not and it rez in correct positions
[21:29]  Scope Cleaver: Oh.
[21:29]  Rez Menoptra: takes care of customer service on prefabs
[21:29]  ArchTx Edo: you can move and rotate the entire build by moving the installation box
[21:29]  Katja Karski: the other thing is… that its easy to miss prims when you do that…
[21:29]  Katja Karski: if you do it once or twice, user error plays a big part
[21:29]  Scope Cleaver: I just include the instructions with the prafab on how to rez with the edit menu open heh
[21:29]  Rez Menoptra: right
[21:29]  funhaus Stilman: i have had disasters happen with unlinked things in inventory
[21:29]  Rez Menoptra: haha
[21:29]  Rez Menoptra: totally
[21:29]  Rez Menoptra: it’s a handy thing
[21:29]  Keystone Bouchard: am I the only one still guzzling my beer?
[21:29]  Rez Menoptra: haha probably key
[21:29]  Rez Menoptra: lush
[21:29]  nujunto Haifisch: Is this the building class?
[21:30]  You: hehe
[21:30]  funhaus Stilman is on his third glass of wine
[21:30]  Keystone Bouchard: i’m goint to feel this in the morning
[21:30]  You: Hi nujunto
[21:30]  nujunto Haifisch: Hey wussup?
[21:30]  ArchTx Edo: I have been primarliy using SL as a sandbox for experimenting with different design ideas
[21:30]  You: we’re basically doing a ‘show and tell’
[21:30]  nujunto Haifisch: I am a sponge
[21:30]  nujunto Haifisch: teach me please
[21:31]  Areyn Laurasia: do include usability and access in the design
[21:31]  funhaus Stilman: it’s a crit…and modernism is dead
[21:31]  Jauani Wu: who’s an architect here?
[21:31]  Maximiliam Utu: me
[21:31]  nujunto Haifisch: quasi arch
[21:31]  funhaus Stilman rasies hs hand
[21:31]  Jauani Wu: i’m an intern
[21:31]  ArchTx Edo: I retired from an architectural position in RL and have been focusing on creating a prefab businesss here in SL
[21:31]  Rez Menoptra: read the transcript, jau, we went through this 🙂
[21:31]  Rez Menoptra: hehe
[21:31]  Jauani Wu: oh
[21:31]  funhaus Stilman: wow ArchTx!
[21:31]  Scope Cleaver: lol obsolete FL.
[21:31]  Jauani Wu: i also forgot to read the schedule
[21:31]  Rez Menoptra: lol
[21:31]  You: no worries
[21:31]  You: technically I’m an intern too
[21:32]  Rez Menoptra: nice archtx, how’s it going for you?
[21:32]  ArchTx Edo: I had not until recently thought that SL could or would afford an architect a decent wage but that is starting to change with large companies coming into SL
[21:32]  nujunto Haifisch: who uses sketchup?
[21:32]  Kvasir Olbracht: iam an observer of the architecural human..
[21:32]  nujunto Haifisch: anyone?
[21:32]  Jauani Wu: starting to use sketchup. not very far in that
[21:32]  Rez Menoptra: i use it for sketching some
[21:32]  ArchTx Edo: I started buidling stuff in SL two yeaars ago in Feb
[21:32]  You: and too smart for your own good, Kvasir 😀
[21:32]  funhaus Stilman: i have managed to not use it, though i should
[21:32]  You: i use sketchup as well
[21:32]  Katja Karski: I’ll second that, Chip 😉
[21:33]  Kvasir Olbracht: sketchup expert over here!!!
[21:33]  ArchTx Edo: and my business has really started producing some good money this last 4 months
[21:33]  Kvasir Olbracht: muaha
[21:33]  Scope Cleaver: Why do you guys prefer to use external programs to sketch I am curious?
[21:33]  nujunto Haifisch: can I watch videos of people building stuff in sl?
[21:33]  Rez Menoptra: right on, archtx
[21:33]  Rez Menoptra: good to hear
[21:33]  You: i use it to render models i’ve created in formz
[21:33]  Rez Menoptra: haha maxwell?
[21:33]  You: I don’t prefer it, scope
[21:33]  You: just use it for RL work
[21:33]  funhaus Stilman: that’s great ArchTx…. do clients find you in Search?
[21:33]  ArchTx Edo: I think SL has tremendous potential for helping clients visualize thier projects
[21:33]  Maximiliam Utu: d studio, vray lightscape lightwave
[21:33]  Scope Cleaver: I seems to me anyways I’d go about it if I have to do something in another app I *have* to have SL open
[21:34]  Jauani Wu: external programs don’t have a 10m limit
[21:34]  nujunto Haifisch: where can I get tutorials in video format for building in SL?
[21:34]  Rez Menoptra: hahaha
[21:34]  Rez Menoptra: nice point, jau
[21:34]  Jauani Wu: external programs also have layers. and no grouping limits
[21:34]  ArchTx Edo: as keystone pointed out , its better to have them say they dont like something when its in model form in SL then in RL after its built
[21:34]  Rez Menoptra: uh, nujunto, i dunno if there are any yet realy
[21:34]  funhaus Stilman: i need layers
[21:34]  Scope Cleaver: But I was assuming you were sketching something there for an SL project.
[21:34]  Jauani Wu: i am
[21:34]  ArchTx Edo: m,ost clients cant read architectural drawings
[21:34]  nujunto Haifisch: lets make some…
[21:34]  Rez Menoptra: man that’s for sure
[21:35]  You: nujunto raises an interesting topic i’d also like to get to
[21:35]  ArchTx Edo: LOL I came from a generation of architects who never learned to use cad
[21:35]  Maximiliam Utu: but, ya cna get many things through clients
[21:35]  Rez Menoptra: they’re still teaching in many places, archtx :\
[21:35]  ArchTx Edo: but the SL tools are easy to use to model concepts
[21:35]  Jauani Wu: spec work in second life is very time consuming. and clients often prefer to see what they are getting ahead of getting it. it’s their old habit from real architecture and stuff
[21:35]  nujunto Haifisch: is there a place here where people build in groups?
[21:35]  ArchTx Edo: teaching without Cad, probably the schools cant afford it
[21:35]  nujunto Haifisch: I’m new by the way.
[21:36]  Scope Cleaver: So speed is a reason there?
[21:36]  Areyn Laurasia: use the search when it’s up
[21:36]  funhaus Stilman: that is a good question nujunto – i wish i knew
[21:36]  Keystone Bouchard: no, that’s wikibuild nujunto
[21:36]  Rez Menoptra: haha no, i mean they just don’t konw it, that doesn’t mean they don’t force the students to learn it
[21:36]  Jauani Wu: speed and the illusion that there is a seperation between the two virtual products
[21:36]  Jauani Wu: now that the product is virtual, a more virtual virtual is necessary
[21:36]  Scope Cleaver: Right
[21:36]  Jauani Wu: to sperate into stages
[21:36]  nujunto Haifisch: wikibuild is in SL?
[21:36]  Scope Cleaver: lol
[21:36]  ArchTx Edo: Ohh the schools and profs dont know it
[21:36]  Rez Menoptra: yes
[21:36]  You: haha exactly jauani!
[21:36]  Keystone Bouchard: isn’t there a wiki-build area? anyone have a lm?
[21:36]  Rez Menoptra: that’s why we do the little models
[21:36]  nujunto Haifisch: where?
[21:36]  Scope Cleaver: Is there opensource build in SL?
[21:37]  funhaus Stilman: whoa Jauani – that actually made sense to me 🙂
[21:37]  Keystone Bouchard: they use a seed object, and everyone adds to it
[21:37]  ArchTx Edo: open source?
[21:37]  nujunto Haifisch: Does SL run on ruby?
[21:37]  Rez Menoptra: no, nujunto, i dun think so
[21:37]  jemma Flora: not yet
[21:37]  Scope Cleaver: Where is that Key, thats interesting
[21:37]  Maximiliam Utu: I remember when rendering was like this
[21:37]  Rez Menoptra: it is interesting, scope
[21:37]  Keystone Bouchard: there is a wikibuild place – i’m going to try to find a lm
[21:37]  Rez Menoptra: haven’t seen anything come of it yet
[21:37]  ArchTx Edo: OHh and scripting is fun and does expand what you can do with your builds, watch the colors change on this building
[21:38]  nujunto Haifisch: Thanks keystone
[21:38]  Maximiliam Utu: anybody knows somwthing about POD
[21:38]  Rez Menoptra: haha nice
[21:38]  Maximiliam Utu: POV
[21:38]  Rez Menoptra: as in povray?
[21:38]  You: pov – the raytracer?
[21:38]  Maximiliam Utu: POVRAY
[21:38]  Keystone Bouchard: I had a talk with the wiki-build people about using a floor plan texture as a seed for a wiki-build – so, we tested it – and everyone started building the house!
[21:38]  Maximiliam Utu: yes
[21:38]  Kvasir Olbracht: POV rocks!!
[21:38]  Annetha Christensen: very good
[21:38]  Scope Cleaver: Where where Key?
[21:39]  Jauani Wu: does pov rock more than maxwell?
[21:39]  Rez Menoptra: haha
[21:39]  Rez Menoptra: well
[21:39]  Maximiliam Utu: yes and its free
[21:39]  Keystone Bouchard: jeez, I don’t have a lm
[21:39]  funhaus Stilman: Keystone – that is very fun – i would be interested in participating in something like that
[21:39]  Rez Menoptra: it’s different than maxwell for sure
[21:39]  Keystone Bouchard: well – if there isn’t one, we should make one
[21:39]  Scope Cleaver: Yea
[21:39]  You: just search for it – oh, wait…:P
[21:39]  Keystone Bouchard: but, I’m sure there’s one
[21:39]  Keystone Bouchard: anyone remember Henrick Linden?
[21:39]  Rez Menoptra: haha chip
[21:39]  Keystone Bouchard: he was doing it
[21:39]  Rez Menoptra: no, key, haven’t heard of henrik
[21:39]  You: he’s got a website
[21:40]  Rez Menoptra: that must have been where i saw it first
[21:40]  nujunto Haifisch: Where does Joi Itto live in SL?
[21:40]  Keystone Bouchard: he was doing a project about collaborative building I think
[21:40]  You: speaking of websites
[21:40]  Rez Menoptra: dun know if Ito has a house in sl
[21:40]  You: what does everyone think about the idea of starting a wiki
[21:40]  You: on the web to contribute building resources and tips
[21:40]  Keystone Bouchard: great idea
[21:40]  You: so if we find things like video building tutorials
[21:40]  You: we can add them
[21:40]  You: i find the forums are difficult to search through
[21:41]  Rez Menoptra: man srsly
[21:41]  You: not enough sticky threads
[21:41]  funhaus Stilman: i would contribute, chip
[21:41]  ArchTx Edo: sounds good, everyone can contribute
[21:41]  Rez Menoptra: yup
[21:41]  Scope Cleaver: Yea
[21:41]  You: i’d be willing to set it up
[21:41]  Scope Cleaver: And we need Seifert to be informed of this
[21:41]  Rez Menoptra: yes
[21:41]  Rez Menoptra: seifert too
[21:42]  Scope Cleaver: It’s worth it Chip I believe
[21:42]  Kvasir Olbracht: im in..
[21:42]  Scope Cleaver: Have your blog sponsor it 😛
[21:42]  funhaus Stilman: and does anyone know Cadroe Murphy?
[21:42]  You: i was thinking that
[21:42]  Scope Cleaver: Hehe 🙂
[21:42]  Rez Menoptra: actually don’t know cadroe
[21:42]  Keystone Bouchard: woot!
[21:42]  You: anybody want to sponsor my blog ? haha
[21:42]  Scope Cleaver: I thougth 3pointd was
[21:42]  You: i’ve heard the name
[21:42]  You: nope
[21:42]  Scope Cleaver: Which in turn is sponsored by the ESC haha
[21:42]  You: i’m just a contributor to 3pointd
[21:42]  Rez Menoptra: 🙂
[21:43]  You: where have i heard cadroe murphy’s name before?
[21:43]  Scope Cleaver: I barely can get my webpage up Chip.
[21:43]  Rez Menoptra: ringmaker, shapemaker
[21:43]  Rez Menoptra: he’s the guy
[21:43]  You: right
[21:43]  Rez Menoptra: beziergen
[21:43]  funhaus Stilman: cadroe did the Prim Array tool… i found it useful when i was experimenting with the tools
[21:43]  You: exactly the kind of stuff that should be on the wiki
[21:43]  jemma Flora: good night all time for me to leave, very nice meting you and interesting conversations 🙂
[21:43]  Scope Cleaver: I have a bunch I can set for sale for 0L
[21:44]  You: even link to a forum thread if its already been discussed
[21:44]  Rez Menoptra: night jemma
[21:44]  Shape Maker .91 whispers: Sides 8: Radius 4.000: Torus Radius 4.000: Thickness 0.100: Width 1.000: Tilt 0.00: Z Offset 0.000: Arc Sides 0
[21:44]  You: ‘nite jemma
[21:44]  ArchTx Edo: night jemma
[21:44]  Shape Maker .91 whispers: Sides 8: Radius 4.000: Torus Radius 4.000: Thickness 0.100: Width 1.000: Tilt 0.00: Z Offset 0.000: Arc Sides 0
[21:44]  jemma Flora: nite
[21:44]  Annetha Christensen: bye
[21:44]  You: thanks for coming
[21:44]  Keystone Bouchard: bye! thanks!
[21:44]  nujunto Haifisch: Whats happening?
[21:44]  Rez Menoptra: anybody got the beziergen yet?
[21:44]  You: funhaus is showing us the prim array script
[21:44]  Scope Cleaver: There set
[21:45]  You: um NO – what’s THAT???
[21:45]  funhaus Stilman: haha ctually that’s not me 🙂
[21:45]  Katja Karski: yeah, I picked it up… but haven’t done anything useful with it yet.
[21:45]  Scope Cleaver: I set those for sale for 0L
[21:45]  nujunto Haifisch: What is going on with this stuff in the middle?
[21:45]  Rez Menoptra: beziergen is just what it sounds like, makes bezier curves possible
[21:45]  funhaus Stilman: i think i made my big dome at Burning Life with that tool
[21:45]  ArchTx Edo: lol I removed the building so we could see this demo
[21:45]  Rez Menoptra: similar to shapemaker
[21:45]  nujunto Haifisch: cool
[21:45]  Scope Cleaver: Oh I don’t have that one Rez
[21:45]  funhaus Stilman: beziergen is in SL?
[21:45]  Maximiliam Utu: can bezier curves be done here?
[21:45]  Rez Menoptra: yes
[21:45]  You: sounds very interesting!
[21:45]  Rez Menoptra: it is
[21:45]  funhaus Stilman: sweet!
[21:45]  Rez Menoptra: it’s been uh, on the building forum
[21:46]  Maximiliam Utu: that could lead to nurbs modeling
[21:46]  Rez Menoptra: slowly max :\
[21:46]  Rez Menoptra: haha
[21:46]  Scope Cleaver: haha
[21:46]  funhaus Stilman: hehe – blobitecture here we come
[21:46]  Maximiliam Utu: yes, but is the core
[21:46]  Rez Menoptra: true true
[21:46]  Maximiliam Utu: so, its time
[21:46]  Rez Menoptra: i haven’t picked up a copy of the beziergen yet
[21:46]  Scope Cleaver: It’s free or for sale?
[21:46]  You: anybody else try it?
[21:46]  Rez Menoptra: free
[21:46]  funhaus Stilman: sounds a little like the berzerker
[21:47]  Scope Cleaver: Oh nice
[21:47]  Rez Menoptra: cadroe is all bout free i think
[21:47]  Scope Cleaver: I have to check it out.
[21:47]  Jauani Wu: catherine omega scripted a bezier bcurve builder two years ago
[21:47]  Rez Menoptra: i might be wrong on that
[21:47]  Rez Menoptra: yeah, i think he even mentions that one jau
[21:47]  Rez Menoptra: that he’s got the control points different for this one or something
[21:47]  Jauani Wu: so cadroe is still in?
[21:47]  Jauani Wu: i thought he took off
[21:47]  Rez Menoptra: far as i know
[21:48]  Rez Menoptra: hmm
[21:48]  ArchTx Edo: Good Night you all, I look forward to the next meeting. Have fun building.
[21:48]  Rez Menoptra: like in the last few weeks?
[21:48]  Jauani Wu: later archtx
[21:48]  Rez Menoptra: night archtx 🙂
[21:48]  Annetha Christensen: bye, thanks
[21:48]  Scope Cleaver: Later ArchTx thanks for coming.
[21:48]  Keystone Bouchard: Thanks ArchTx!!!
[21:48]  nujunto Haifisch: Can we build something right now?
[21:48]  Bruno Echegaray: have a good night
[21:48]  You: TY!!
[21:48]  ArchTx Edo: I enjoyed it
[21:48]  Maximiliam Utu: I still preffer to build in real eorld
[21:48]  funhaus Stilman: thank you ArchTx!!
[21:48]  funhaus Stilman: real world is killing me lol
[21:48]  Rez Menoptra: haha i’ve done enough of that max, for a while
[21:48]  Scope Cleaver: What real world?
[21:48]  Maximiliam Utu: but I got too much stress
[21:49]  nujunto Haifisch: lol
[21:49]  funhaus Stilman: exactly Scope
[21:49]  Scope Cleaver: 🙂
[21:49]  You: I’m with Rez
[21:49]  Rez Menoptra: anyway, i gotta get some work done tonight — great seeing you all, hope to hear more of what’s coming
[21:49]  Annetha Christensen: bye Rez
[21:49]  Scope Cleaver: Take care Rez
[21:49]  Scope Cleaver: Oh btw I’ve seen what your wife did
[21:49]  Katja Karski: *nods* this was fun…
[21:49]  Scope Cleaver: Was it Elderman?
[21:49]  Rez Menoptra: ah cool yes
[21:49]  Rez Menoptra: edelman
[21:49]  funhaus Stilman: bye Rez – nice to see you
[21:49]  Scope Cleaver: Tell her it’s great! 🙂
[21:49]  Jauani Wu: i’m off too. thanks for organzing this guys
[21:50]  You: edelman is a great build
[21:50]  Annetha Christensen: bye
[21:50]  Rez Menoptra: ty ty 😀
[21:50]  Maximiliam Utu: I did a few
[21:50]  funhaus Stilman: great night all!
[21:50]  Jauani Wu: take care everyone! thanks for the engaging discussions! 😀
[21:50]  You: this might be a good time to think about wrapping things up – anybody else here with a build?
[21:50]  Katja Karski: cheers 😉
[21:50]  Bruno Echegaray: my compliments to everybody
[21:50]  You: Thanks Jauani!
[21:50]  Jauani Wu is Offline
[21:50]  Areyn Laurasia: Thanks for organising this.
[21:51]  Scope Cleaver: Did you want us to cleanup Key?
[21:51]  Keystone Bouchard: Thanks good night!
[21:51]  You: it could have been a little more organized – but
[21:51]  You: its our first time out
[21:51]  Keystone Bouchard: feel free to leave it as long as you can –
[21:51]  Scope Cleaver: This was a great even Key, awesome turnout
[21:51]  nujunto Haifisch: Thanks for putting this together.
[21:51]  funhaus Stilman: thanks – I’m out too – goodnight
[21:51]  Maximiliam Utu: it sounds like
[21:51]  You: i want to go around and scoop up the goodies people left!
[21:51]  funhaus Stilman: it was great
[21:51]  Keystone Bouchard: this almost makes me want to have more discussions like this – I could do this for hours!
[21:51]  Bruno Echegaray: good night
[21:51]  You: we might focus on a topic or a tool
[21:51]  Katja Karski: almost? 😉
[21:51]  You: per sesson
[21:51]  Scope Cleaver: Yea, everybody gets something out of it I think
[21:51]  You: or a build
[21:51]  funhaus Stilman: will there be a regular session for this?
[21:51]  Keystone Bouchard: lol =)
[21:52]  Keystone Bouchard: Tuesday nights?
[21:52]  nujunto Haifisch: Anybody want to get some coffee in SL?
[21:52]  Scope Cleaver: I am in the group for this event right?
[21:52]  You: i’m thinking we call these on occasion
[21:52]  Maximiliam Utu: I got scotch
[21:52]  You: and not have them every week
[21:52]  Kvasir Olbracht: woot woot
[21:52]  You: just give everybody enough notice
[21:52]  funhaus Stilman: cool – so as to not get stale
[21:52]  nujunto Haifisch: scotch, thats sounds even better.
[21:52]  Bruno Echegaray: what’s the group for next invitations?
[21:52]  Keystone Bouchard: good point!
[21:52]  You: we’ve got the chat log
[21:52]  Maximiliam Utu: that is more architectural
[21:52]  You: we’ll create a group
[21:52]  funhaus Stilman: hehe
[21:53]  You: and invite everyone
[21:53]  You: i’ll get the wiki set up
[21:53]  You: and make an announcement to everyone in the group
[21:53]  Scope Cleaver: RL architects in SL right?
[21:53]  nujunto Haifisch: I joined second life a week ago and I want to build something soon.
[21:53]  Bruno Echegaray: can you send to me the invitation to the group please?
[21:53]  Keystone Bouchard: we will Bruno
[21:53]  Maximiliam Utu: I only did one thing here
[21:53]  Scope Cleaver: nujunto you can go to any of the sandboxes if you are itchy 🙂
[21:54]  nujunto Haifisch: which one is the closest?
[21:54]  You: just try not to get sand in your trousers – it’ll make the itching worse
[21:54]  Bruno Echegaray: good night
[21:54]  Maximiliam Utu: and take a good shield
[21:54]  You: sit on a prim
[21:54]  Keystone Bouchard: are you an architect nujunto? in rl?
[21:54]  nujunto Haifisch: hahaha
[21:54]  Scope Cleaver: Who has latest version of builder buddy?
[21:54]  nujunto Haifisch: yea, more or less.
[21:54]  funhaus Stilman waves goodbye
[21:54]  nujunto Haifisch: why?
[21:54]  Annetha Christensen: bye
[21:54]  nujunto Haifisch: bye
[21:55]  Keystone Bouchard: are you thinking of building a rl project? or starting simple?
[21:55]  nujunto Haifisch: simple
[21:55]  Kvasir Olbracht: remember… when it comes to architecture… less is more.
[21:55]  You: less is mies.
[21:55]  Maximiliam Utu: you did the fanrsworth?
[21:55]  Kvasir Olbracht: grin…
[21:55]  Maximiliam Utu: fansworth
[21:55]  Scope Cleaver: Alrigt everyone, have a great evening, Key and Chip thanks for organising this, always a pleasure to see you guys. 🙂
[21:55]  You: regrettably no 🙂
[21:55]  You: G’nite scope!!
[21:55]  Katja Karski: Cheers Scope.
[21:55]  You: thanks for showing us your build!
[21:56]  Areyn Laurasia: Bye scope
[21:56]  Scope Cleaver: Sure thing 🙂
[21:56]  Scope Cleaver: Later 🙂
[21:56]  Keystone Bouchard: Night Scope!
[21:56]  Katja Karski: thanks for the Invite Keystone, I got a real kick out of this.
[21:56]  You: it was great having you here Katja – some great technical insights
[21:57]  nujunto Haifisch: What now?
[21:57]  Katja Karski: Thanks a lot chip, kind of you to say 🙂
[21:57]  Kvasir Olbracht: the last one i was at, i think i was kicked out..
[21:57]  Keystone Bouchard: yes, thanks for coming!
[21:57]  Kvasir Olbracht: 😉
[21:57]  You: this is a new group Kvasir
[21:57]  Katja Karski: Keystone, btw, did you want the transcript of the chat I had with Rez, about texture loading, when you guys had to walk off? I copy/pasted it.
[21:57]  funhaus Stilman is Offline
[21:57]  Kvasir Olbracht: not THIS ONE…. grin.. the LAST one
[21:57]  You: I have the transcript – thanks!
[21:57]  Keystone Bouchard: sure!
[21:57]  Katja Karski: well, Kvasir, to be fair, you are rowdy… and I’d kick you out too 😉
[21:58]  Keystone Bouchard: were you in im?
[21:58]  Katja Karski: no, we started as you guys were moving to the next build..
[21:58]  Katja Karski: sent.
[21:58]  Kvasir Olbracht: fair enough girl.
[21:58]  Kvasir Olbracht: .your right.
[21:58]  Keystone Bouchard: thanks!
[21:58]  Katja Karski: hehe, I tease you be cause I love you Kvasir 😛
[21:58]  You: good – i think i closed the IM window
[21:58]  Kvasir Olbracht: i know… the feeling is mutural..
[21:58]  Katja Karski: -‘ ‘
[21:59]  You: if you’re intersted have a look around
[21:59]  You: there are builds by others here
[21:59]  You: who didn’t get a chance to present
[21:59]  nujunto Haifisch: No worries.
[21:59]  nujunto Haifisch: where is a good sandbox for me to get started in?
[22:00]  Keystone Bouchard: unfortunately Barneworth couldn’t get here – the land kept rejecting him
[22:00]  Keystone Bouchard: we tried everything
[22:00]  Katja Karski: Cordova
[22:00]  You: the morris sandbox – it doesn’t have scripting enabled?
[22:00]  You: one of them doesn’t
[22:00]  Kvasir Olbracht: finance is good.
[22:00]  You: keeps the gunplay to a minimum
[22:00]  Kvasir Olbracht: they dont do autoreplay…
[22:00]  Katja Karski: and stops you using rez faux… :/
[22:00]  You: right
[22:00]  You: i’d search for some of the others – d’oh!
[22:00]  You: no search
[22:00]  Kvasir Olbracht: autoreturn.
[22:01]  Kvasir Olbracht: arrgg.
[22:01]  You: I go to the Azure Islands sandbox
[22:01]  Katja Karski: sandbox on the map, shows up a few choices.
[22:01]  You: right
[22:01]  Areyn Laurasia: do you have the landmark for morris sandbox?
[22:01]  You: just search on the map for morris
[22:01]  Kvasir Olbracht: serch is no workie..
[22:01]  You: the map
[22:01]  You: enter in morris as the region
[22:02]  Areyn Laurasia: it’s offline now
[22:02]  You: and press the search button
[22:02]  Areyn Laurasia: I meant the search
[22:02]  You: i just did it – CTRL+M
[22:02]  Katja Karski: you can find region names on the map, and sandboxes are always named by the region, making them the easiest to find.
[22:02]  You: right 😉
[22:02]  nujunto Haifisch: sandbox island is good?
[22:02]  You: bad
[22:02]  Kvasir Olbracht: ya well chip.. yer just special..
[22:02]  You: i know
[22:02]  Katja Karski: lots of griefing on sandbox island.
[22:02]  You: and not in a good way special 😉
[22:02]  Katja Karski: hehe
[22:03]  You: there’s a sandbox in mauve as well
[22:03]  Kvasir Olbracht: grin…. a knod is as good as a wink to a blind bat then….
[22:03]  Kvasir Olbracht: eh..
[22:03]  You: not the whole region mind you
[22:03]  Kvasir Olbracht: i just cant stand mauve..
[22:03]  You: I don’t have the LM
[22:03]  Ninja Petion is Offline
[22:03]  Kvasir Olbracht: mauve was suppoed to be this years black..
[22:03]  Katja Karski: muahaha
[22:03]  You: haha
[22:03]  You: black is the new black.
[22:03]  Ninja Petion is Online
[22:03]  Katja Karski: black is always the new black 😛
[22:03]  Katja Karski: dammit, snap
[22:04]  Kvasir Olbracht: giggle…
[22:04]  Katja Karski: Chip, get out of my head 😛
[22:04]  Kvasir Olbracht: thatwas just spooky..
[22:04]  Kvasir Olbracht: im having a shiver…
[22:04]  You: now that there’s just a few of us we could sit in the multi-gadget chairs – myself I”m ready to crash
[22:04]  Katja Karski: this came in the middle of my work day – I’ve ignored work for a little too long 😉
[22:05]  Keystone Bouchard: well, there it is…
[22:05]  Kvasir Olbracht: i need to beam out also..
[22:05]  Keystone Bouchard: I’m about ready to crash myself
[22:05]  Annetha Christensen: me to
[22:05]  Maximiliam Utu: you are far away then
[22:05]  Kvasir Olbracht: nice to see you all…. was fun….
[22:05]  Katja Karski: man that beer must be warm by now Key 😉
[22:05]  Annetha Christensen: k, bye
[22:05]  You: this was really cool
[22:05]  Keystone Bouchard: its an eternal beer
[22:05]  Katja Karski: it was…. See you later Kvasir 😉
[22:05]  You: may apologies for things being a little rocky at the start
[22:05]  You: my
[22:05]  Kvasir Olbracht: you too daaling….
[22:05]  You: too much typing 😉
[22:05]  Kvasir Olbracht: stay technical…
[22:06]  Keystone Bouchard: i’m just too lazy to detach it
[22:06]  Katja Karski: techincally, I can’t help it 😉
[22:06]  Kvasir Olbracht: muaahaha
[22:06]  Kvasir Olbracht: ttfn
[22:06]  Scotch whispers: Thanks from Sky Lounge!
[22:06]  Katja Karski: *waves*
[22:06]  Keystone Bouchard: seeya!
[22:06]  Katja Karski: ok… ciao guys, thanks for the TP – look forward to the next one 😉
[22:07]  Lordfly Digeridoo is Online
[22:08]  Keystone Bouchard: aren’t we a lively bunch!
[22:08]  You: i’m going to go around and see what freebies everybody left
[22:08]  Keystone Bouchard: i give Al 5 more minutes
[22:08]  You: hehe
[22:08]  You: poke him with a stick
[22:08]  Keystone Bouchard: anyone want to bet on when he’ll get booted?
[22:08]  nujunto Haifisch: Can I sit down?
[22:08]  Lordfly Digeridoo is Offline
[22:08]  You: sure
[22:08]  Keystone Bouchard: I’ve got 4 Linden on 5 minutes
[22:08]  Maximiliam Utu: i have non
[22:09]  nujunto Haifisch: Who “boots” me?
[22:09]  Keystone Bouchard: after 30 minutes usually
[22:09]  Keystone Bouchard: of Away
[22:09]  nujunto Haifisch: What for?
[22:09]  You: the client boots you
[22:09]  Keystone Bouchard: so people don’t just hang around
[22:09]  Maximiliam Utu: is the way the programm works
[22:09]  nujunto Haifisch: For being a newbie?
[22:10]  Keystone Bouchard: no, anyone
[22:10]  Keystone Bouchard: unless you have a magic anti-afk
[22:10]  nujunto Haifisch: So its like a virtual cop for virtual bums like me?
[22:10]  Keystone Bouchard: yep
[22:10]  nujunto Haifisch: What are you drinkin?
[22:11]  Keystone Bouchard: a lot
[22:11]  nujunto Haifisch: hehehe
[22:11]  Keystone Bouchard: ArchTx was giving them out
[22:11]  Maximiliam Utu: he drinjs beer I drink scotch
[22:11]  Keystone Bouchard: you’ll be the first under the table if you keep hitting that
[22:11]  nujunto Haifisch: I like cuba libre myself.
[22:11]  You say: Fully refined but plump Pinot Noir. Whispers of mocha, sage and forceful hair gel.  Drink now through 2010!
[22:12]  Maximiliam Utu: yes I always finish like that
[22:12]  You say: Glassy and longingly elegant Pinot Noir. Strong black-cherry, chutney and bashful yellow taffy.  Drink now through Christmas!
[22:12]  nujunto Haifisch: So when with the 3D web reach its tipping point?
[22:12]  nujunto Haifisch: Hello?
[22:13]  Maximiliam Utu: hello
[22:13]  Keystone Bouchard: we’re all sleeping =)
[22:13]  Keystone Bouchard: 2 more minutes for Al
[22:13]  You: when will the 2d web reach its tipping point?
[22:13]  Keystone Bouchard: one of us could wake him…
[22:13]  Maximiliam Utu: its been nice seen this work
[22:13]  nujunto Haifisch: What are you talking about?
[22:14]  Maximiliam Utu: the buildings
[22:14]  nujunto Haifisch: I’m confused. Is that the point?
[22:14]  Maximiliam Utu: what point
[22:14]  Areyn Laurasia: nujunto, you should check out NCI plaza to learn more about SL.
[22:15]  nujunto Haifisch: NCI plaza?
[22:15]  nujunto Haifisch: Whats that?
[22:15]  nujunto Haifisch: I’m sorry for being a newbie.
[22:15]  You: NCI – New Citizens Inc
[22:15]  nujunto Haifisch: You guys are being very patient.
[22:15]  You: its basically an orientation on steroids
[22:16]  nujunto Haifisch: Ok
[22:16]  You: lots of good info there
[22:16]  qDot Bunnyhug is Online
[22:16]  nujunto Haifisch: Thanks.
[22:16]  nujunto Haifisch: Good Night.
[22:16]  You: and there are some video building tutorials
[22:16]  Maximiliam Utu: have fun with it
[22:16]  You: i’d start by googling them
[22:16]  You: they’re on youtube
[22:17]  You: goo-tube.
[22:17]  nujunto Haifisch: What is on youtube?
[22:17]  Astrin Few is Offline
[22:17]  You: video tutorials on bilding
[22:17]  You: if I recall you asked about that earlier?
[22:17]  nujunto Haifisch: Yes
[22:17]  nujunto Haifisch: Did you just send the links to me?
[22:18]  You: um, nope…might have been somebody else
[22:18]  nujunto Haifisch: Yes.
[22:18]  nujunto Haifisch: Good night.
[22:18]  Maximiliam Utu: good night
[22:18]  Keystone Bouchard: night!
[22:18]  Keystone Bouchard: i’m off too – good night!
[22:18]  You: as am I
[22:18]  Maximiliam Utu: good night and thanks
[22:18]  Maximiliam Utu: Im off
[22:19]  Areyn Laurasia: good night, good morning wherever you are
[22:19]  Maximiliam Utu: les wake up supercharge
[22:19]  Areyn Laurasia: hey al
[22:19]  You: just made one more copy of the log
[22:19]  Keystone Bouchard is Offline
[22:19]  Areyn Laurasia: do you have a log, chip?
[22:19]  You: yup
[22:20]  Areyn Laurasia: would save me time going through the cut and paste
[22:20]  You: sure!
[22:20]  You: its just in wordpad right now
[22:20]  You: do you have email?
[22:21]  You: too big for one notecard
[22:21]  Areyn Laurasia: yes
[22:21]  You: mine is
[22:22]  You: if you’d like send me a message and i’ll reply
[22:22]  Areyn Laurasia: thanks
[22:22]  You: np!
[22:22]  Areyn Laurasia: bye
[22:22]  You: g’nite!
[22:23]  Keystone Bouchard is Online
[22:26]  Cyrus Huffhines is Offline
[22:28]  Ice Brodie is Offline

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